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Curtis Sliwa as King Cuomo II

27 May

Here is the complete video of Curtis Sliwa’s stunt today as the 2010 NYS Democratic Convention wrapped up. Literally, from entry to forcible removal – it’s one 7 1/2 minute continuous shot.


Andrew Cuomo: Democratic Nominee for NY Governor

27 May

At its convention today, the New York State Democratic Committee nominated Attorney General Andrew Cuomo as its candidate for Governor. His nominated was seconded by Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, as well as a former New York City comptroller and a Suffolk County pol.

Cuomo began his remarks by stating that he is a proud Democrat, who believes that government can make lives better. He listed a pantheon of great 20th and 21st century Democrats, pledging to work for social justice and “returning integrity” to government.

Due to our “new economic reality”, Cuomo said that we need to make “government work again” through “balancing the budget without raising taxes”. “New Yorkers can’t afford a tax increase”, he said, adding that he will “make bureaucracy work better”, citing New York’s 1,000 agencies and 10,000 governments and special districts, using a rhythmic patter to list districts ending in, “justincaseyoumissedadistrict”.

He noted that the property tax burden is particularly acute in upstate New York, where property values are lower but take up a greater percentage of that value.

Cuomo stated that the “relationship between the people and their government” cannot be maintained “without trust”, and that the people of New York feel “betrayed”. He pledged to “clean up Albany…with deeds, not words”.

Calling education the “civil rights issue” of our era, Cuomo noted that some schools feature state of the art computers, while others feature state of the art “metal detectors”. He pledged to expand charter schools and make sure the state participates in the “Race to the Top” federal schools funding. He also restated his support for abortion rights, and pledged to bring about marriage equality.

Cuomo said he would bring about fundamental change in Albany by first unifying the Democrats, and then forming “honorable coalitions” with Republicans to get past Albany gridlock. Cuomo has released a 200+ page blueprint for change.

In a shot to the Republicans in general, and tea party in particular, Cuomo said that people in the state are “nervous” and “angry”, and that “activist groups” (using airquotes) would try to exploit that nervousness and pit people against each other; “black against white, rich against poor, upstate against downstate”. Cuomo stated that “we will not tolerate” that sort of division, and that we must be inclusive.

Video highlights to follow.

Ed Cox’s Spinning Outside the Democratic Convention

27 May


Road Post

27 May


Ed Cox: The Republicans are Inclusive!

27 May

So, that’s a shot of Ed Cox addressing the media outside the Rye Town Hilton this morning.  I took that picture after some of the press had already left, so it’s misleading – there was more press there.  But in terms of holding the presser outside the Democratic convention, the key question is: why on Earth do you care?  Why does the chairman of the Republican Party care how the Democrats conduct their convention?

The purpose of his show was to unveil this:  www.princeandrewwatch.com.  In keeping with the Paladinoist habit of using horrible, amateurishly Photoshopped images to persuade voters, they released this image:

Yeah, I don’t know either.

While Cox was commenting on the relative openness of the Republican convention, he kept referring to the Republican Party as having only two gubernatorial candidates.  That deliberately excludes and omits Paladino and Mermel.  Of the two candidates to which Cox was referring – Lazio and Levy – people are beginning to abandon Levy, who is Cox’s hand-picked candidate.  Just yesterday, a group of Queens Republicans switched their support from Levy to Mermel.  Mermel.

So, Cox didn’t take long to contradict himself.

When mentioning races around the state where the Republicans would be competitive, Cox mentioned Jack Quinn III, who is running in SD-48 against incumbent Democrat Bill Stachowski.  Stachowski, against whom just about all of WNY seems to be running.

When asked whether – using his own logic & definition – Jack Quinn III could also be termed a “prince”, Cox just chuckled.  The doctrine of laches had no comment.

A Tedious Process, Condensed

26 May

The process to make sure all five AG candidates get on the September primary ballot is mathematically complicated and has taken a solid 1/3 of an entire day.  Supposedly, all five candidates are to speak tonight, but at this rate we’re talking 9:30 or 10:00.  Here’s 1:30 mins of video of what it was like, featuring Byron Brown’s absence and Steve Pigeon’s dramatic waving of an unexpected proxy.


Can you feel the roll call?

A Noo Yawk that Noo Yawkezz Could Afawd

26 May

A video that was shown at the NYS Democratic Convention today highlighting eleven reform-minded freshman state Senators.


The website also features a “hall of shame” of state senators who blocked ethics reforms.

New York State Attorney General Candidates. All of them.

26 May

Oh, spare me.

Sean Coffey. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Richard Brodsky. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Eric Schneiderman. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Eric DiNallo. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Kathleen Rice. An introduction. A nomination. A second.

Many of the speakers are familiar to some of you in WNY.  Judith Hunter, the Livingston County Chair.  The Mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Miner.  Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul – in a move that justifiably introduces her to a statewide party audience – is acting as the sort of nomination wrangler.  Each one of these speeches – none of which I’m recording in any detail – is repetitive and explains why each one of these lawyers would make a great attorney general.

This is tedious and will take a significant amount of time. I don’t know if any of them will personally speak today – it’s not clear on the agenda, and we don’t have tomorrow’s yet.

According to state committee chair Jay Jacobs, at least two roll call votes will take place, each vote will take about an hour.  Supposedly, all five candidates will then speak. They are going through the roll in alphabetical order, one by one.

In the meantime, anyone with a life is rolling his or her eyes, insane with boredom.

Cuomo / Duffy and Byron Brown

26 May

It was both predicted and predictable that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo would most likely tap an upstater – an upstater with executive experience – as his running mate. Some speculated that Buffalo mayor Byron Brown might have been on the short list, given his geography and experience. The mayor of New York’s second-largest city is, however, noticeably absent from this convention.

Sources tell me that Brown stayed home as a sort of miniature hissy fit over the Cuomo snub. But he shouldn’t be so surprised – I’ve learned that Brown was never seriously considered. There are myriad law enforcement investigations swirling around the second floor of City Hall, so it would hardly make sense for the state’s top cop to tap a Mayor Brown for his ticket.

Instead, Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy was selected, and people around the state are doing the “get to know you” scramble. Duffy is a former cop and has served as Rochester’s mayor since 2006. That’s about all I know about him – that and the fact that he’s been trying to wrest control of that city’s schools from its board of education.

Silver & Cuomo doing the Albany Shuffle

26 May

HT Marquil at EmpireWire.com