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Happy Father’s Day! Love, Carl

21 Jun

On Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo (through his campaign apparatus) sent out an email honoring Father’s Day. It doesn’t get less controversial than this: 

Dear Friend,

Nothing is more important to me than my role as a father. Watching my three daughters grow up to become thoughtful, beautiful and strong young women has been, and is, the greatest joy in my life.
I can only hope that I can be the role model for them that my father has been for me my entire life. He taught me the importance of family, friendship and public service. I continue to turn to him for his wisdom and support.
This Sunday, I hope that you will be able to share this special time with your loved ones.
Happy Father’s Day from my family to yours.


Andrew M. Cuomo Signature


Buffalo’s own Sarah Palin, Carl Paladino, took to Facebook to say this about his former election opponent: 

You know what else good fathers and role models do? They keep their mouths shut. They aren’t homophobes. 

They don’t have multiple families that they keep hidden. They don’t sire children out-of-wedlock. They don’t party ’til the wee hours in Allentown drinking holes. They don’t make up lies about “legendary prowess“. They don’t giggle at anal horse porn, or send around racist and mysoginistic e-mails.  

But above all, good fathers know to dummy up when it comes to hypocritically attacking the morality of others. 

Chris Collins: Disabled?

6 Jul

Why is Erie County Executive Chris Collins parking his appropriately named Buick “Enclave” in a handicapped spot before a parade in which he marched (at the front) last weekend? Has the county’s CEO suddenly become afflicted with some crippling disability that affects his mobility?

Chris Collins: It's his county, it's his handicapped spot!

UPDATE: For some reason, some of you need MORE PROOF AND MORE ANGLES AND WHATNOT.



(All images can be clicked to be enlarged and determine whether they’re real or ZOMG FAKED!)

As to the picture itself, my tipster informs me that these photos were taken before the Akron/Newstead parade. The only other vehicles in that entire lot were in the parade. Everyone else was told to park somewhere off the parade route. His Royal Highness the Prince of Spaulding parked in this handicapped spot about 50 feet from the parade start.