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Assigning Blame, Missing the Cause

16 Jun

Chris has a pair of BP-related posts up, one of which speaks to the roots of the problem itself – why we’re drilling where we are, and why the government is essentially impotent to do anything meaningful about it. The other post reacts to Obama’s speech last night.

To be frank, I couldn’t bear to watch Obama’s speech last night because I didn’t think he’d have the balls to really tell it like it is. Chris’ recap indicates that he ended with a prayer. Give me a fucking break. That’s just ridiculous – as ridiculous as a semi-talented Grammy winner thanking God for the wild success of a synthesized shit dance tune that happened to be voted “best song”.

God didn’t cause the spill, and He isn’t going to fix it. Any more than the government caused the spill or is equipped to fix it.

The Gulf disaster is so unfathomable to me because our system of “do whatever you want” short-term-vision laissez-faire deregulation is the root cause of this.

An acoustic valve could have been fitted, and may have very well prevented this sort of blowout. But it wasn’t there. It’s a $500,000 device that could have prevented an unprecedented, epic environmental disaster.

The impotence and corruption of federal regulators such as, in this case, the Department of Interior’s Minerals Management Service has also come to light, and our recent penchant to deregulate things that by their very nature ought to be regulated has come back to haunt us.

Government may have contributed to this blowout, but not in the way partisans suggest.

The Deepwater Horizon was permitted to be built in a place and in a way that would specifically contribute to this catastrophe.

Apparently, the technology to safely drill at that depth is either inadequate, or simple methods to prevent this sort of catastrophe were eschewed because (1) they weren’t mandated; and (2) they cost a few bucks.

So to assail Obama on hope and change is beyond being beside the point. I mean, if, as depicted in your last sentence, Obama can’t solve the problem, how exactly is he supposed to be effective and not suck?

There’s a corollary story that Chris doesn’t touch on because he doesn’t try to politicize his post beyond talking about corporate America’s control over our lives, as well as the power that oil consumption needs have on our economy. That has to do with the clamor from many who detest Obama and his supposed communism who all of a sudden have a burning need for the government to solve their problems.

I know that anti-Obama partisans are trying very hard to gain momentum for the “Obama’s Katrina” meme, but the problem there is that it is a man-made disaster. How many times has the right beat the drum that government is never the solution to our problems – it is the problem. It’s the entire foundation of modern Reaganist conservatism, such as it still exists (which I don’t think it has since Bush 1 left office, but that’s a different story). The corollary to that is that every one of our problems can be solved by private business, private entrepreneurship, free market initiative, so long as government would just get out of the way.

How fascinating to have the anti-Obama right clamor for a governmental response to an environmental disaster. It’s practically the bizarro world in that contemporary Palinist Republicans suddenly give a shit about the environment! About ecological disaster! They want – nay demand governmental action and swift response!

That rank hypocrisy is so very telling, and every time a Republican starts demanding that Obama – that the government – do more, that needs to be thrown directly back in their face because it fundamentally rebuts their entire contemporary ethos.
Well, for the same reasons we protected New Orleans from flooding with ancient levee technology, the US isn’t good on the whole long-run planning thing, and we never have been.

That’s why it’s beyond critical to start finding other sources of energy to power this country. Renewable sources, cleaner sources, sources that don’t make us dependent on foreign corporations or foreign states.

So to blame Obama is just idiotic.

We ourselves are to blame. And so, frankly, is Dick Cheney.

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