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Two Cowboys

16 Sep


Open Thread Tuesday

2 Feb

Here’s an open thread because I can’t be bothered with the death & destruction on the local news this morning.


4 Dec

Courtesy Marquil at Empirewire.com.

Consider this today’s open thread, and check out a new site PinkBFLO: Our City, Only Gayer. KTHXBAI

Open Thread [Marriage Equality Update]

2 Dec

Because the best thread is an open one.

Update: The NYS Senate is debating marriage equality today.  Watch it here:


Open Thread

1 Dec

This is where you go if you want to engage in “f*ck you”, “no f*ck YOU!@” with Mike Hudson and similar.

Obama says, “yay!”

O Hai

29 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving Open Thread

25 Nov

Open Monday Thread

23 Nov

Slow, short week.  I got nothing.  Some of you saw Bruce last night.  Some of you watched the Curb your Enthusiasm season finale.  Some of you heard Maziarz on Dave Debo’s show yesterday.  What’d ya think?

Friday Open Thread

6 Nov


Open Swingers' Thread

15 Oct

The very fact that a swingers’ convention at a local Holiday Inn is a news story is ridiculous enough, but the fact that it’s the top local story right now is so small-towny backwatery as to be embarrassing. The entire hotel is shut down during the party, and no one’s precious snowflakes are going to be exposed to sex and debauchery – basically an unclothed version of what goes on on Chippewa on any given late night.

Other than that, open thread for nonsense.