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Politics @ SUNY Fredonia Last Night

19 Nov

The Observer put our panel discussion from last night on its front page. I had a great time, and the questions from the audience were very good and insightful. My understanding is that there will be video and audio available shortly, and I’ll post them here when it’s up.

On Sarah Palin:

“She has more then carved out her own persona in the past two weeks to the extent that she has become a superstar in the party, although that can very much change,” McCarthy said. “Don’t forget she reflects everything the Republican party stands for and has some personality to boot. The other part, in four years probably continuing as Governor of Alaska, she will have an record that is enhanced tremendously by that time and she’ll have some stature.”

“I think a good campaign doesn’t cancel on Letterman and say they’re going to Washington when they’re doing an interview in the same building,” Cornell said, referring to how poorly he felt the McCain campaign was organized, even from an entertainment standpoint.

I added that it was up to the Republican Party to decide whether it was going to back to what it had stood for pre-Bush II, or whether it was going to continue down the spending, big government, Christianist, anti-intellectual, anti-thought ways of the present. If they go for the former, then someone like Romney or some other person with conservative credentials will be the standard-bearer. If they pine for Bush II, then Palin will be a lock.

(Photo by the Observer)