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Past Buffalo

26 Jun

Although I’m loath to hold up and worship Buffalo’s “good old days”, I stumbled upon a fascinating and beautiful set of photographs on Flickr.

Evidently, Flickr user Vielles Annonces purchased a set of old Kodachrome slides from somewhere, depicting the travels of a Southern California family she doesn’t know. There is a small description of factoids that she was able to decipher through looking at the photos, but other than that, they’re just random color snaps from the 1950s and 60s.

Included in the set are several pictures of a snowy Buffalo in 1963.

Posing in Niagara Square:

In front of the Statler Hilton on a snowy 1963 day:

In front of the Statler Hilton on a sunny 1959 day:

At City Hall in 1959:

The Hotel Statler and Niagara Square from the site of the current execrable City Court building:

The Falls 1963: