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Paterson’s Albany

29 Sep



12 Mar

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If He’s Still Around on April 1st

4 Mar

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Did He Keep His Socks On?

25 Feb

Looks like Governor Paterson has his own State Police/influence issue.

Evidently, an aide of his beat up a woman, and the victim complained in court that members of the governor’s state police detail had been pressuring her to drop the charges.

She told the police that Mr. Johnson, who is 6-foot-7, had choked her, stripped her of much of her clothing, smashed her against a mirrored dresser and taken two telephones from her to prevent her from calling for help, according to police records.

The woman was twice granted a temporary order of protection against Mr. Johnson, according to the proceedings in Family Court in the Bronx.

“I’m scared he’s going to come back,” she said, according to the proceedings, in which a court referee at the initial hearing noted bruises on the woman’s arm.

Some Democrats are asking Paterson to suspend his campaign or even resign. Denise O’Donnell, whose office oversees the State Police, resigned today in outrage over the imbroglio.

New York and her politicians never disappoint to disappoint.

NY Governor 2010: The Baseless Innuendo Stage

12 Feb

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Paterson Responds To Rumors

9 Feb

David Paterson today responded to the circulating rumors about a pending New York Times article which would allegedly disclose details about his  involvement in a personal scandal which would force his resignation.


Needless to say, he did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

Paterson Rumor Mill

8 Feb

The New York Times is supposedly working on a “blockbuster” story about Governor David Paterson. From what I can gather, he shoots kittens while snorting heroin and having sex with hookers who quite literally stand in line in front of the governor’s mansion waiting their turn.

At least, that’s what must be going on, based on the overactive rumor mill coming out of Albany.

Maybe he’ll quit, maybe he’ll quit the race. Maybe he won’t. Maybe the Times will ever publish this story about Paterson spitting on infants and taunting puppies.

Maybe any of this matters with respect to better government and running the state in a balanced way, always striving for excellence. It’d sure be handy for candidate Cuomo, wouldn’t it? Hm.

The only thing more dysfunctional than our state government is our collection of inept local governments and business-promotion entities. And people wonder why we stagnate.

Quick Saturday Thoughts

6 Feb

1. It is fundamentally unfair that for the past few winters, the east coast has been battered by one or two bad Nor’easters while Buffalo has gotten a smattering of snow here and there.

2. Governor Ravitch?

Upstate as the World's Back Office

8 Jan

I recall that as George W. Bush advocated for the passage of “No Child Left Behind”, he used a term that I thought was quite clever : the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

After decades of Governors and other political leaders and candidates extolling the virtues of upstate New York, and promising money, positions, tax breaks, and incentives to enable upstate to become an economic powerhouse in one 21st century technology or another, we have Governor Paterson jettisoning all of that.

During his state of the state address, Paterson said:

Also, we want to make Upstate the back office for corporate America – particularly the franchises that are located downstate.

This region is clearly one that has demonstrated that they have what the rest of the country doesn’t have, which is available housing stock, with close-by schools, natural beauty, and the untouched small towns that families would cherish. We have to go back to promoting it that way.

Also, the effort we are making for sustainable communities, with thousands of housing stock laying dormant in cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. We will develop that housing stock into affordable housing – starting with Buffalo, which right now has 23,000 vacant units.

Note how the passage begins with “also” – like, “oh, yeah – I should mention that part of the state north of Albany and west of the Hudson.” It’s an afterthought. And there was no flowery talk about the quality of our labor force, the beauty of our landscape, the gritty determination of our citizenry.

Paterson didn’t talk about the medical corridor or nanotechnology. He didn’t talk about UB 2020 or entrepreneurship. He didn’t talk about venture capital or business incubators.

He basically acknowledged a hard truth about most of upstate: you have no hustle. You will never have any hustle. And what of that? You might as well do what you’re good at, and do some menial service jobs; you can be America’s Bangalore. You can be America’s phone-answerers.

Relegated to economic serfdom and mediocrity.

That’s what we’ve become, after all. With the demise of manufacturing we’ve lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, of people. We make all kinds of excuses about it all, but fundamentally the world changed, and we didn’t change with it. Not half as fast as we should have, and our attitude sucks.

And yes, there is potential to do great things here. Government and a complete vacuum of leadership at all levels of government (a vacuum that only gets worse) keep us cranky, but lazily satisfied.

The people with hustle mostly leave.

So, I’m insulted by Paterson’s suggestion that phone banking and customer service is all we’re cut out for. You never tell your kids to settle for the bare minimum, do you? So why does Paterson advocate the bare minimum for us Orcs living in the hinterlands of New York’s Appalachia?

I want political leaders to call for entrepreneurship and excellence. I want the state, county, and municipalities to examine the way they do business – the way they tax and regulate – and help spur, enable, and incentivize investment and innovation.

I don’t want another Albany or downstate hack telling us that we’re lame and weak, or that we suck. Any local political “leaders” want to call out the governor for his offensive remarks?

After all, it’s an election year. We should all put our big boy pants on, and demand better from everyone.


6 Jan

Here is the press release from the Governor’s office relating to today’s State of the State address.  I’ve highlighted the parts I think are noteworthy or interesting.

Calls for Critical Fiscal Reforms to Bring Accountability to Government
Proposes Sweeping Ethics Reform – the Reform Albany Act –
to Fundamentally Change the Culture of Albany
Announces Excelsior Jobs Program to Replace Empire Zones – Three Strategic Incentives to Target Growth Industries Including High Tech and Clean Energy
Calls for Revitalization of Prime Vacant Housing Stock in Urban Areas across the State with Sustainable Neighborhoods Project
Proposes Bold Initiative to Establish a Revived New York Insurance Exchange

In his second State of the State address, Governor David A. Paterson today outlined his plan to rebuild New York through firm and decisive steps – including fiscal and ethics reform and an economic development plan that puts New Yorkers back to work. The Governor laid out an agenda to end the culture of over-spending and abuse of power that has for too long dominated State government, including a proposal for sweeping and comprehensive ethics reform – the centerpiece of which is a new independent Ethics Commission.

Governor Paterson also announced a replacement for Empire Zones – the Excelsior Jobs Program – which includes three aggressive tax incentives for targeted growth industries, the Sustainable Neighborhoods Project to revitalize prime housing stock that sits vacant in urban cities across New York State and the Manufacturing Legacy Program to leverage the strengths of the State’s manufacturing industries to guarantee the economic security of the people who are carrying its legacy into the twenty-first century. In addition, the Governor proposed a bold initiative to revive the New York Insurance Exchange that would bring buyers and sellers of complex commercial insurance closer together, providing increased transparency and security for everyone in the process.

“Today is not a day to look back. It is a day to turn crisis into opportunity, to reclaim our government and recommit ourselves to doing better for the people of New York. Today, I stand before all New Yorkers with a bold and decisive plan to rebuild our State’s economy into a national model of ingenuity and strength, to rebuild our people’s confidence in the stability of our State, to rebuild our manufacturing base to meet the energy standards of this enlightened age and to rebuild the trust that the citizens of this great State once had in their government,” Governor Paterson said. “Every decision I make will come down to one question – are we doing what is right for the people of New York? It is time to rise to the high expectations of our citizens and to bring the lasting change that they have long sought and deserved.Continue reading