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Ian Murphy for Congress & Corwin goes Homophobe

25 Feb

I don’t even recall where I saw it, but last night I sent an email to the Buffalo Beast‘s general email address and to publisher/owner Paul Fallon inquiring about something big they were planning for the NY-26 race. The response from Ian Murphy and Paul Fallon was that Murphy is considering a run for the Lee seat, possibly on the Green Party line.

Murphy has definitely gained some notoriety this past week with the Buffalo Beast’s epic prank call to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and has lefty bona fides that make a run on that line possible and interesting. The Green Party in New York is tiny, but to its credit does not play the fusion game and runs its own candidates.

While Murphy has practically no shot of winning in this conservative, rural district, he has a unique opportunity to draw even more attention to a special election process that is already quite notable indeed. I predict shenanigans aplenty that will ironically mock the very foundation of our political system.

It’s good to know the Beast is back, and better than ever.

In other news, as you may know the Department of Justice has decided that it will no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act in pending litigation to declare it an unlawful usurpation of state’s rights, but remains obligated to continue to enforce DOMA until it is struck down by a court or repealed. Of course, almost everyone in the media and politics has begun screaming about how wrong it is that the Obama administration will now refuse to enforce an Act of Congress, when any fair reading of what’s going on shows that to be patently untrue. Chalk it up to some people not understanding much of anything, and posing as “journalists” and “politicians”.

To illustrate how stupid our politics has become, yesterday brand-new and sparkly Republican candidate for Congress in a non-existant special election, Jane Corwin, came out strongly in favor of the execrable Defense of Marriage Act and slammed President Obama for “usurping the power of the Supreme Court”; something he has quite clearly not done even remotely, even a little. I don’t know what the hell DOMA has to do with jobs and a crap economy in western New York, our needs for science, technology, industry, agriculture, employment, and a knowledge-based economy, but quite literally the first thing Corwin took up in her run for Congress is homophobia. Shame on her, and shame on the Republicans for being so preoccupied with their culture wars and not at all interested in jobs and the economy.

But it won Corwin the unanimous endorsement of the Monroe County Conservative Party, although she needs the state party’s approval for the line. Good to know the Conservative Party’s principles remain firm: hatred of gays, hatred of reproductive freedom, and love of patronage jobs.

When Corwin issued her scathing indictment of President Obama and gay people, three Tweets on the #NY26 hashtag came down simultaneously (One, Two, Three). Evidently, the “New Yorker’s [sic] Family Research Foundation“, the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, and the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC have their Twitter feeds run by the same person; all three united to halt the growing menace of teh gay. A-holes.