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Pedro Espada's Guy

15 Oct

David Pfaff, a former county employee and current squab-testicle-muncher, has a cush $70,000/year state job acting as Pedro Espada’s “director of upstate relations“.

Concerning the detestable Espada is as despised here – at least among people who have heard of him – as anywhere, Pfaff’s is tantamount to a no-show job, AFAIC. We don’t need an extra hack on the payroll to do the job a State Senator is supposed to do.

In case you needed more proof that these people are despicable shits who piss on the taxpayers during a fiscal crisis.

Who Owns George Maziarz? Pedro Espada, Apparently

10 Sep

Rus Thompson has a fun series of posts where he goes through the finance disclosures of various local politicians (exclusively Democrats, except Volker), and accuses them of being bought and paid for by their donors.  He always omitted people like State Senator George Maziarz (R-Newfane), mostly because Rus likes Maziarz, so he doesn’t want to embarrass him.

And embarrass him he would, because Maziarz is as bad as the rest of them.

There was much outrage and hubbub a few months ago when Antoine Thompson had Senate President John Sampson in town to help him raise funds at a big-ticket event at the Chophouse.

But Maziarz has out-scumbagged them all.

George Maziarz will be holding a $500/plate fundraiser at the Penn Club on 30 West 44th Street on September 24th at 5:30 pm.  Joining the Senator will be his guests, Republican Leader Dean Skelos and Majority Leader Pedro Espada.

Pedro Espada.

Espada – the guy who has been shown in recent months to be, as Assemblyman Mark Schroeder so aptly put it, a thug.  Espada – the guy who flipped and flopped whom he’d caucus with depending on what was in it for him. Or his kid. Espada has all but become the poster boy for graft and corruption and bad faith in Albany.  He is Maziarz’s friend and fundraiser.

I eagerly await Senator Maziarz’s next verbal bluster about those nasty, horrible downstate interests and downstate Senators.  Will Rus and his merry band of protesters hire a bus to go picket Maziarz’s NYC fundraiser?  Will they caravan (park at the Hippodrome at 44th and 6th)?

No, they won’t.  In fact, I doubt they’ll even mention it.  But make no mistake – there isn’t a single, solitary New York State Senator who isn’t beholden to downstate interests.  There isn’t a single, solitary New York State Senator whose re-election isn’t funded at least in part by powerful special interests who persuade Senators to vote in the best interests of that lobby, regardless of whether it’s in the best interests of constituents-at-large or the state.

The New York State Senate is jam-packed with careerists and hypocrites, and what ought to be your biggest peeve is the fact that we really don’t need them at all.

The Daily News reports, even more oddly, Espada is distancing himself from this event.  Imagine that.  Espada doesn’t want to have his name associated with George Maziarz’s. Coup plotters need to stick together, fellas.

As I said before, abolish the State Senate this instant.  And the Assembly.  And replace them with this.

And Cuomo Will Investigate the Patronage Whores

13 Aug

One too few Pedro Espadas resigned from New York State Government today.