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Quick Snarks

28 Feb

A couple quick items of irony from reading the paper this weekend:

Charlie Rangel is getting a slap on the wrist for taking at least three corporate bribes trips to the Caribbean in 2007 and 2008. How did he avoid further discipline? While his aides wrote memos to Rangel detailing that accepting the trips was illegal, no one could prove that Rangel actually read the notes. Incompetence and illiteracy win as a defense. Speaker Pelosi, for her part, says she’s going “just see what happens next.” So much for running the most transparent, ethically pure Congress in history.

A white sorority is being accused of cultural theft for winning a “black” stepping competition. Stepping is a form of performance clapping and foot stomping, and there are big competitions around the country. But when a white sorority won, not only did event sponsor Coca-Cola give the runners up (a black sorority) an additional first place prize, but the white group is being told to “let the Black folks have their own thing for once.” Quick! Is it too late to kick Jerome Iginla off the Canadian hockey team, because he is stealing white Canadian culture? Only in PC America is it alright to beat down racism and sexism everywhere we see it . . . unless it involves “historically black colleges” and African-American culture.

If you think Forbes lists are crap, so are all those ballot-stuffing “awards” Buffalo loves to get. Just sayin.

Turns out we’re not the third poorest city in America. Turns out we have poverty rates equal to just about every other city the same size. Of what, oh what, will the “third poorest city” rebranders do now that their sound bite is debunked?

The Führerbunker

13 Oct

Sometime last week, the National Republican Congressional Committee suggested that Nancy Pelosi should STFU about military affairs and be “put in her place”. (Pelosi replied, “I’m in my place. I’m the Speaker of the House”).

Evidently, that “place” in which Pelosi should be put is the Führerbunkerduring the fall of Berlin in 1945.

…someone at the NRCC posted a bizarre Tweet linking to an altered three-minute section of the 2004 Hitler biopic “Der Untergang” from the conservative site Moonbattery — with a voice-over of the The Fuhrer ranting about how only Nancy Pelosi shares his vision of health care reform.

Because Pelosi’s like Hitler and the Democrats are like Nazis! Ha ha ha!

Sunshine and Flowers until January 2007

31 Aug

I read this on a Republican blog (where Jack Davis has bought ad space, incidentally), and read this comment from its author:

The country was doing fine until the Democrats took control of congress.

The Democrats took control of congress in January 2007. I personally find the sentence quoted above to be so utterly ridiculous as to defy comment or explanation. Your thoughts?