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Deep Thought

6 May

Petition challenges are a great way for the entrenched political interests to ensure that the voters have fewer choices in the election booth, and to cling to power. New York’s onerous petition requirements also guarantee that only the procedurally savviest candidates with a gaggle of available volunteers can gather the right number of unassailable petitions. Petitions are no way to guarantee ballot access. Instead, candidates should be required simply to pay $500 or $1000 to the State Board of Elections, and bingo you’re on the ballot. Choice and access are happy things.

Russert International Airport

18 Jun

I was waiting for someone to catch it. Sign the petition, anyway.

Tim Russert Buffalo International Airport

17 Jun

If you’re down with the NFTA naming the city’s international gateway after one of its most prominent and well-respected native sons, click here.