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On The Trail

21 Aug

Buffalo photographer and Redditor Sunny Hasija has been following Republican Mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez on the campaign trail in recent weeks. Here are some pictures he’s posted to Flickr. If any other photographers have similar images, please contact me here

Post Debate Interview with Channel 4

Interview with NPR

Citizen Journalists recording every moment

Sergio introducing himself

The Moderator

Standing Room Only

Sergio @ Grease Pole Festival


Is It Illegal To Instagram Your Completed Ballot?

6 Nov

@MarkPoloncarz on Twitter

This seems to be the burning question this afternoon on Twitter, as people post images of their ballots with Obama or Romney ovals completed as instructed. Gizmodo and others are on it, and our local journalists are smelling a story. After all, the County Executive Tweeted a picture of part of his ballot. 

The law everyone is citing is Election Law section 17-130(10). It reads: 

Any person who…[s]hows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents, or solicits a voter to show the same…is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

First of all, no one is prosecuted under this section. In my review of the times in which this statute has been cited by New York State Courts, the only such case dates from 1979 where a person’s provisional ballot was invalidated because he put his name on it; (that violates subsection 11 of the statute). That’s it. 

The reason why the law exists? To prevent people from selling their votes; offering to vote a particular way, and having to show the completed ballot to the payor as proof before payment is made. It also exists to prevent intimidation of voters or otherwise violating the secrecy of the vote. However, the statute has not been updated to make it a misdemeanor to photograph one’s ballot for any purpose, or to show the photograph – only to show the ballot itself. 

So, Instagram the shit out of your ballot, and don’t worry about it being invalidated or about you being arrested. After all, political speech is offered the highest protection of all speech, and what’s more political than Tweeting a picture of your ballot. I’d wish the authorities good luck in overcoming the 1st Amendment challenge to that misdemeanor charge. 

Also, the New York State Board of Elections issued a statement today indicating that it’s perfectly legal. So, there’s that. 

Delaware Avenue 1904

12 Jun

An image of a veritable speed demon on Delaware Avenue in 1904.  Via Shorpy, full size image here.

110 Years Later

16 Jan

The description for this photo at Shorpy reads, “Far Hills, New Jersey, circa 1900. “Old country road.” Probably not in Google Street View”

Well, check it out:


Old Buffalo

27 May

A slideshow of photographs posted to Flickr by Fix Buffalo’s David Torke.



14 May

President Obama backtracked yesterday on a pledge to release more Abu Ghraib-style photographs of Americans mistreating and torturing detainees. Military leaders urged him to reconsider, arguing that releasing the photographs would make life difficult for American servicepeople who are in harm’s way.

This prompted Josh Marshall to wonder,

If we need to keep evidence of torture, like photographs, secret, to protect our troops, doesn’t that suggest that torture isn’t a great way to keep them or us safe?

McCain Being Goofy

16 Oct

46 Years on a Corner

4 Oct

The corner of Friedrichstraße and Zimmerstraße Berlin 1960 (pre-Wall). (See the location here on Google Maps)

The same corner Berlin 1963 (Berlin Wall)

The same corner Berlin 1990 (free movement, but Wall still there)

The same corner Berlin 2006.

And another modern-day view.

Past Buffalo

26 Jun

Although I’m loath to hold up and worship Buffalo’s “good old days”, I stumbled upon a fascinating and beautiful set of photographs on Flickr.

Evidently, Flickr user Vielles Annonces purchased a set of old Kodachrome slides from somewhere, depicting the travels of a Southern California family she doesn’t know. There is a small description of factoids that she was able to decipher through looking at the photos, but other than that, they’re just random color snaps from the 1950s and 60s.

Included in the set are several pictures of a snowy Buffalo in 1963.

Posing in Niagara Square:

In front of the Statler Hilton on a snowy 1963 day:

In front of the Statler Hilton on a sunny 1959 day:

At City Hall in 1959:

The Hotel Statler and Niagara Square from the site of the current execrable City Court building:

The Falls 1963:


11 Jun

What the pretty blond women are saying to the older gentleman: