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Calling him a “Natural Pornographer”, Hustler Offers Paladino a Job

20 Oct
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From Hustler’s own Larry Flynt (NSFW):

No stranger to bold, brash and offensive comments, New York Gubernatorial Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino was caught in an email storm which portrays pornographic images, complete with editorial comments, including girl-in-girl oral sex,  bestiality and offensive statements and pictures about African-Americans, and much more.

“It’s clear that ‘values purporting’ Carl Paladino has a keen instinct for kinky sex,” said Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine. “He is a natural pornographer who has a skilled eye for unusual views and acrobatics. Mr. Paladino has proven throughout his career that he knows how to monetize his interests and his pension for pornography should be no different. Therefore, I‘d like to offer him the job of executive editor of Hustler magazine. It’s clear he’s better suited to join our team than be the Governor of the State of New York.”

Still facing a firestorm over recent anti-gay comments, Paladino finds himself again having to defend his famously impulsive, colorful comments.  Flynt continued, “At Hustler Magazine, we don’t ask for forgiveness and we don’t get lost in empty rhetoric. Paladino’s honest thoughts on homosexuality and sex will be a welcome fit.”

Said Flynt, “in urging Paladino to take this offer, I can only quote the Republican Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate from Nevada, Sharron Angle: “Man up.”

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David DiPietro Emails Carl Paladino #SD59

15 Oct

About a week ago, the following email chain was  begun by a Grand Island-based tea party activist named Mike Madigan (it was sent to me and a variety of other local media and business types):

To which Tea Party State Senate candidate David DiPietro (SD-59) replied – to all…

Whoa-whoa-whoa. “Please remove me from your distribution list.” Now? Why now?

David DiPietro is Carl Paladino’s friend, right? Paladino is credited as having convinced DiPietro to run for the Volker seat again. Why, they even share lawnsigns – that DiPietro paid for – throughout the 59th State Senate district.

That alliance – and friendship – is likely strained now in light of Paladino’s 11th-hour endorsement of Jim Domagalski in the Republican primary for SD-59. It was a very public rift, publicly embarrassing DiPietro, and revealed more about Paladino’s opportunistic character than any “abortion clinic landlord” story or “gay club landlord” story ever could.

So, now at long last David DiPietro doesn’t want to know from Carl Paladino’s emails, and he wants this entire recipient list to know it.

Yet David DiPietro wasn’t always so displeased to be on Carl Paladino’s email distribution list. In fact, on at least two occasions, he contributed to it.

Nestled amidst Carl Paladino’s many salacious, racist, and equestrian emails disclosed to WNYMedia.net were two that were forwarded to Carl by his erstwhile friend, tea party candidate for SD-59, David DiPietro.

DiPietro’s political rhetoric is informed by a hodgepodge of anarcho-capitalist libertarian, anti-immigrant, right-wing conservogabber philosophies.  He hates Barack Obama almost as much as he hates Jim Domagalski and Pat Gallivan.

So much so, in fact, that DiPietro forwarded an email accusing President Obama of being a Muslim. DiPietro sent the email, entitled “Heeza Muzzlim…that’s why” to a small handful of people, including Carl Paladino. Carl, in turn, sent the email to an unknown set of emails hidden behind a bcc. The email itself:

As with most emails such as these, people who don’t know how to use email or the internet tend to forget to check Snopes (or Factcheck.org) before forwarding hateful, untrue, utter nonsense to their friends.  Snopes has an entry for the above-shown email, and describes it as FALSE.

Obama didn’t go to Saudi Arabia during that trip. He didn’t go to any of the small handful of countries in the entire world that are governed by Sharia Law, which differs from culture to culture. Even if he had, there is no prohibition in Sharia law against wives accompanying their husbands on trips, and Sharia law wouldn’t apply to a visiting dignitary like Obama, anyway. Oh, also – Obama isn’t Muslim.

It’s amazing that dumb Obama-muslim-secret-sleeper-agent nonsense is circulated at all, and even more so when it’s being shared approvingly between public political figures.

The second email forwarded by DiPietro to Paladino, which the gubernatorial candidate later forwarded to his email list, contained a powerpoint presentation that is more or less NSFW.

The Powerpoint is stupid and juvenile. It features jokes about the relative attractiveness of French women vs. American women, it jokes about the female form vs. the male form, it jokes about French promiscuity and Moroccan bestiality, and it makes an asinine joke about women shopping and men masturbating, featuring images of kids. I have modified the slideshow to redact female breasts and male genitalia.


I wrote to DiPietro on Wednesday, and sent the following email:

Please note that your response may be used in a WNYMedia.net post. If you have no response, I may note that, as well.

Regarding the emails discussed below, the questions I have are as follows:

1. Why did you wait until _now_ to ask Carl Paladino to remove you from his email list? Why did you feel compelled to hit “reply to all”?
2. Do you think that President Barack Obama is a Muslim?
3. Do you think that the “Brilliant” powerpoint presentation, showing mild female nudity, makes a joke about bestiality, and shows a woman’s bare breasts, capped off with pictures of toddlers is in good taste? Does it comport with the ideals of the tea party movement?
4. Regarding your request that Carl remove you from his email list dated 10/12/10, you were only too happy to be the sender and recipient of pornographic and propagandistic nonsense in 2008 and 2009 (I only highlight the materials you forward to Carl below – you received many more). Why didn’t you opt out before?
5. On your campaign site, you state that the Park51 community center is “destructive to the moral fiber of the United States”. What about pictures of naked kids and perpetuating lies about the President ?

Of the many emails that were disclosed to WNYMedia.net from Carl Paladino’s sordid emailing history, two of them were emails that you had forwarded to Carl. One contained a pornographic powerpoint presentation entitled “Brilliant”, the last frame of which shows a boy, maybe 1 year old, holding a remote control in one hand, and his penis in the other. The header appears as follows… (omitted)…

…The other, entitled “Heeza Muzzlim, that’s why”, which you forwarded to Paladino on 12/12/09, contains the following text: (see above)

DiPietro has not responded to that email.

Paladino’s People Parse the Porn

14 Oct
Horny horse protest of Carl Paladino
Image by WNYMedia via Flickr

The snide, snarky manager of a campaign that has run far off the tracks has issued a response  yesterday’s dump of more (NSFW) Paladino porn emails.

WNYmedia is a collection of Buffalo misfits and miscreants who are obsessed with Carl Paladino and pornography.

While we may be misfits, to call us miscreants is to accuse us of criminality – a scurrilous and ridiculous charge that we call upon Paladino to back up.

Right after he gives us the names of “three of the four” Cuomo mistresses.

The Democrat activists have also been accused of falsifying emails in the past, and not just by Carl Paladino.

Yes. We’re Democrats.  Guilty.  But falsifying emails?  Can you believe what’s being invoked here?  Many moons ago, pay-for-praise webneb Glenn Gramigna was paid by Syaed Ali to accuse me (as well as housing activist Dick Kern) of being the author of emails sent around during the 2009 Buffalo Mayoral race by “WNYFirst” accusing Byron Brown of something.  It all resulted in this retraction of the claim:

We were wrong to quote a source who wondered out loud as to whether the Buffalo Pundit site, led by Mr. Alan Bedenko was the source of those slanderous e-mails that were being circulated about Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. He wasn’t. We have taken that story down and apologize to Mr. Bedenko and his associates. At the same time, we also hope that those who have stated or implied that Mr. Syaed Ali is the culprit will also apologize since there is no evidence of that either.

Gramigna’s clumsy allegation was later picked up by a Niagara county based publication, which was just as false.

But what is this?  Is Carl now denying that these are his emails?  Is he saying this is somehow false?  He admitted sending them in April


…and Caputo did the same just yesterday to Channel 2:

Williams says they remain quite concerned over racist e-mails which Paladino admitted (back in April) to forwarding to friends, and which continue to dog his campaign even though Caputo contends that the e-mails should by now be “irrelevant”.

“These e-mails are old, the news cycle on that has passed …It was bad judgment and he apologized for it,” Caputo reminded reporters.

“That (the e-mail issue) still kind of trumps anything else he might talk about as far as issues…and I’m not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt to be the Chief Executive of our state,” Williams said.

And regard, if you will, the utter chutzpah of Paladino’s people to accuse others of fabrication when he has yet to produce so much as one of the three names of supposed Cuomo mistresses from decades ago.  Talk about irrelevant and remote.  Talk about false accusations.  Talk about politically motivated smears.

Paladino’s prowess at smearing opponents is legendary.

During a media op yesterday afternoon, Caputo was asked about lawsuits and threatened legal action against Marc Odien.


I think it’s fair to say that when your campaign is posing as a tough guy by threatening lawsuits, it’s desperate and sinking.  There won’t be any lawsuit.  Money has nothing to do with it.  Carl has loads of it, and is a partner in a law firm. Now, Caputo isn’t a lawyer, but his boss is, and Carl knows exactly what’s involved in litigation and the discovery process.  It’s comical to think that Paladino would willingly perpetuate this story by causing all of the prominent local recipients of his porn and racist emails to testify under oath.  We’re talking about some notable government officials, community leaders, and industrialists; a long and distinguished list.

Carl himself would also be subject to questioning under oath.  The emails are authentic.  Carl knows it, he’s admitted it, and he’s not stupid enough to waste time and money prosecuting a pointless case.  Furthermore, he’s a public figure and we have adequately verified our facts.  Nothing that’s ever been written on our site is false or defamatory.

They tried to derail our campaign once before with emails of questionable origin. Soon, the world forgot about them and they devolved once again into irrelevance. This is just an attempt to breath life once again into their dying unprofitable Web site by maligning a Buffalo community leader. None of this is new; none of it is relevant

Hey, is Carl Paladino running for governor against WNYMedia.net? Because his statement makes the emails self-evidently relevant.  If it was irrelevant, he would not have responded at all. Our irrelevance is only reflected by our traffic, the conversations about our region and state, and the work that we do in our community.  A Google search of “Paladino emails” generates 895,000 results. “Paladino horse” generates about 231,000 results. ”Carl Paladino emails”, results in about 2.3 million results.  If that’s irrelevant, well, I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish when we are relevant.

The April emails weren’t forgotten.  They’re mentioned constantly in the press. Gawker, CapCon, The New York Times, the Buffalo News,  Capital Tonight, Rachel Maddow, the Jackson Sun, aw hell – just look at the 500,000+ Google results for “Paladino porn” from just the last 1 month.

The Paladino campaign lurches from crisis to crisis, rudderless.  For instance, on Sunday Carl gave a speech that some Hasidic rabbis gave him moments earlier. It was mean to gay people.  On Monday, Carl stood by his speech.  On Tuesday, he apologized for it.  On Wednesday, the rabbi who invited him revoked his endorsement.  Slick move there, ace.

And what of that speech Carl delivered to the rabbis?  Did you note in this video, at around 6:50 where he pledges to support family values to “seek ways to protect everyone from obscenity on the internet“?  The man who succumbs to the vapors over men grinding in speedos, forwarded videos of women inserting bananas into their various orifices on some site entitled “FistFlush”, then has the temerity to accuse Cuomo of being a bad father.


Carl purports to be proudly politically incorrect.  He claims to shoot from the hip and to speak his mind. But if he truly believes that gay people have civil rights, why did he say otherwise in order to pander to a roomful of rabbis?  Because he’s just another politician.  And a poor one, at that.  Good politicians don’t whine about the media reporting the dumb crap they say.

What a difference a couple of weeks make.


Horses With Gripes

14 Oct

Horace Hornee-Horse addressed yesterday’s Paladino protest:


Paladinoporn.com (NSFW)

13 Oct

Over the past few weeks, Republican gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino has staked out a position as a candidate whose values and morals are informed by his Catholic faith.  In a speech he delivered to a group of supporters on Sunday October 10th, specifically discussing homosexuality, he said, “we must stop pandering to the pornographers and the perverts who seek to target our children and destroy their lives.”

Back in April, WNYMedia.net posted 8 emails received from an anonymous source – each of those emails was either obscene or racist, and the emails were forwarded by candidate Paladino to large numbers of prominent western New York businessmen and politicians. Now that morality, religion, and pornography have been introduced to the gubernatorial race by Mr. Paladino, WNYMedia.net is releasing more – previously unreleased – emails that Paladino has forwarded to his friends and colleagues.  These emails coincide with the unveiling of the Paladino Porn website. They are wildly NSFW. These include:

1. October 2009 email including a video of a young woman in pigtails engaging in sexual acts. Mr. Paladino wrote that the video is “awesome”.

2. August 2009 email entitled, “Russian Beauty” showing a woman masturbating and expressing breast milk onto a glass window and table.

3. October 2009 email depicting two young women engaging in lesbian sex.  Mr. Paladino wrote that the video is “awesome”.

4. November 2009 email featuring softcore porn images of a nude woman posing.  Mr. Paladino wrote that the images were for “andy, this is better”, apparently referencing an earlier email.

5. January 2010 email showing a woman receiving a bikini wax, entitled, “I found my retirement job! xxx”

6. November 2008 email including a video from “fistflush.com” of a woman engaging in sex acts with a bunch of bananas, entitled, “Chiquita Bananas…xxx careful”.

7. November 2008 email entitled, “squirter” depicting a male and female engaging in sex acts.

As with the emails revealed in April, we have confirmed the authenticity of these emails and are positive that Mr. Paladino forwarded them to others.  Like the earlier emails, these are degrading to, and objectify, women.

The voters of the state of New York – especially the alleged “values” voters who support Paladino because he purports to share their traditional, orthodox views on sexuality – should be perfectly clear about whom they’re supporting.

In criticizing the very idea of marriage equality, Paladino inserted “pornography” and “perverts” into that discussion.  The next day, he went to great lengths to defend his statements before ultimately, uncharacteristically apologizing for them and blaming the media.

As Paladino claims what a friend he is to the gay community, we remind you that he is also neither enemy nor stranger to pornography and perversion.

You cannot claim that gay marriage will cheapen or harm the institution of marriage if you, yourself, have carried on an affair and fathered a child out of wedlock.

You cannot claim that you are opposed to pornography when you email inbox and outbox is so jam-packed with it.

You cannot claim the moral high ground whilst crawling through the gutter.

Because of his hypocrisy, his phony morals, his poor judgment, and his willingness to separate, rather than unite New Yorkers of every color, creed, religion, ethnicity, and sexual identity, we don’t think that Carl Paladino deserves to be the Governor of the State of New York.