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The Sky is Falling!

28 May

This is a great comment from a Gawker thread regarding the President of the United States and how the Fox News Republicans have dealt with him:

There’s been no major scandal because of all the little ones that Republican pundits and talk show hosts keep pushing. They’re lobbing spitballs at the President instead of saving up for a pipe bomb.


Birth Certificate
Ipod gift to the Queen
Flag at Ground Zero
Flag Pin
Expensive Hotel meals in NYC
$200 million/day trip to India
Michelle not wearing at hat in Ireland
Not saluting or doing the hand over heart thing during the anthem
Showing up too early to a disaster
Showing up too late to a disaster


Half of them are false, half of them are unimportant. They’ve wasted their ammo on bullshit and are now screwed. Even with a major scandal, no one of consequence will believe you or pay attention.

They’re like the screw up in class. They start playing pranks on the teacher. The first few times it’s funny. You are conditioned to make fun of the teacher. It’s us against her. After a while, it gets old, so you stop laughing. Then she helps you on your homework or gives you extra credit and you start to feel bad for her when she sits on a tack for the 20th time because she can’t turn around and slap the kid. Eventually everyone turns on the the kid who lacked the social insight to know when the tide turned and everyone realized he was a bully.