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Lexus GX460

14 Apr

I agree with Consumer Reports that you shouldn’t buy the Lexus GX460 SUV, which is a swankier version of Toyota’s 4Runner. But I think you shouldn’t buy it because it’s a stupid poseur truck. It serves no purpose whatsoever except to show off to the neighbors.

It may have failed a Consumer Reports emergency avoidance test, but it long ago failed the WNYMedia douchebag avoidance test.

For the money – $52,000 – you can get a beautiful luxury sedan that won’t tip over during emergency maneuvers due to its lower center of gravity, and most come with AWD nowadays. Try the BMW 5-series, a loaded 3-series, an Audi A6, Infiniti M35, or even the Lexus GS350. If you’re buying domestic, try the Cadillac STS or DTS, or a loaded CTS. I’m also quite impressed by the brand-new Buick 2010 Lacrosse, which I think has the nicest exterior and interior of any American car right now, and comes damn close to competing with the Germans and Japanese.

You’re welcome.