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Roger Stone in NY-20? This can only end well.

7 Apr

This is New York. This isn’t Florida, and it isn’t Minnesota. That means we use tried and true voting technology, and we have very specific procedures laid out for close races. The process of counting every vote has begun.

As it continues, let’s don’t forget that the wingers are all a-flutter over ACORN, invoking it not only as shorthand for “blacks”, but making believe that ACORN can somehow influence the recounts or outcome of the Tedisco-Murphy race in NY-20. It can’t, and it hasn’t. ACORN is just a way for wingers to inflame passions.

But anyone who recalls the Brooks Brothers riots that took place in Florida during the 2000 recount may also remember that it was in part organized by one Roger Stone – dirty trickster extraordinaire. Well, Stone has been spotted in NY-20, along with (possibly) Orchard Park’s own Michael Caputo.

When it comes to manipulating the system, stealing elections, and screwing with vote counts, Roger Stone is a far bigger threat than ACORN or anything else the left can muster.

Kuhl-Massa Race Still Pending

14 Nov

The vote in NY-29 was exquisitely close, so the counting of absentee ballots begins, as does the recanvass of the voting machines.

Part of the court’s order is quite amusing:

The campaigns are not to send rabid, bitter, untrained, unsophisticated partisans to participate in this process.

The Albany Project recounts (pun intended) how Kuhl ran an almost paranoid campaign, shunning open forums, debates, and getting belligerent with people he perceived to be against him. Seems to be a sort of local Republican M.O. now.