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The Unwanted Return of Nancy Naples

8 Oct
Joel Giambra, Erie County Executive

Bad Memories are bad

Imagine the nerve of a millionaire begging you to send money to fund another millionaire’s vanity campaign.

Now imagine the millionaire doing the begging is the elected official who was charged with being the people’s fiscal watchdog in the run-up to, and during the green/red budget crisis of aught-four.  Now imagine that the millionaire begging you to send a few pennies to her friend, the other millionaire, has the audacity to insult Albany “insiders” when she herself is the consummate insider.

Nancy Naples was appointed by Governor George Pataki to become the DMV Commissioner in 2006.  It doesn’t really get any more Albany insider-y than that.  Now?  Now she’s an appointed member of the Amtrak Board of Directors, thanks to George W. Bush.

Next time, Ms. Naples – who, along with Joel Giambra, came to personify the epic fail of the budget crisis; who left office in 2005 after it was revealed that she had failed to pay her property taxes, and had funneled county work to a campaign donor – should keep her megacarat ring at home when asking Buffalo’s Joe and Jane Blow to send “emergency” money to a guy with $150 million in the bank.