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The Jonas Brothers

31 Aug

Last night, my daughter got to see her favorite band, the Jonas Brothers.  She’s 9 years old and smack in the target demographic for the Disney-managed trio.  The show had several opening acts, including this one, which was just phenomenal in its cheesiness:


The “Wonder Girls” are 5 young women from Korea who, I gather, have taken Asia by storm.  They sang one song, then left the stage.

But the Rogers Centre was sold-out.  55 – 56,000 people in there, and I have never heard in my life such noise.  I have never before felt the concrete floor of a stadium feel like it was going to buckle from the weight of thousands of tween girls jumping up and down.  A phenomenon they definitely are.  Manufactured by Disney.  But.


There is no doubt that these guys are talented.  They play actual instruments.  They sing actual songs that they actually wrote on those instruments.  They can sing.  They entertain.  There is nothing at all wrong with them.

And I’m not talking about the suggestive foam-spraying or the purity rings or anything else that South Park so excellently parodied last season.  I’m talking about the fact that this is perfectly reasonable music, especially for this age group.

No big choreography.  No multiple costume changes.  This isn’t N’Sync or Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block.  It’s schlocky, but not that schlocky.  The music isn’t Beatlesy, but the phenomenon is. My ears are still ringing.

So when I joked on Twitter/Facebook yesterday that the loneliest place in the world was the men’s room at a Jonas Brothers concert, it was the truth (seriously, I was the only guy in there, in a stadium, and that bathroom has never before been as clean, and probably never will be again).   I figured somebody would give me the, “you won’t catch me dead taking my kids to see the musical flavor of the month” line, and sure enough, there it was.

But my thought is this.  She’s a good kid.  She likes these guys.  They’re harmless, and they play instruments, which inspires her to learn hers.  They actually don’t suck and they put on a pretty good show.

But above all, it’s fine to teach your kids to listen to jazz and classical and whatever other more acceptable, proper music there is.  But it’s also fine to let them listen to and enjoy popular music, even if you hate it. Even if you can’t stand it and think it’s pedestrian.

Having her choose some of the music she listens to helps her love music.  And I’d rather she got interested in better music on her own initiative rather than having me lecture her about it.

Because we all probably liked some shit our parents hated.  Because it’s ok for our kids to just be kids and enjoy kid stuff once in a while.

Now, I have to take her to guitar lessons.