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Kathy Weppner on Whom She Resents

4 Apr

On July 14, 2008, Kathy from Williamsville called Rush Limbaugh to whine about those greedy teachers, firemen, and policemen who rape the poor taxpayers who earn over $250,000.

CALLER: You know, we have ended up with a society where all the people that work in government, all the politicians, the teachers, the firemen, the policemen, all of our state governments, municipalities, and we are in a very heavily governed area here in western New York, all of them are living inside the castle walls, and all of us, everybody else is living outside of the castle walls. And all of the rules they make protect them, where our people, the public employee, they can retire at 55 here and they live to 85.

You see, it’s not the wealthy families of physicians who live in castles – it’s the teachers and firemen and policemen.  We need to begrudge them their pensions because they didn’t do important work, teaching our kids and protecting our families. They’re the classic “takers” to people like Kathy “from Williamsville” Weppner. 

Limbaugh shares her resentment, and the Republican running against Brian Higgins declared, 

Well, New York is slated to go bankrupt first, and we are a state that’s shrunk in population and grew in government workers, again. And I don’t understand why they don’t get that this model is not gonna work.

RUSH: Well, there’s a simple human nature answer for that, and that is until it happens to them, it’s not happening.

CALLER: Well, they’re just saying, “Well it’s not going to happen in my lifetime, so it doesn’t matter.” That’s what it is. 

RUSH: That’s true, too, because the things that this generation, couple of generations before us have caused, they’re trying to insulate themselves from dealing with.

CALLER: Well, I’ll tell you, I know the car companies, we have GM and Ford here, and my dad used to sell to them, and I said, “What were they thinking?” He said, “They were thinking that by the time that it all crumbles, I’ll be retired,” and that’s it. These people that are in office right now —

RUSH: I know, I know. 

CALLER: — in our state capital, just don’t think it’s going to happen in their lifetime, so who cares.

RUSH: I know. A lot of people outside government think that, too. They really do. Look, that’s great, Kathy, I appreciate the call.

Seriously, who the fuck even understands what she’s talking about anymore? She just babbles on and on about her resentments and her idiotic semi-literate predictions of imminent doom and failure because the left is busy taking America down. This person begs to be taken seriously, but it’s an impossible task. She is the perfect reflection of tea party inanity. 

Gingrich Family Values

19 Jan

Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory. – John Kenneth Galbraith

As Newt Gingrich rises in the polls, becomes the darling of the less pragmatic, ideological right, it’s easy to forget just what a detestable person he is. There’s his inner hypocrisy and his inflated sense of self-worth and importance, there’s his casual demagoguery and epic fits of pique, but there’s also Newton Gingrich the person. We know that he left his first wife as she was recuperating in the hospital after uterine cancer surgery, and we know that he fought her so hard on a financial settlement that she was left almost destitute for a time. We also know that he left his second wife shortly after she was diagnosed with MS, at which time he told her about his 6 year-long affair with a much younger staffer, Callista, is future ex-third-wife. 

Newt’s second wife, Marianne, has claimed that she could end Newt’s political career with one interview. 

Marianne just gave ABC a two-hour long interview, set to air as soon as practicable.

And that’s the sticking point. Newt is doing reasonably well in South Carolina, and the primary there is scheduled for  Drudge says that ABC was agonizing over whether to air the interview before or after the primary – after all, a televised interview has a different effect than one from a magazine.

So, is ABC right to air an interview about a Presidential candidate on the Thursday night before a primary being held on Saturday? Of course they are. It’s news that’s relevant to the election, to the primary, to one of the candidates. What difference does it make if they air something that affects the South Carolina primary as opposed to Florida, which comes next?

What it all means for me, however, is that Newt Gingrich is the living, breathing proof that family values are of no importance whatsoever to contemporary Republicans or conservatives. “Family values” is something to be used as a sword against Democrats and homosexuals. It’s ok if you’re Republican.

Chris Collins: Disabled? (Redux)

3 Nov

Hopefully, you remember this post from July, which showed Chris Collins’s vehicle parked at a high school in Akron in a spot reserved for handicapped drivers. This was right before the Akron July 4th parade.

We have better images now – images showing Collins parking his car, exiting his car, and the fact that there were other, legal spots available.

This is scumbaggery at its most acute.

Here, Chris Collins is seen parking in a handicapped spot (Click to enlarge)

Here, Chris Collins exits his illegally parked vehicle. He seems able-bodied. Click to enlarge.

Here, Chris Collins bends down to check something on his illegally parked car. He seems able-bodied. Legal spots are visible. Click to enlarge.

Chris Collins walks from his illegally parked vehicle to join the Akron July 4th Parade. He seems able-bodied. Legal spots are visible. Click to enlarge. What a douche.

Mark Poloncarz’s campaign released this statement:

In keeping with his record of arrogance and disregard for the rules, Chris Collins presumably reached a new low in conduct recently when he parked his car in a handicapped parking spot at a local high school prior to a summer parade. The attached security photos clearly show Collins pulling into a spot in his car, easily identifiable by the “CE 3” license plate, after which Collins and his wife exit and walk to the parade staging area.* Collins parked in the handicapped spot despite the availability of legal parking at the event; some of that parking was even closer to the staging area.

“This is just another example of Chris Collins following his own set of rules and disregarding the laws that the rest of us live by,” said Peter Anderson, spokesman for the Poloncarz campaign. “This is blatant disrespect at its most despicable level. Collins should issue a public apology for his reprehensible behavior.”

Collins’ blatant flaunting of the law continued with an incident on October 7, reported in Artvoice, showing him once again parking illegally, this time in front of Ulrich’s Restaurant in Buffalo.**

“Chris Collins does not have a handicapped parking permit, nor does he have the courage to stand up and tell voters why he did this,” Anderson continued. “This is just another example of Chris Collins’ public pattern of disrespect. Voters are fed up with his arrogance and rule-breaking.”

Hey, What About Clarence?

2 Nov

About a month ago, I wrote this post, which included the text of an email that Republican Clarence Town Councilmember Bernie Kolber sent to the town’s Republican committee. Former clown and current Republican supervisor candidate David Hartzell had called the cops on Kolber the day after the September primary, accusing Kolber of stealing campaign signs. Hartzell even called the cops.

Well, Hartzell got a “see me” from the town Republicans, and sent this along:

Kolber’s reply is below, and I might be wrong, but I don’t think he’s happy with his fellow Republican.

Dear Republican Committee Members,

This year, the election for Supervisor is not about absurd 35% tax increases and ice rinks, with everything else being a distraction according to Mr. Hartzell, but it is about something much more basic, ethics, integrity, and the truth. These are areas in which Mr. Hartzell is devoid and substantively lacking in character. It is like the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

After his antics with the State police, I have asked for the return of my donation to his campaign, but still have yet to receive it.

I have reviewed the Email that hartzell sent on October 3rd, to which I want to comment. I held off immediately afterward so that Dan Michnik could enjoy his daughter’s wedding without distractions. I have discussed this with Danm already. I have filed a FOIL request with the NYS Troopers, but am still awaiting a response. I am requesting all statements, witnesses, and information relating to said accusations. I have the copies of my cell phone records showing Dan’s phone call to me on September 15, at 10:02 PM.

My contact at the State Police has informed us that Mr. Hartzell knew immediately that it was my truck. The State Police did not want to get involved and deemed it to be petty. Mr. Hartzell repeatedly demanded that they take his complaint and that they take it to the District Attorney. He did not relent until they took his complaint. A fellow Committee member is aware of this firsthand and took it on his own to call many of the Executive Committee members.

As for Mr. Hartzell’s Email explaination, which I have copied and reprinted below for your use, I will cite the following that question the very basic truthfulness of his comments and make them illogical.

1) Mr. Hartzell states that 2 people were standing in their parking lot and saw me take down the sign.

If I was taking down this sign and they were watching me why would they have not said something then? I saw no one out that night aside from passing traffic. it takes about 5-6 minutes for me to take down a 4×4 sign and place it in my truck. That would allow plenty of time for them to approach me. In addition, I had my 4 way flashers on. They should have noticed me right away.

Thet then said that they gave chase. I THEN STOPPED TO TAKE DOWN ANOTHER SIGN ??????? This is completely illogical. If someone is chasing me down the road, would I stop to take down another sign? It is absurd and a complete lie.

2) When the friend approached the pickup truck to ask the owner what was going on, the owner was unwilling to talk and sped away at a high rate of speed

Why would they not have approached me the first time. No one approached me. No one said a word to me because there was no one out that night. Another complete lie. Again, 4 way flashers on, unlikely that I sped away as I then went to the next sign location on Stahley where one of my signs was. Remember, I was only doing what we do after every election, AND doing it after getting the approval from Dan Michnik.

We have a candidate for Supervisor who screwed up, even according to Ralph Mohr with his “pay to play” letter if it wasn’t illegal it certainly was not in good judgement. Rather than admitting his “screw up” and taking the high road he hangs up on the reporter calling and stupidly tries to shift the blame for his own poor judgement. He illegally threatens a vendor in the IDA in political retribution. Then he blames me for taking his signs down likely in an attempt to shift the scrutiny off of his own stupidity. These are the TRUE ISSUES. Don’t be blinded.

I am asking the Clarence Republican Committee, and the Erie County Republican Committee to initiate a complete investigation into this incident. In addition, I am asking that no Committee funds be allocated to any Town Candidate until this investigation is complete.

I still am a diehard Republican. However, There is something that supercedes politics and R’s and D’s, and that is integrity. It is time that the Clarence Republican Committee sees that “the emperor has no clothes on”. WE in no way have a quality or qualified candidate in this race. I have already told Chairman Michnik that my name is not to be used in any way with Mr. Hartzells. I cannot speak for him, but I suggest that you ask Bob Geiger this as well.

Thanks for your time,

B. Kolber

Now, the other issue I should bring up is Hartzell’s continued lie about the budget. There is no “proposal” to raise taxes 35%. There is no effort underway to ram an $8 million ice rink down the taxpayers’ throats.

Hartzell is another Republican lying liar.  The actual numbers show the TAX RATE DECREASING– not increasing.  What Hartzell is trying to do is use an extreme worst case projection included in last year’s budget and lie to taxpayers, calling it a “proposal”.  Either Hartzell is stupid, or he assumes voters are –  a good financial planner would know better.  He continues to say it even though the ACTUAL numbers fly against his statements.  He is basically desperate and throwing anything to see if it sticks.  This tactic is deplorable and continues a trend of him not knowing or caring what the facts are:

(1)    See his attorney “pay for play” or “selling the job” letter where he clearly states that we will have a new Town Attorney even though the Town Attorney is appointed by the Town Board.  When Channel 2 called Hartzell about his prospective corruption, he hung up on them.

(2)    Hartzell politicized the IDA without explanation or justification. He is unfit for elected office.

(3)    Hartzell doesn’t know the facts, or else he can’t count.  At the candidates’ forum last week, he said the town has three fire districts, just like similarly situated towns throughout America. He researched it! Problem for Hartzell is, the town has 5 fire protection districts within one fire district.  Hartzell also lied about the Wegmans proposal, claiming that the town didn’t want Wegmans. That’s a load of bull. Finally, Hartzell endorsed Bylewski via LinkedIn, and then lied at the forum, saying he only did so when Bylewski was a councilman, not supervisor.

(4)    Hartzell claims that the town “needlessly” spent money on renovating the Town Hall.  Well, yeah, except of course for the asbestos abatement, the seats that crumbled to the touch, and the bathrooms walls that had become so soft you could move them with only a little pressure. Hartzell would go all Barbrady on that.

(5)    Hartzell claims that Bylewski’s office in Town Hall was renovated. Yes, it was painted. And Scott moved his desk. SCANDAL!11!!!!

(6)   Hartzell claims the Highway budget was raided by almost $800,000.  Where the heck is this from?  There is no transfer of monies from Highway to General funds.  The General fund subsidizes the Highway fund to the tune of $2 MILLION (adding the transfers from the 2009 budget up to and including the 2012 Preliminary Budget)!

(7)  While General Fund appropriations have increased, the tax rate is actually decreasing, and Clarence continues to grow with a greater demand for services.  Town spending is less than inflation, and we still are paying for additional services due to growth.  Our growth exceeds new construction which basically exceeds inflation which exceeds spending.  Hartzell evidently thinks you can get something for nothing.

(8)    Finally, Hartzell questions Bylewski’s leadership.  To see Bylewski’s leadership in action, look at the town’s quality of life, the way town government handled all manmade and natural disasters thrown at us, and the fact that Clarence enjoys a 93% townwide rate of satisfaction with town government.

Hartzell and the truth – they go together like oil and water. Don’t believe his desperate, pathetic lies. Vote Bylewski, Geiger, and Kolber on November 8th.


Lying Liar Chris Collins

31 Oct

Going to the voters of Erie County to debate, speak, and listen to them at candidates’ forums? Absolutely not

Go on Obamaphobic proto-fascistic Fox News and lie through your dirty whore mouth? Absolutely.

Having watched Chris Collins lie lies in the video, I won’t dignify it with an embed or even a link. Collins’ hysterical whining should stay on an obscure Sunday cable news show I’ve never heard of where it belongs.

Chris Collins quite literally lied every time he opened his mouth when speaking to the Obamaphobe network on a show nobody saw.

But now I understand why Collins doesn’t want to attend candidate forums and avoid real questions from real people – because he’s intemperate, rude, and finds it easy to make shit up out of whole cloth.

You may critique me or Poloncarz all day for jumping the gun on blaming a Republican for faking the Collins ballots, but Collins is no better going on “national” TV and directly blaming Poloncarz AFTER the Sheriffs’ office has expressly absolved both campaigns of involvement or blame. Which is more egregious?

The only thing missing from this campaign is Collins BOE patronage hack Michael Mallia assaulting a senior citizen. Shame on Collins and his clearly spooked, desperate campaign of failure and lies. Thankfully, the video isn’t in the news, and nobody saw it.

Happy Monday!


5 Oct

1. President Obama is closer philosophically to Ronald Reagan than 99% of the people who contemporarily self-identify as “Reagan Republicans”.


2. A new food truck will be setting up in western New York in the Spring. Miss Cheesious grilled cheese truck:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/MissCheesious/status/114900452243542016″%5D

3. As of this writing, the Buffalo News’ Bob McCarthy has yet to apologize for, retract, or correct his libel directed at Chris Smith and the other bloggers at WNYMedia.net. This makes him an unscrupulous thug.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/buffalogeek/status/120978142314766340″%5D

4.  NOM, also known as “National Organization for Marriage”, which omits its patent homophobia from its name and its acronym, has targeted State Senator Mark Grisanti for something “next”.

The National Organization for Marriage has a lot of gall coming to this community, making idle billboarded threats directed at one of the few politicians in this region who has integrity, guts, and intelligence. Bring it.

5. Maybe Michele Bachmann is worth a second look?


Republicans Fight to Guarantee Your Right to Contract Cervical Cancer

13 Sep

Last night, the Republican candidates for President held a debate sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party Express.

As with all prior Republican presidential debates, I power-ignored it. I ignored it with extreme prejudice. I couldn’t have possibly ignored it more. There isn’t a chance in hell I’ll ever cast a vote for someone who panders to the Tea Party types, so there’s hardly a point in watching these spectacles – these battles to see who hates science more, who is the strongest believer in the  notion that the world is 4,000 years old, who hates Obama most, etc.

But watching CNN this morning, they’re un-raveling last night’s performance, and two exchanges stand out.

On the one hand, there was the fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry mandated HPV vaccines for Texas girls, from which parents were able to opt out if they wished. HPV is thought to be the main cause of deadly cervical cancer, and stopping the spread of the virus will clearly save lives. As one might  predict, the Santorum piety wing of the party on the stage hammered Perry for what might very well be the most honorable thing he’s ever done – implemented a state policy to try and save girls’ lives. Santorum and Bachmann in particular were appalled at this “big government” innoculation and fought valiantly for the right of girls to contract a deadly cancer.

To big cheers.

I’d like to thank Bachmann and Santorum – and that audience – for reinforcing why I’m no longer a member of that party.

The other issue is Social Security. Made solvent through 2030, Perry has been going around scaring the living shit out of people paying into the system, calling it a “ponzi scheme” (which implies that it is constantly on the brink of collapse), and proposing to revery the plan to the states.  It’s objectively not a ponzi scheme, and isn’t on the brink of anything. Reverting social security to the states would turn one big bureaucracy into 50 big bureaucracies and hardly makes any sense. But they’ll discuss this sort of rank idiocy on the TV, and the Rush Limbaugh adherents will applaud wildly.

I hate what national politics have become in this country. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I cannot stand the race to the intellectual bottom and the cretin-pandering. We need a second enlightenment.

Promoting cancer and scaring seniors, and reneging on a social contract engaged in by every American? It’s downright sickening.

Clarence Supervisor Race: Unethical Republican Fundraising

12 Sep

Fundraising & Primary Day

Tuesday the 13th is Primary Day throughout western New York, and I’ve taken quite an interest in the politics of my own town of Clarence. The politics have taken on a new shade of ugly there this season, mostly because certain Republicans find themselves unwilling to work with current Supervisor, Scott Bylewski.

First, two-time councilman Joe Weiss decided that his political feelings were more important than the Free Speech guarantees of the United States Constitution.

Then the Republican candidate for Supervisor, David Hartzell, politicized a routine IDA meeting and warned of an IDA “backlash” against those who dared to politically oppose him and otherwise engage in the lawful political process.

A palpable pattern of retaliation and threats from Weiss and Hartzell against those who oppose them has emerged.

Now? We have this letter sent by Mr. Hartzell to a prominent local law firm, soliciting for campaign donations and hinting not-at-all subtly about the possibility that, y’know, maybe a firm that gives him a nice sum of money might be, y’know, more likely to be selected to do outside legal work for the town, hint-hint, nudge-nudge.


If you’re going to send out a letter soliciting for a political donation, you might put something in about why you’re the better candidate; why you think the other guy is a loser; what your plan is, should you be elected; how the town is going down the wrong path, etc. Something – anything – that outlines to the prospective donor why their money is well-spent on your candidacy.

Everyone knows that large political donations are often seen as investments in a candidate; that the donors believe that their money should at least buy them access to an unhostile ear. That in itself is bad, but this isn’t a post about why we need public funding of elections.

This is a post about a subtle promise for future favoritism. Hartzell’s letter contains no pretextual B.S. about why the law firm should give him money – it gets right to the point and hints around about the fact that, should he win, the town’s going to hire a new outside firm. Reading between the lines, the implication couldn’t be clearer:

Throw me some cash, and maybe it’ll be your firm.

Is it illegal? Maybe. Unethical? Definitely. Unseemly? Hell yeah.

I’ve heard from loads of Clarence residents and businesses over the past few weeks, all of whom have thanked me for helping to expose Joe Weiss for the bullying, intimidating creep they – but few others – knew him to be. The battle in Clarence right now may be over signs, but signs don’t vote – people do.

Although I absolutely abhor fusion voting, if you’re a registered Independence Party or Conservative Party voter in the town of Clarence, you have a primary Tuesday, and I urge you to write Scott Bylewski’s name in on those party lines. The IP line has been pretty uniformly denied to Democrats this year throughout the state, and the Conservative Party line, which is controlled by Ralph Lorigo, went to Mr. Hartzell.

Please fan/follow Supervisor Scott Bylewski on Facebook and Twitter:


Why Should You Care?

The reason why this race is important has to do with Mr. Lorigo, actually. Clarence politics isn’t really controlled by party affiliation – not as much as you’d like to think.

What’s really going on is a battle over the growth of the town.

Clarence has a very precise and detailed Master Plan (map here) dating back eleven years. Some in the town consider that document to be advisory, and stand ready to disregard it for development by friendly developers. Others in the town, including Bylewski, believe that the Master Plan is the law of the town, and should only be changed, and variances granted, if the political process has been scrupulously adhered-to. Clarence may be a growing suburb, but it still retains a great deal of its exurban and rural roots, and while growth and development aren’t frowned upon, they are regulated and controlled.

Conservative Party chairman Ralph Lorigo was personally, directly involved in the now-abandoned plan to build a large Wegmans’ on Transit Road in Clarence, just north of Transit Road. Lorigo represents local developers like Benderson, but in this case Lorigo owned the real estate proposed to be used for the Wegmans project, half of which was zoned residential. The process was followed, the people (directly, and by & through their elected representatives) spoke, and Wegmans won’t be building there – that’s democracy how it should work. In less ethical places, the wishes of the politically-well-connected owner or developer might have taken precedence over the wishes of the public. Apparently, because Clarence went against Mr. Lorigo’s personal pecuniary interests, he retaliated against Mr. Bylewski by refusing him the Conservative Party endorsement; ironic, since following the law and democratic process is what one might expect a doctrinaire conservative to support.

This goes back to my entreaties to abolish electoral fusion because it’s rife with corruption from corruptables, and has very little – if anything – to do with political ideology.

Dear Joe Weiss:

9 Sep

I know you’re reading this, so I figured I’d address you directly.

It has come to my attention that you sent out another email to your many admirers referring to me as “Scott Bylewski’s personal blogger,” or something to that effect. It’s no secret that I’m friends with Scott and his family, nor that I am a political supporter of his. But personal blogger? Not quite. News trickles out of Clarence, and some of the political threats and intimidation that you and your Republican counterparts have been engaging in deserve wider exposure and discussion.

There’s a pattern here. Both you and your friend, Republican candidate for Supervisor David Hartzell, have taken a political disagreement and transformed it into something more sinister, as if you guys were little wanna-be mafiosos.

When Dan Snyder took you on in an unprecedented, and well-funded, way, you blew your stack and came close to ignorantly and defiantly pushing the town into an unnecessary constitutional litigation. Luckily, Mr. DiCostanzo realized the gravity of the situation and helped avoid such a costly crisis by changing his vote. Oh, I know that you’ve obtained a legal opinion that says what you were doing was perfectly reasonable, but I’d consider that to be money poorly spent.

When a local supporter of Snyder’s and Bylewski’s sent this to several local politicos and officials, praising DiCostanzo:

This is how you replied:

That’s classy for a public, elected, town, at-large legislator! All electeds should use profanity when communicating with constituents! Unfortunately, when Ms. Okonowski-Dunlap wrote about this exchange in the Bee, the full context was unable to be seen.

But that’s not the only Paladinoesque email bomb from you. This one is my favorite – a person had a mild complaint about a profile of you that was printed in the Bee, and sent you this, and you replied by telling her she had too much time on her hands:

Again, not exactly a good way to communicate with unhappy constituents, but you topped it off by forwarding that exchange to the members of the town’s Republican Committee thusly:

Now we really know what your attitude is towards the voters in the town of Clarence. Now we know what you really think of people who disagree with you, we see your style of governance, and we know how you handle dissent and disagreement. Now we really know that, when people fill in the box to vote for you, you think they’re “asses” (and you can’t even spell it correctly). What an offensive and elitist way to conduct yourself – that you think you’re somehow better than anyone else in the town. What an incredibly telling statement – and you readily admit to just about every Republican in town that this is something you “say” often.

Then there’s this flyer that’s going around, quoting something you allegedly said to people during (of all things) the Clarence Center Volunteer Fire Department’s annual Labor Day fair:


It’s not the masses that are asses, Mr. Weiss. The real asses are elected officials who take political disputes and turn them into personal affronts, and let it affect their judgment. When your supervisor candidate tells the Clarence IDA that a marketing bid placed by a supporter of Bylewski’s should be withdrawn, or that it will be subject to a “backlash”, that’s directly out of the playbook you used to deal with Dan Snyder – if you dare to buck the Republican apparatus or apparatchiks in the Town of Clarence, prepare to suffer severe consequences, whether it be Dan Snyder and his request to do something he’s done for years, or Jeff Feinen filling out a general objection to ensure the legality of petition signatures and then being treated punitively for it.

That’s not how constitutional democracies work – that’s how they do it in backwards banana republic dictatorships. Now we know that if you and Hartzell are elected, the town will be run like a dysfunctional little fiefdom that will be hostile to the “masses”, and those who dare to disagree.

I never really cared much about town politics until I started seeing Snyder’s “Weiss Must Go” signs around town, and I wanted to learn more about what was going on. Now I see how right he is. The town runs quite well in spite of your belligerent shenanigans, and I’m happy to help a wider audience see what’s really going on here.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.



GOP Demands Tax Hike for Wage Earners

22 Aug

The Republican Party has shown its true colors. Even as it advocates strenuously against a modest rate hike on the richest Americans, it seeks to roll back a payroll tax cut that puts an extra $1,000 per year in the pocket of workers earning $50,000 (as an example).

I don’t know how it’s going to play out for them to self-identify with the wealthy and the ignorant, but it should make for a real barn-burner of a lowest common denominator, 18 month-long Presidential campaign.