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Clearing it Up

29 Apr

When health care reform is enacted to help insure almost all Americans, and initiate dramatically needed consumer protection into the health insurance industry, there was an outcry against it from the right, blathering about unconstitutionality.

When GM and Chrysler got massive loans from the government collateralized by stock, the right whinged about socialism, as if that somehow represented workers’ control of production.

When the banks got too clever for their own good and found themselves almost insolvent, when the entire economy collapsed and was on the brink of a once-in-a-century downward spiral, the right bitched and moaned that bailouts – many of which have since been repaid, with interest – were the worst thing since Hitler murdered 6,000,000 innocents and Stalin collectivized farms.

When Arizona passes a law that has the effect of requiring natural born United States citizens of Latino origin to carry citizenship papers with them at all times for wholly domestic travel, the right shrugs and tells the brown people, tough shit.

Just wanted to clear up what they do and don’t consider an unconstitutional outrage. ¬†Social programs = bad, unconstitutional police-state-junior = dandy.

Maybe we need to institute the same policy in Florida and direct it at illegal Cuban immigrants. Let’s see how that goes over. ¬†How about it, Mr. Rubio?

If You Give Wall Street A Cookie…

27 Jan

Citigroup is trading at $3.33/share this morning. Its 52-week high is $29.73, and between 2004 – 2007, it routinely traded between $45 – $60/share. So, if you’re long on C, you’re probably kind of pissed off now.

Made even more so by the fact that Citigroup is selling a couple of older Dassault business jets, and purchasing a brand-new Dassault 7x for $50 million.

Citigroup just got through receiving $50 billion in taxpayer rescue funding.

It doesn’t really matter whether the two jets on sale will cover the price of the new one. It’s about perception as much as it is about reality.

If your company is on the dole, you don’t need a new jet.

If you don’t need a new jet, you probably don’t need any jet.

If you don’t need any jet, you should frankly be flying commercial. Business class when available, but preferably coach. If it’s good enough for us proles, it’s good enough for you.

Looking Forward to Fix What’s Backward

13 Oct

After underscoring the fact that the “the question isn’t just ‘are you better off than you were four years ago?’, it’s ‘are you better off than you were four weeks ago?'”, Obama lays out his blueprint for digging out of the economic hole in which we find ourselves.

We’ve already lost three-quarters of a million jobs this year, and some experts say that unemployment may rise to 8% by the end of next year. We can’t wait until then to start creating new jobs. That’s why I’m proposing to give our businesses a new American jobs tax credit for each new employee they hire here in the United States over the next two years.

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