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How Corwin’s Dream Team Screwed Paladino

13 May

Evidence of Fraud?

The brain trust behind the ridiculous Corwin “campaign” is facing its first real test right now. Chris Grant (a former guest poster on this site) and Nick Langworthy, the Erie County Republican chairman, are known throughout the region and state, respectively, as wunderkinds who brilliantly navigated candidates such as Jane Corwin, Chris Collins, and Chris Lee to victory. They were part of the team that incredibly secured the Republican nomination for unlikely nominee and email enthusiast Carl Paladino.

There’s just one problem with the mythology there. They’ve never faced a credible opponent.

Jeff Bono? Alice Kryzan? Rick Lazio? Jim Keane? The only one of those who broke 40% was Kryzan. Barely.

With this week’s poorly planned, and horribly executed, failed effort to “gotcha” Jack Davis, the Corwin campaign and those running it are looking quite clownish. It’s amateur hour when your tracker ends up sounding like this.

But Chris Grant and Nick Langworthy have a history of apparently screwing their candidate.

A tipster clued me in this week to a story dating back to the Paladino campaign that was never revealed publicly involving both of Corwin’s brain trust.  I asked around and the story snowballed from there.

In the days leading up to the Republican primary in 2010, Paladino and the tea party wing supporting him (the “Taxpayer Party” line) were backing Air Force veteran and decorated former CIA officer Gary Berntsen for Senate, not professional political strategist Jay Townsend. People close to the situation allege that Chris Collins’ Chief of Staff Chris Grant and Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy deceived Carl Paladino and misappropriated his money to print a palm card endorsing the wrong US Senate candidate, Jay Townsend. Grant and Langworthy are now helping to run Corwin’s awful campaign.

Paladino confidants I spoke with allege that both Langworthy and Grant knew full well that Paladino was supporting Gary Berntsen, but that they conspired behind Carl’s back with Nick Sinatra and Roger Stone to deliberately mislead conservatives and tea partiers throughout New York State into thinking that Carl backed Townsend instead.

With full knowledge that Paladino was backing Berntsen, former Rove aide Nick Sinatra – a longtime family friend of Paladino’s – went behind Carl’s back and plotted with Stone, Grant, and Langworthy to replace Berntsen’s name and image with Townsend’s on palmcards to be distributed by conservative and tea party groups throughout New York State. This email is the smoking gun:

The PDF attached to the email is the image at the top of this post.

Grant sent the palmcard to Langworthy, who sent it to Sinatra, who sent it to Stone and Paladino petitions guru and federal indictee John Haggerty for printing.  They were printed by Keller Brothers printing in Buffalo at a cost likely exceeding $5,000, which, if accurate, would make this a felony fraud.  Langworthy and Grant did not respond to emails asking for their side of the story, or some comment.

Feelings about this issue are still raw. TEA New York (Palinists) sent this out in March to their email list:

Commandos & Mercenaries

Former Iraq War commander Gary Berntsen has come out in full support of fellow veteran David Bellavia for the Special Election in the 26th CD.  We love David too, but are reticent to endorse, as the TEA Party doesn’t generally support third party candidates, for fear of splitting the line, and handing the seat to the least favorable of all contenders.  You’ll remember that Gary Berntsen was the US Senate candidate that opposed Chuckie Schumer, and was listed on the Taxpayer petition along with the rest of the Paladino team of candidates.  Well, a few people in Carl’s campaign, some paid, apparently fancied themselves independent political operatives and clandestine master manipulators, and spent a small fortune of Carl’s money WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL, for a large lit drop naming Jay Townsend as the Paladino endorsed candidate.  We caught wind and squelched the effort as best we could, and Carl issued an urgent press release confirming Berntsen as the Paladino endorsed candidate.  But a Langworthy/GOP rally featuring Townsend along with Carl only served to reinforce support for Townsend, confuse others, and ultimately split the votes between Townsend and Berntsen.  Townsend was getting similar support from RINO leaders around state, and went on the win the Primary, but lost in the General Election. Bernsten got screwed by the Republicans, and now he has assembled a sizable army that have come up from Long Island to gather signatures for Bellavia.  At this writing, they have met the minimum, and are now exceeding the number of signatures needed to run a third line, which is called the Federalist Party.

Berntsen was instrumental in the effort to help Bellavia get on the ballot in NY-26, an effort that failed due to a lack of money and a concerted effort by the Republicans to threaten anyone and everyone associated with Bellavia. Paladino was first made aware of this fraud one day before the September 2010 primary by a tea party activist in Staten Island, who angrily called the Paladino campaign to complain about the Townsend replacement.  The palmcards had been sent by Sinatra.  The tea party – especially Berntsen’s core supporters at the Long Island Conservative Society for Action – was pissed, as was Paladino,  who immediately and publicly expressed his support for Berntsen.

Paladino did not, however, recall the palm cards, and thousands were passed out to voters throughout western New York, and around the state.  It’s quite possible that this clever trickery cost Berntsen the primary.  Most of these cards ended up here, where turnout in the Republican primary was huge.

After all, at the time, Paladino was assured by the apparent wrongdoers that this was all just a printing error; that it was inadvertent.  It wasn’t until the email shown above was revealed many months later that the deception became evident.

Calls to the FBI were met with the standard, “we can neither confirm nor deny” that there is – or was – an investigation into this fraud. Emails to Grant and Langworthy seeking comment sent Thursday morning were not returned.  I did confirm that the FBI interviewed Berntsen, as well as others involved in the deceit. The authenticity of the email shown above has been confirmed through several sources who worked closely with the Paladino campaign, and is not in dispute.

Jane Corwin’s campaign should watch its back, and make sure it closely guards its checkbook.  As we’ve learned through the Bellavia whisper campaign, the failed set-up of Jack Davis by Corwin and Michael Mallia, there is no level quite too low for these guys to stoop to.  This, folks, is your Erie County Republican Party. These are the Keystone Kops who will soon be running the Collins re-election campaign.

Primary Special: Lazio for Governor

13 Sep

I don’t normally write on Monday’s, but as tomorrow is Primary Day in New York, I am making an exception.

If you are a registered Republican (I know there are at least one or two of you), I urge you to vote for Rick Lazio to be the Republican nominee for Governor. I see three main issues for this upcoming primary:

A Paladino nomination would be a national disaster. I, for one, wish to be spared another two months of Mad Carl, horse porn, and re-education camps. I’m embarrassed to have him seeking the nomination from my party, as the face of otherwise forgotten Buffalo, political backwater. Every time he is described in the news outside of WNY as “Buffalo real estate developer Carl Paladino” I cringe. But besides the shame, its been unhelpful to have Paladino in the race at all, because it has drawn Lazio far further to the Right than he otherwise would be. The sooner we can be done with Carl the better, and let him get back to doing what he does best: building towers and suing New York State.

A vote for Lazio is a vote against Paladino. The corollary to this is Paladino might actually win this thing. If you agree with my first point, then you can’t just sit home and hope it all goes away. You actually need to get up, go to the poll, and do something about it.

Lazio makes some sense. Left to his own devices, Lazio comes up with ideas like eliminating one house of the Legislature and having a hard property tax cap. His policy wonk credentials are legit. His political instincts, however, leave something to be desired. I think he would be a better governor than campaigner, as he would no longer be fending off attacks from his Right, and could get on with drawing policy back to the center (or better, reforming it all together).

If Lazio and Cuomo end up as their party’s nominees, we have a small chance of seeing a substantive debate for the next 7 weeks in the run up to the general election. If not, I shudder to think where the campaign is going from here.

(Author’s Note: I am completely and totally unaffiliated with the Lazio campaign in every way possible. I haven’t given him a dime, and I don’t answer campaign calls when they ring the house.)

The Park 51 Nontroversy Is Now the Singular Gubernatorial Campaign “Issue”

20 Aug

I just watched Rick Lazio tell me on the teevee how horribly awful a “Ground Zero Mosque” (it’s neither) is, and what an affront to American Americanness and feeling feelingness a Muslim-run equivalent of a YMCA in a densely populated lower Manhattan would be.

Lazio has zero traction, and less money, so it was fascinating to see that this ad was “paid for by the NYS Conservative Party”.

We have a state that’s $9 billion in the hole, a horribly dysfunctional governmental structure, skyrocketing spending and costs, layer upon redundant layer of governments, authorities, and special taxing districts, unfunded mandates hurting counties, school cutbacks, and myriad other big, serious issues that concern serious people throughout New York.

But Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino want to talk about the Muslim hordes riding roughshod through ‘Murrka, vying to be the xenophobic, paranoiac King Richard to defeat the Saracens.

Both of them should be ashamed of themselves, and I’m sincerely interested to see how this new Republican campaign strategy of quite literally demonizing religious and ethnic minorities. Except Cubans.


Terrorist-sympathizing Imam? Seriously? They’re not just going to lie about this project, they’re going to libel Rauf? I know Tom “I love cats and gardening” Bauerle will stoop to endlessly repeating – almost in a loop – a call a 9/11 victim made just as one of the Towers fell that morning. Bauerle is perfectly ok exploiting a man’s death to libel an entire religion. But why is Rick Lazio, the ostensible “serious” Republican candidate for New York State Governor using images from 9/11 to sell his campaign? If New Yorkers have had “enough”, why would he deliberately evoke the memories of the greatest tragedy to befall New York to win a campaign against a fellow New Yorker? Does Lazio think that the regular, hardworking Muslims who live, work, and pray in Manhattan destroyed those towers?

Obviously, the Republicans don’t want (or deserve) a single vote from Muslim New Yorkers. To them, Muslim New Yorkers don’t count. They are disposable. Lazio and Paladino would not deign to represent them should they ever be elected.

Because 9/11 wasn’t perpetrated by a Muslim stockbroker, banker, lawyer, doctor, shopkeeper, waiter, restaurant owner, or straphanger who prays in lower Manhattan every day, several times a day. Yet that is who is being libeled and demonized by the Republicans not just in New York, but nationwide.

After 9/11, the country was not only unified as seldom before, but the Bush Administration continuously made it clear that the US was not at war with Islam or Muslims – just against the terrorists who perpetrated these crimes and promote violent expansionist Jihadism. That has now changed, and the Republicans do now perceive the US to be at war with Islam – including those who pray to Allah and were born in this country, love this country, pay their taxes, and attend their kids’ soccer games.

That must be why the Bush Administration retained the services of that “terrorist sympathizing” Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf to promote interfaith peace and understanding.

Every day the Republican Party and its leadership becomes, quite frankly, more and more fascistic. To base an entire campaign for Governor on hating an entire religion is a very ugly thing indeed. It’s a thin line between that and advocating for Muslims’ expulsion from America and exclusion from American life.

UPDATE: From Rob in comments:

‘In 2003, Imam Rauf [the imam behind the Cordoba House project] was invited to speak at a memorial service for Daniel Pearl, the journalist murdered by Islamist terrorists in Pakistan. The service was held at B’nai Jeshurun, a prominent synagogue in Manhattan, and in the audience was Judea Pearl, Daniel Pearl’s father. In his remarks, Rauf identified absolutely with Pearl, and identified himself absolutely with the ethical tradition of Judaism. “I am a Jew,” he said.

“We are here to assert the Islamic conviction of the moral equivalency of our Abrahamic
faiths. If to be a Jew means to say with all one’s heart, mind and soul Shma` Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu Adonai Ahad; hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One, not only today I am a Jew, I have always been one, Mr. Pearl.” ’


This guy definitely shouldn’t build an Islamic cultural center 3 blocks from the WTC site, if it would hurt someone’s feelings.


23 Jul

Carl Paladino is touting a Rasmussen poll that gives him the edge over Rick Lazio.

“The edge” being better defined as, which Republican gubernatorial candidate gets to be ass-beaten worse by Andrew Cuomo in November.

Hot Carl News

23 Jul

So, what’s up with our ol’ buddy Carl Paladino?  It’s time for our weekly update on what’s new in Carl Paladino news, a feature I’m going to call “Hot Carl News”.

This week, Carl got himself on the Republican ballot after turning in 28,000 petition signatures.  Prior to the campaign finance filings, I thought that Lazio would challenge Paladino’s signatures, but the endorsed Republican nominee did not have the resources to mount a lengthy and costly challenge.   As of the July 15th filing, Lazio had $688,821 in his campaign fund. He had raised $1.6 million in the last six months and spent almost that much on the campaign trail.  After spending that money, Lazio hasn’t made a dent with a message either upstate or downstate.  We’ll now have the first Republican primary for New York Governor since 1994.

Carl is circulating petitions to establish his Taxpayers ballot line/party and has until August 15th to submit 15,000 signatures to get the line on this year’s ballot or 50,000 to guarantee the line on the 2010 and 2014 ballot.  He has the support of Ralph Lorigo in this pursuit as Ralph is still squatting on the Conservative Party line, keeping it from Lazio.

If Carl were to lose the Republican primary, but secure enough signatures to get on the ballot with the Taxpayers line, Carl guarantees a split vote amongst the minority Republicans in the general election.  Do you think Andrew Cuomo is going to challenge those Taxpayer petition signatures?  Not on your life, a split GOP vote means even easier sailing for Cuomo.

This is a perfect opening for Carl and his buddy Ralph to kill off the Conservative line (as Lorigo won’t get the 50K votes necessary to keep the line on the next ballot), establish their own line and use it in the future for their own purposes.  Wait, I think I hear the Hokey Pokey being played, “…and that’s what it’s all about!”

Since his dramatic and unexpected victory to get on the Republican ballot, Carl has been talking about the real issues.  You know, having a guy in a duck costume follow Andrew Cuomo asking why Cuomo won’t join the pointless lawsuits being filed by right wing attorneys general across the country in opposition to the healthcare reform bill.  Carl is also upset about the mosque being built in NYC.  The real frontburner stuff that appeals to intellectually incurious headline readers like Dave DiPietro and WBEN listeners.

This is how a Michael Caputo/Roger Stone campaign works.  Backroom maneuverings (Lorigo, etc.), stunts to get press coverage, creating fake controversies, never focusing on the issues at hand, etc.  Caputo is a public relations guy who knows how to keep Carl’s name in the news.  He knows that toilet trained political journalists around the state need copy/interesting content and Caputo gives it to them for dictation and repetition.  The duck and mosque stories made it into every newspaper and political site in the state (accompanied by Carl’s press release).

The next step in a Caputo/Stone campaign is the dirty tricks or the scandal mongering.  Lazio better hope to the flying spaghetti monster that he doesn’t have a Client 9 type scandal lurking in his closet.   This is what is known as a political puncher’s chance, which Carl now has that he is on the primary ballot.  If he can get himself a spot on the general election ballot (either by beating Lazio in the primary or on his own line), he’ll pull in 20-25% of the statewide vote unless he radically centers his message.  The voter demographics just don’t suit much more than that.

I digress…to close out the week, Carl rolled out Erie County Executive Chris Collins to endorse his campaign.  Which he did enthusiastically on (WNYMedia content partner) YNN’s Albany television show, Capitol Tonight.



Collins was a presumptive nominee for New York Governor until he called Assemblyman Shelly Silver the anti-christ and asked a professional woman for a lap dance during the state of the state address.  Carl sent emails featuring a video of a horse performing anal sex to completion on a woman along with dozens of racist images, yet gets on the ballot…weird double standard.

Carl’s problem in a state with a 70/30 Democrat/Republican enrollment split, is not just the numbers.  Carl has a massive credibility problem downstate, on Long Island and in NYC.  He has an appeal with the underemployed upstate ne’er-do-wells who blame government for their lack of success/wealth, but his background and demonstrated lack of judgment will be an issue for him if he is to be a serious candidate.

That is something that the endorsements of Chris Collins (also a downstate liability) and Nick Langworthy (who?) cannot fix.

Paladino Helping Clear Cuomo’s Path

16 Jul

It’s campaign disclosure time! The most closely-watched race this year is, naturally, the race for governor.

On the one hand, we have a candidate with a grassroots groundswell of support, with literally thousands of donations from regular folks donating less than $1,000.

And on the other hand, we have mad-as-Mel-Gibson Carl Paladino.

As of this morning, Rick Lazio’s numbers are suspected to be so dismal that he’s waiting until the last moment to disclose his take.

Paladino reported having raised $1.7 million for his gubernatorial run – $1.6 of it, or roughly 94% from his own fortune. He has pledged to spend up to $10 million for his campaign. Just over $100,000 came from individuals and businesses, almost all of them in WNY. Special mention goes to Jim Ostrowski, who pulled in close to $10,000 for “consulting”, Rus Thompson, who pulled in about $20,000, and Michael Caputo, who had a fantastic $93,000 month of June (I’m assuming that figure includes paying for the use of his boat as Paladino wasted his time sailing it down the anachronistic, socialistic Erie Canal), and a grand total of close to $300k. Good job, guys!

Paladino also filed 28,000 petition signatures, just under double the required amount. That likely gives him enough of a cushion in the event that Lazio files a challenge. I suspect that all the bluster last week about Paladino having trouble with this task was overblown puffery to motivate the teabagging masses.

Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic nominee, raised $9.2 million and spent about the same amount as Paladino – $1.6MM. Combined with his prior figures, Cuomo now has $23.6 million cash on-hand. The Daily News goes on to report that over the last six month, Cuomo’s campaign received just under 4,000 donations, 70% of which were for less than $1,000.

In other words, mindful of the fact that Democrats hold a 27% enrollment advantage, Carl Paladino’s efforts to split the right-of-center vote continue apace, resulting in an even-more-inevitable Cuomo landslide.

The Race is On

3 Jun

The New York State Republican Committee designated former Congressman Rick Lazio as its candidate for governor. The final vote tally was: Myers Mermel 4.36%, Carl Paladino 7.89%, Steve Levy 28.12%, Lazio 59.6%. If that’s not overwhelming, I don’t know what is. Under normal circumstances, the Republicans would unite behind their designee and march towards November throwing mud at Andrew Cuomo. Instead, it appears that Paladino will run on a third party line – either the Conservative line, held now by Ralph Lorigo, or a newly-minted tea party line. Or both. Paladino may also petition his way onto the Republican primary ballot. Celeste Katz has the complete roll call vote by county regarding the committee’s choice for nominee, and whether Levy should get a Wilson-Pakula (a special authorization whereby the Republicans vote to permit a registered Democrat to run on the Republican line). Erie voted Paladino and split on the Levy issue. Niagara County voted Levy and voted no on Levy getting on the ballot. In the end, although Levy cracked the 25% threshold to get on the ballot, he lost the Wilson-Pakula vote by about 7.5%.

I neither know nor care about Paladino’s chances against Lazio alone in a Republican primary, but if he runs solely on minor party lines, all he’ll do is siphon off Lazio’s votes.

The state Democratic Committee’s response:

“Only a Republican Party headed by a Nixon would select a political hack Wall Street lobbyist to clean up Albany.”

Paladino took to the stage yesterday to spout off a tremendous volume of cliches and platitudes, and pledged to clean Albany up with “a baseball bat“.

Note to Carl: the angry schtick is tired, won’t get you much support outside the world of the tea party, and doesn’t offer any solutions. Baseball bats wielded by the angry may bust heads, but in the end the assailant is jailed, and the victim is injured or dead. I have little tolerance for that kind of rhetoric, and find it frankly disgusting.

Carl Paladino is finished in this campaign. He was finished from the moment WNYMedia.net revealed that he has a sick “sense of humor”. A primary race on the (R) side would at least keep them in the news through the summer, thus building name recognition and support for the ultimate nominee, and also giving Lazio a public vetting. By the time someone like Carl was through with him, Andrew Cuomo would be a piece of cake, and any revelations would already be stale.

But I’m pretty confident today that Andrew Cuomo will be New York State’s governor come January 2011. The Republicans can’t find viable candidates, and even when they do, they can’t get out of their own way. When did they become the Democrats?

(Photo via PolitickerNY)

The Republican Convention

2 Jun

Unfortunately, I was unable to traipse off to Manhattan to enjoy the goings-on at the state Republican convention, but that’s why we have Bob McCarthy, right? Here’s his take on what happened yesterday, and this paragraph stood out:

Levy faces a tough challenge, since party leaders, including Erie County Chairman Nicholas A. Langworthy, say they do not want to support a candidate who in the past has supported the likes of Silver, former Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer and Obama.

Langworthy is the chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, which is the sole county committee to have endorsed Carl Paladino for Governor going into the convention. If ECGOP didn’t want to support someone who had previously supported Silver and Spitzer, (and while not Obama, he has given to Hillary Clinton), why did they support Carl Paladino?

While Democratic Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy hunts around for the nomination of a party to which he doesn’t yet belong, he talks tough, touting his credentials over Rick Lazio’s.

Here is the video that kicked off the state Republican convention:


Clearly that party’s state designees, such as comptroller candidate Harry Wilson, Senate candidate Gary Berntsen, and AG candidate Daniel Donovan will be running against a caricature of President Obama, whose stimulus law has quite literally kept New York State – run for decades by idiot Democrats and idiot Republicans alike – afloat this past year.

You may recall Ed “don’t call me Mr. Tricia Nixon” Cox touting the openness and non-backroom-dealness of the GOP convention in front of last week’s Democratic confab. In this case, “openness” is merely a euphemism for “dysfunctional clusterf*ck”. The Democratic convention took literally an entire afternoon to manufacture a roll call vote to enable all five AG candidates to appear on the September primary ballot without having to take the time and effort to petition. The four Republican gubernatorial candidates are trying to out-backroom-deal each other to guarantee a slot on that ballot and deny it to others. Seriously, neither side has clean hands when it comes to claiming it’s cleaner than the other, so they should each stop pretending. But here’s some funny video of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy showing off his Republican bona fides:


Finally, here’s a brief interview the Daily News’ Celeste Katz held with Buffalo’s own Carl Paladino. It seems a bit disingenuous for him to accuse others of being zebras trying to change their stripes, because “once a zebra, always a zebra” might apply to Mr. Paladino, as well. (Also, what’s with this talk of zebras?) Paladino thinks he has a shot, and that’s just special.


It will be fascinating to see whom the Republicans designate as their candidate today. (Image HT Marquil at EmpireWire.com)

Electoral Fusion Ruins New York Some More

29 May

New York is one of only a small handful of states that permits electoral fusion – the system whereby minor parties can and do endorse candidates from major parties. Any party that garners 50,000 votes or more on its party line in any gubernatorial election is guaranteed a slot on the ballot until the next gubernatorial election. It is often argued that the existence of these party lines enable die-hard Democrats to vote for a Republican without pulling a lever on the Republican line, and vice-versa for Republicans to vote for Democrats. The Conservative Party = Republicans. The Working Families Party = Democrats. The Independence Party = hacks and opportunists.

The net result of this is that a lot of dealmaking gets done to ensure minor party ballot lines – and in any New York State-based political deal, jobs are on the line. For the most part, all this amounts to is a big patronage factory. (I know that there are exceptions, but they just prove the rule.)

So, in-between the Democratic state convention last week and the Republican state convention next week, the Conservative Party held a convention that culminated in Republican Rick Lazio getting the nomination for that party line. This over the strenuous objection of supporters of Angry® Tea Party candidate and horse porn aficionado Carl Paladino, and Democratic Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

In fact, two competing slates were up for votes at the Conservative convention yesterday – Rick Lazio and Erie County Conservative Party chairman Ralph Lorigo. Lorigo, however, isn’t running. He put his name in as a placeholder for either Carl Paladino, whom he backs, or Steve Levy – Lorigo struck a deal with Levy supporters to create this placeholder slate.

Because Lazio got just a bit over 50% at the Conservative convention and Lorigo got over 30%, Lorigo’s slate has about a week to decide whether it will mount a primary.

Paladino is threatening to dilute the Conservative Party’s clout in November by launching a Tea Party line, and Paladino is supporting Lorigo’s move and will continue to do so unless Lazio strikes a backroom deal with him to guarantee him 25% of the vote at the Republican convention to guarantee a slot on the Republican primary ballot.

Remember Ed Cox moaning about how inclusive and open the Republican convention would be, as opposed to the Democratic convention where the delegates “conspired” in a “backroom deal” to ensure that all five AG candidates would appear on the September primary ballot? Yeah, what a load of disingenuous bullshit that was.

The only things missing from this story are the words “Steve Pigeon” and “Chris Collins”, who have conspired locally to cripple the Democratic Party.

Ed Cox: The Republicans are Inclusive!

27 May

So, that’s a shot of Ed Cox addressing the media outside the Rye Town Hilton this morning.  I took that picture after some of the press had already left, so it’s misleading – there was more press there.  But in terms of holding the presser outside the Democratic convention, the key question is: why on Earth do you care?  Why does the chairman of the Republican Party care how the Democrats conduct their convention?

The purpose of his show was to unveil this:  www.princeandrewwatch.com.  In keeping with the Paladinoist habit of using horrible, amateurishly Photoshopped images to persuade voters, they released this image:

Yeah, I don’t know either.

While Cox was commenting on the relative openness of the Republican convention, he kept referring to the Republican Party as having only two gubernatorial candidates.  That deliberately excludes and omits Paladino and Mermel.  Of the two candidates to which Cox was referring – Lazio and Levy – people are beginning to abandon Levy, who is Cox’s hand-picked candidate.  Just yesterday, a group of Queens Republicans switched their support from Levy to Mermel.  Mermel.

So, Cox didn’t take long to contradict himself.

When mentioning races around the state where the Republicans would be competitive, Cox mentioned Jack Quinn III, who is running in SD-48 against incumbent Democrat Bill Stachowski.  Stachowski, against whom just about all of WNY seems to be running.

When asked whether – using his own logic & definition – Jack Quinn III could also be termed a “prince”, Cox just chuckled.  The doctrine of laches had no comment.