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Dicker: Paladino Seems Obsessed With Cuomo’s Member

8 Oct

There’s no love lost between Carl Paladino and the New York Post’s Fred Dicker, as one might imagine.  Dicker’s reaction to Paladino’s 5:13 to Nowhere speech is here.  This part is interesting:

Cuomo learned of Paladino’s latest “prowess” jab while he was with his 12-year-old daughter, Michaela, and he reacted with anger, a source close to the family said.

“Can you believe what this guy just did?” said the source. “It’s insulting, it’s hurtful, it’s crazy, it’s not strategic, in that it can’t help his campaign.”

That sounded a lot like what Roger Stone, a key Paladino adviser, had been saying, too.

“Any discussion of extramarital affairs, divorces, girlfriends, that’s not what the voters want to hear,” Stone, a notorious political dirty trickster, told NY1.

When Stone starts sounding like the reasonable one, you know a campaign has gone far astray.

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4 Oct

It’s usually the candidate who’s afraid to debate who demands that all the fringe, quaternary-tier party candidates be included in the debates.

From what I can gather, the Cuomo and Paladino camps are trying to work out debate parameters, but Paladino’s side keeps criticizing Cuomo for wanting to exclude Roger Stone’s candidate, Howie Hawkins (Green),  Charles Barron (Rogue Dem), and perhaps even Papa Smurf of the “Rent is Too Damn High” party.  It would seem to me that Paladino wants to pack the stage with minor-party rabble so as to dull any Cuomo positives and Paladino negatives that might come about during any debates.

Paladino’s campaign manager Michael Caputo wrote,

“The Cuomo camp has been BSing journalists and the public regarding their intention to debate Carl Paladino and the other gubernatorial candidates for one week, today. We offered to meet for debate planning in a September 26 telephone call; the Cuomo campaign never contacted us as promised.

So far Carl Paladino has accepted seven debate invitations. Andrew Cuomo has accepted none. How long can this charade continue?

Andrew Cuomo’s surrogates call Carl Paladino racist, but it’s Andrew who seeks to exclude the only black candidate from debates.

Andrew Cuomo holds himself out as an advocate for women’s issues, yet it is Andrew who seeks to exclude the only woman candidate from debates.

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t have the courage to debate all his opponents, how can he take on the special interests that are destroying New York?

Andrew Cuomo should stop the games and give the voters the debate they deserve – debate all the candidates now.”

With all due respect to Davis and Barron, I’m more interested in seeing Paladino and Cuomo go head to head. I don’t need the debates packed to the rafters with every single-issue fringe candidate out there.

Three debates, Cuomo vs. Paladino. And Dicker absolutely has to be one of the questioners at one of the debates.

I’d be happy to moderate.

Hot Carl News

23 Jul

So, what’s up with our ol’ buddy Carl Paladino?  It’s time for our weekly update on what’s new in Carl Paladino news, a feature I’m going to call “Hot Carl News”.

This week, Carl got himself on the Republican ballot after turning in 28,000 petition signatures.  Prior to the campaign finance filings, I thought that Lazio would challenge Paladino’s signatures, but the endorsed Republican nominee did not have the resources to mount a lengthy and costly challenge.   As of the July 15th filing, Lazio had $688,821 in his campaign fund. He had raised $1.6 million in the last six months and spent almost that much on the campaign trail.  After spending that money, Lazio hasn’t made a dent with a message either upstate or downstate.  We’ll now have the first Republican primary for New York Governor since 1994.

Carl is circulating petitions to establish his Taxpayers ballot line/party and has until August 15th to submit 15,000 signatures to get the line on this year’s ballot or 50,000 to guarantee the line on the 2010 and 2014 ballot.  He has the support of Ralph Lorigo in this pursuit as Ralph is still squatting on the Conservative Party line, keeping it from Lazio.

If Carl were to lose the Republican primary, but secure enough signatures to get on the ballot with the Taxpayers line, Carl guarantees a split vote amongst the minority Republicans in the general election.  Do you think Andrew Cuomo is going to challenge those Taxpayer petition signatures?  Not on your life, a split GOP vote means even easier sailing for Cuomo.

This is a perfect opening for Carl and his buddy Ralph to kill off the Conservative line (as Lorigo won’t get the 50K votes necessary to keep the line on the next ballot), establish their own line and use it in the future for their own purposes.  Wait, I think I hear the Hokey Pokey being played, “…and that’s what it’s all about!”

Since his dramatic and unexpected victory to get on the Republican ballot, Carl has been talking about the real issues.  You know, having a guy in a duck costume follow Andrew Cuomo asking why Cuomo won’t join the pointless lawsuits being filed by right wing attorneys general across the country in opposition to the healthcare reform bill.  Carl is also upset about the mosque being built in NYC.  The real frontburner stuff that appeals to intellectually incurious headline readers like Dave DiPietro and WBEN listeners.

This is how a Michael Caputo/Roger Stone campaign works.  Backroom maneuverings (Lorigo, etc.), stunts to get press coverage, creating fake controversies, never focusing on the issues at hand, etc.  Caputo is a public relations guy who knows how to keep Carl’s name in the news.  He knows that toilet trained political journalists around the state need copy/interesting content and Caputo gives it to them for dictation and repetition.  The duck and mosque stories made it into every newspaper and political site in the state (accompanied by Carl’s press release).

The next step in a Caputo/Stone campaign is the dirty tricks or the scandal mongering.  Lazio better hope to the flying spaghetti monster that he doesn’t have a Client 9 type scandal lurking in his closet.   This is what is known as a political puncher’s chance, which Carl now has that he is on the primary ballot.  If he can get himself a spot on the general election ballot (either by beating Lazio in the primary or on his own line), he’ll pull in 20-25% of the statewide vote unless he radically centers his message.  The voter demographics just don’t suit much more than that.

I digress…to close out the week, Carl rolled out Erie County Executive Chris Collins to endorse his campaign.  Which he did enthusiastically on (WNYMedia content partner) YNN’s Albany television show, Capitol Tonight.



Collins was a presumptive nominee for New York Governor until he called Assemblyman Shelly Silver the anti-christ and asked a professional woman for a lap dance during the state of the state address.  Carl sent emails featuring a video of a horse performing anal sex to completion on a woman along with dozens of racist images, yet gets on the ballot…weird double standard.

Carl’s problem in a state with a 70/30 Democrat/Republican enrollment split, is not just the numbers.  Carl has a massive credibility problem downstate, on Long Island and in NYC.  He has an appeal with the underemployed upstate ne’er-do-wells who blame government for their lack of success/wealth, but his background and demonstrated lack of judgment will be an issue for him if he is to be a serious candidate.

That is something that the endorsements of Chris Collins (also a downstate liability) and Nick Langworthy (who?) cannot fix.

Touchiest Campaign Ever®

27 Apr

Carl Paladino’s wife seems like a really nice woman, and I can’t blame her or his campaign for setting up an overly friendly look at Paladino’s character issues. Who better to try and defuse questions concerning his decency than his wife? It’s genius.

But the taintlicking “article” then takes a weird detour into what we’re supposed to believe is internal campaign discussions about potentially damaging information. Roger Stone’s mini-me, Michael Caputo claims that the campaign set up:

  • Focus groups to gauge reaction to the out-of-wedlock kid issue.
  • Focus groups to gauge reaction to the emails featuring an historically derogatory term for black people, and also horsefucking videos.

The candidate’s and campaign’s reaction to the release of the emails in question reveals that this is utter bullshit.  There is no way – no chance – that Paladino and his campaign retained the services of a pollster or marketer to gauge reaction to the emails.  This is because Paladino still doesn’t think the emails were any big deal.  They’re just jokes.  Everyone does it.  Everyone forwards jokes containing the word “ni**er” and videos featuring graphic horse-on-woman sex.  Right?

Just the other day, Paladino doubled down on the dumb by sending around this pathetic excuse masquerading as a poignant parable about how sending horsefucking videos to your buddies is exactly like loving your friends and going to heaven.

He doesn’t comprehend what’s wrong with them, and his WBEN-listening, tea party constituency is eating it up. He speaks to them – to their insecurities, to their inferiority complexes, to their prejudices, to their misguided but earnest victimhood.

That Buffalo News article featuring Mrs. Paladino was very nice, and I suspect that it was set up to ensure that the Buffalo News writ large wouldn’t join WNYMedia.net, WGRZ‘s Josh Boose, and the News’ Jim Heaney as persona non grata on the Touchiest Campaign Ever.®

The Thick Skin Express.

But it wasn’t news, and gave Michael Caputo an opportunity to spin what’s been a truly stunning display of clumsy campaign mismanagement.

Roger Stone in NY-20? This can only end well.

7 Apr

This is New York. This isn’t Florida, and it isn’t Minnesota. That means we use tried and true voting technology, and we have very specific procedures laid out for close races. The process of counting every vote has begun.

As it continues, let’s don’t forget that the wingers are all a-flutter over ACORN, invoking it not only as shorthand for “blacks”, but making believe that ACORN can somehow influence the recounts or outcome of the Tedisco-Murphy race in NY-20. It can’t, and it hasn’t. ACORN is just a way for wingers to inflame passions.

But anyone who recalls the Brooks Brothers riots that took place in Florida during the 2000 recount may also remember that it was in part organized by one Roger Stone – dirty trickster extraordinaire. Well, Stone has been spotted in NY-20, along with (possibly) Orchard Park’s own Michael Caputo.

When it comes to manipulating the system, stealing elections, and screwing with vote counts, Roger Stone is a far bigger threat than ACORN or anything else the left can muster.

Roger Stone's Relevance

24 Mar

Does anyone else give a crap whether or when disgraced Nixon dirty trickster Roger Stone found out that Spitzer was hiring whores? Does anyone else give a crap whether or when Stone had his lawyer tip the Feds off to Spitzer’s hiring of whores in Florida?

Me, neither.

And now that Spitzer has resigned in disgrace, here’s Stone’s newest target (NSFW)