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#SD-60 Drama #NYSEN

13 Sep

The hot rumor on the street is that Antoine Thompson is in big trouble in SD-60.

So much so that Grassroots is pulling people off the Golombek campaign‘s GOTV effort and devoting all of their resources to Thompson’s own effort on the East Side of Buffalo.

If true, this would be epic.   And it probably is, as I’ve got it from multiple sources.

NY Governor 2010: The Baseless Innuendo Stage

12 Feb

Courtesy Marquil at Empirewire.com

Paterson Rumor Mill

8 Feb

The New York Times is supposedly working on a “blockbuster” story about Governor David Paterson. From what I can gather, he shoots kittens while snorting heroin and having sex with hookers who quite literally stand in line in front of the governor’s mansion waiting their turn.

At least, that’s what must be going on, based on the overactive rumor mill coming out of Albany.

Maybe he’ll quit, maybe he’ll quit the race. Maybe he won’t. Maybe the Times will ever publish this story about Paterson spitting on infants and taunting puppies.

Maybe any of this matters with respect to better government and running the state in a balanced way, always striving for excellence. It’d sure be handy for candidate Cuomo, wouldn’t it? Hm.

The only thing more dysfunctional than our state government is our collection of inept local governments and business-promotion entities. And people wonder why we stagnate.

Syaed Ali

10 Jan

At least two people sent me this article from Artvoice, detailing the very disturbing case of one Syaed Ali. Back in November – right after election day – Mr. Ali was served with a search warrant, had many of his personal belongings taken by the police, was alternately told that he was, then wasn’t, charged with a crime, and was threatened with criminal charges if he lawyered up or went to the media.

Mr. Ali has now done both, and there are massive question marks surrounding the propriety and legality of the search warrant executed against him, and although he has not yet been charged with any crime, his property has not yet been returned to him.

Why is the city going ballistic against a young Democratic activist like Ali?

It’s alleged that he was the author of a series of pre-election-day emails sent from anonymous Gmail accounts under the name of a fictitious group called “WNY First” and “Buffalo First”.

Those emails, which were so defamatory that I was loath to even refer to them here, threatened to release video of Mayor Brown in a scandalous situation. These were sent to every media outlet in town, including WNYMedia.net and me, and they were hilarious not just in terms of the outrageous allegations being made, but also in the eagerness with which local media – most notably Channel 7 News – wanted those tapes OMG RIGHT NOW! The author of the emails had a habit of replying to individual news outlets’ requests by hitting “reply to all”. I alluded to it once or twice on the site.

In the end, no tapes were produced, and the whole thing was a small-time exercise in libel and breathless anticipation. I doubt whether any of it was criminal, and at this point it seems to me as if the city and police are just screwing with this guy to get back at him. I don’t quite understand why they’d go all Dick Cheney on him rather than just charge him with a crime or bring a civil action.