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Moral Authority Squandered

3 Mar

One of the most insidious hangovers of the Iraq war debacle is that the United States has now lost any moral or legal authority it previously had to criticize other countries’ unjustified military aggression. Even worse, all we have to show for it is Bosnia-in-the-desert and thousands of lives lost and harmed. 

As the latest in an eternal line of brutal Russian mafia dons prepares to destroy Ukraine, the only thing the US can do is shut down the Russian oligarchy’s access to its money, and urge other countries to do the same. Good luck getting the Swiss to play ball. 

Luck, Illustrated

20 Dec

The moral of this video is, if you’re on a snowy 2-lane highway in Russia, make sure you have decent clearance before passing a truck. (HT Jalopnik)

Little Diomede Island

1 Oct


True. It can be seen from Little Diomede, which I mentioned here. (I’m a total geek when it comes to strange international frontiers. Baarle, anyone?)

CNN decided to go to Little Diomede:


Also, please note – Sarah Palin hasn’t been to Little Diomede, but ex-Python Michael Palin? He’s been there.

1 Picture = 1k Words

25 Sep


25 Sep


Sarah Palin keeps an eye on Vladimir Putin?

When Russian aircraft come into US airspace, the jets that are scrambled to intercept come from Alaska? She has nothing to do with it.

Alaska borders Canada? She’s defending those points as being evidence of her foreign policy experience? No wonder McCain wants to push tomorrow’s debate off to October 2nd and push the Veep debate off to an undisclosed location at an indeterminate time.

Palin’s star is fading as fast as she can speak, and the “suspension” of the campaign, (which involves ads running throughout the country, McCain surrogates bashing Obama on TV, Palin posing at Ground Zero) is almost universally mocked as a gimmick and a joke. This rabbit McCain pulled out of his hat was a dud. McCain is running out of time, and out of rabbits.

Russia: Same as it Ever Was

3 Jun

Russia’s 17-year experiment in democracy has apparently come to an ignoble end. In the meantime, former President and current PM Vladimir Putin is gearing up for a reunion of Belarus (which has been run by a dictatorial communist madman since independence) and Russia, with him at the helm.

80s nostalgia – didn’t that come and go already?

Russian Elections

5 Mar

Some voters had fun with their paper ballots, via English Russia.