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Racist Assault at a Cheektowaga Dollar General (Update)

4 Jun

Do you know this woman? 

She’s got some interesting views on race. Put another way, this is on the front page of Reddit as of Wednesday morning. 

My favorite part is when she’s on the phone (depicted above) with, ostensibly, her husband and rhetorically asks, (around 2:30) “oh, he knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for? “

This woman is not only allowed to walk the streets of Cheektowaga, she’s got two kids in front of whom she’s yelling “ni**er” at a Black man whose only offense was to start his car when her boy was nearby, apparently startling him. 

Maybe we can set aside the facile Buffalo exceptionalism for a moment and revisit the idea that our people are no better or worse, necessarily, than those anywhere else in the United States. Perhaps instead of “everything is awesome”, we can use incidents such as these to identify and treat a racist cancer plaguing a place that has acute resentments borne out of ignorance and economic hardship. 

This woman is a symptom of a much larger problem that our #Buffalove tends too often to brush aside. 

UPDATE: She called in to WBLK to defend herself. We learn: 

1. Her name is “Janelle Ambrosia”; 

2. She’s having a very bad day; 

3. The man who took the video “almost hit” her kid with his car, but did not hit anyone with anything; 

4. The man who took the video allegedly called her a “crackhead cracker”; 

5. She thinks that someone shouldn’t be able to post videos – “ex-specially” of her kids – on YouTube; and

6. She is unapologetic – “what am I supposed to do? Apologize?” 


RIP Tom Borrelli

20 Nov

The Buffalo News sports writer has been in ICU since November 8th, when he fell down a set of metal stairs leading from the press box at All High Stadium, which is owned & operated by the Buffalo city schools. According to the News, he was going up the stairs when he struck his head on a steel girder and fell backwards down the dozen or so steps. He died earlier this morning from complications from his injuries.

The accident had left him paralyzed from the neck down, and he had been breathing with the assistance of a respirator since the fall. My heartfelt condolences to his family, and to the News, which has suffered more than its share of personal tragedy this year after the loss of John Bonfatti earlier this year.


13 Jun

Buffalo’s own Tim Russert died today from an apparent heart attack while at work at the NBC bureau in Washington.

Update: Tim Russert wasn’t just a well-respected journalist and debate moderator. He didn’t just host the Sunday political talk show of record. He wasn’t just that guy who would be up all night during an election and then show up on the Today Show at 0-dark-hundred. He was a devoted father, son, husband, and a son of Buffalo who never forgot his roots, and was a tireless booster for his hometown. It’s safe to say he was the best-known and most vocal Buffalonian in America.


His loss is tragic, too early, and shocking.

As I recommended yesterday afternoon on Twitter:

After all, he introduced Buffalo to much of the country. Why not name our gateway after him?