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Chris Collins: Disabled? (Redux)

3 Nov

Hopefully, you remember this post from July, which showed Chris Collins’s vehicle parked at a high school in Akron in a spot reserved for handicapped drivers. This was right before the Akron July 4th parade.

We have better images now – images showing Collins parking his car, exiting his car, and the fact that there were other, legal spots available.

This is scumbaggery at its most acute.

Here, Chris Collins is seen parking in a handicapped spot (Click to enlarge)

Here, Chris Collins exits his illegally parked vehicle. He seems able-bodied. Click to enlarge.

Here, Chris Collins bends down to check something on his illegally parked car. He seems able-bodied. Legal spots are visible. Click to enlarge.

Chris Collins walks from his illegally parked vehicle to join the Akron July 4th Parade. He seems able-bodied. Legal spots are visible. Click to enlarge. What a douche.

Mark Poloncarz’s campaign released this statement:

In keeping with his record of arrogance and disregard for the rules, Chris Collins presumably reached a new low in conduct recently when he parked his car in a handicapped parking spot at a local high school prior to a summer parade. The attached security photos clearly show Collins pulling into a spot in his car, easily identifiable by the “CE 3” license plate, after which Collins and his wife exit and walk to the parade staging area.* Collins parked in the handicapped spot despite the availability of legal parking at the event; some of that parking was even closer to the staging area.

“This is just another example of Chris Collins following his own set of rules and disregarding the laws that the rest of us live by,” said Peter Anderson, spokesman for the Poloncarz campaign. “This is blatant disrespect at its most despicable level. Collins should issue a public apology for his reprehensible behavior.”

Collins’ blatant flaunting of the law continued with an incident on October 7, reported in Artvoice, showing him once again parking illegally, this time in front of Ulrich’s Restaurant in Buffalo.**

“Chris Collins does not have a handicapped parking permit, nor does he have the courage to stand up and tell voters why he did this,” Anderson continued. “This is just another example of Chris Collins’ public pattern of disrespect. Voters are fed up with his arrogance and rule-breaking.”