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How Much Espada Costs

20 Aug

$350,000.  Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, per year, added to the state payroll in raises and new hires.  That was, in essence, what state senate Democrats paid him to bring him back into their caucus.

It was exactly $350,000 too much money.  We shouldn’t have wanted him, we shouldn’t have paid him off, and we shouldn’t have entertained him in any way.  We should have completely severed all ties with him.  This, more than the coup itself, is the big failure of the senate Democrats.

A former employee of Espada’s Soundview health clinic is a special assistant making about $37,000.  That guy’s mom, incidentally, pled guilty to charges that she directed state funds to Espada’s campaign chest in 2004.  Two other former Soundview employees are earning $60,000, $35,000, and $80,000. Buffalo’s own Steve Pigeon will be earning $150,410 as Espada’s “chief counsel”.

The big problem I have here with this scumbag stimulus is that Senate Democrats could have been just fine with the adjectives “feckless”, “dysfunctional”, and “tone-deaf” to describe them.  By enabling this corruption, they themselves are corrupt.