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David DiPietro: “Barack Obama is a Muslim” #SD59 #NYS

16 Oct
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

David DiPietro really thinks Obama is a foreign Muslim agent

Tea Party candidate for State Senate (SD-59) David DiPietro was contacted yesterday about his emails to Carl Paladino by the Buffalo News’ Sandra Tan, and had this to say:

“Barack Obama is a Muslim,” said DiPietro, former East Aurora mayor. “I don’t like the president. I think he’s a Muslim. I think he’s a foreigner to our nation. I oppose every principle he stands for.”

Like his former political ally, Carl Paladino, he later “backtracked” from his outspoken, false “political incorrectness”.

He later said he spoke in the heat of the moment and apologized if he sounded offensive.

“He says he’s a Christian,” DiPietro said, referring to Obama. “Until that’s proven otherwise, I’ll take him at his word. I’m not going to question anyone’s religion. Your faith is your faith. I don’t question anyone’s faith. I just would like honesty with all his policies.”

What an intellectually dishonest little jerk.

If he has any hesitation about Obama’s legitimacy as a U. S. citizen, he noted that court cases have surfaced questioning Obama’s place of birth.

More than a dozen lawsuits have been filed since 2008 contesting Obama legitimacy as president, demanding the release of his original birth certificate even though he has provided a certified copy. Many of these lawsuits have subsequently been dismissed, but some are still on appeal in various states.

Obama, whose father was Muslim and mother was Christian, joined Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago two decades ago. He has attended church as president and continues to publicly profess Christian beliefs.

Assertions that he is secretly Muslim continue to persist, though major U. S. news organizations have tossed that perception as unfounded.

Birtherism: it’s “politically incorrect”, which appeals to clumsy teabaggers, and it’s factually incorrect, which also appeals to clumsy teabaggers.