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Schumer & Gillbrand at the 2010 NYS Democratic Convention

26 May

Some highlights:


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Gail Goode Introduces Herself

26 May

In what passes for controversy and intrigue at this year’s state Democratic Convention, a new candidate emerged, in an effort to primary Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Attorney Gail Goode wrote the letter seen in this post, and delivered it to the press and the nominating committee, asking that committee to place her name on the ballot.

If Goode was successful, it would mean that both US Senators would likely be downstate lawyers with a decidedly City-centric focus. In her lit, Goode touts her toughness as an attorney defending tort actions brought against New York City, and her earlier work with the city’s Transit Authority.

It appears that she attempts to distinguish herself from Gillibrand by stating that she has “consistently supported progressive social issues her entire life…[and] has never wavered in her support of equal marriage or of legislation to stem the tide of illegal guns into our state…”

In other words, “I’m not that Northern woman“.


26 May
Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator from...
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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

New York’s newest, most junior, appointed Senator is making her bones among the downstate, more liberal wing of the party.  Senator Gillibrand struck a similar theme to what Schumer had said just a few minutes earlier, but she was significantly less long-winded about it.

She stated that the government shouldn’t “balance the budget on the backs of single mothers”.  While the Republicans fought to ensure that credit card companies had an easy way to do business, the Democrats fought for consumer protections.  The Republicans talk tough, but their policies send $1bn per day to foreign countries for our energy needs.

“If we can beat Russia to the moon, we can beat China…” to green jobs and renewable sources of energy.

Senator Gillibrand went on to back up her pro-choice bona fides, call for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and that she will fight not for the powerful, but to ensure “prosperity for all”.

One got the sense, as compared with the reception given to Schumer, that the party faithful aren’t as familiar with Gillibrand as they perhaps ought to be, or would like to be.  She was nominated by downstate names like Reggie LaFayette, the Westchester County party chair, and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Video to come.

The Theme: Established

26 May

So, these signs are plastered all throughout the Rye Town Hilton, as well as those for Gillibrand and Schumer, who hosted a breakfast this morning for delegates and “special guests”.  And “extra super special guests”.

Given that people like Sheldon Silver and John Sampson are scheduled to speak, it seems like an interesting, if not somewhat ironic, theme to strike.  I would assume that it was concocted in conjunction with the Cuomo campaign, which has indeed struck a particularly strong reformist theme, right down to the 224 page book of Andrew’s Wonkery.®

The whole thing is supposed to be gaveled into order in about 15 minutes, so I’ll try to get a spot on the floor and check in later with “news.”

Hey, What’s Up?

7 May

Hung Parliament

After a grueling, days-long campaign that managed to do in a few weeks what takes America a few years, the United Kingdom held a general election yesterday. According to the BBC as of this morning, Labour had lost 87 seats in Parliament whilst the Tories have gained 92. The Lib Dems have lost 5 seats. The end result is a hung Parliament – 326 seats are needed for an outright majority, enabling a party to form a government. If Labour or the Tories are able to convince the Lib Dems to join a coalition, the majority will be there.

And lest anyone think that the Tory victory is some sort of anti-socialist, anti-seekritmuslimkenyan Obama backlash, the Conservative manifesto is here, and maybe you read it and whatnot.

Obama to Buffalo

President Barack Obama will be in Buffalo next Thursday as part of his “White House to Main Street” listening tour. He’ll be here to discuss the economy and jobs – issues far yet dear to the Buffalonian heart. His visit was arranged at the urging of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and the agenda hasn’t yet been solidified. George W. Bush came to Buffalo in 2004 to tout the Patriot Act, and Bill Clinton came to town in 1999, because this was friendly territory for an embattled, impeached President. One hopes it amounts to more than just a few photo opportunities. The thing is, the federal government didn’t economically devastate Buffalo, but it can help to shock it back to life.

Rentboy enters the Lexicon

One day you’re one of the most virulent homophobes in Christendom, the next day you’re caught hiring out a rentboy to provide you with a massage called the “longstroke” on your 2-week European vacation.

As an aside, thanks to George Rekers, the term “rentboy” has now entered mainstream American English.

Also, he claims that he was just ministering to his young traveling companion. His rentboy, “Lucien”, begs to differ, and has independent corroboration to prove it.


When a typographical error can cause a market panic, the market’s broken and the way the big boys play the market isn’t transparent, and could ruin the economy.

Deep Thoughts

The Republicans really, really dislike the way that Democrats have ruined New York State and whatnot (ignoring their own culpable conduct, pretending that everything went to shit after Pataki left). Why don’t they instead tap into the palpable anger that Paladino is clumsily exploiting, and propose real, genuine reforms rather than playing partisan games?

Conservatives really, really hate the interference of the federal government. Then BP’s oil platform explodes and leaks in the Gulf, and suddenly they beg for the interference of the federal government to clean it all up. Privatize the profit, socialize the risk. It’s the (new) American way!

The Greek financial crisis is clearly the fault of Barack Obamadopolous.

Also and Maybe

7 Mar

From Bob McCarthy’s column today:

• And speaking of [Harold] Ford’s withdrawal, the Tennessean has learned the same lesson as Rep. Steve Israel and others contemplating a challenge to Gillibrand — the Democratic powers-that-be said “no.”

I thought he learned the lesson that, “if you’re going to run for statewide office, it helps that you can say the campaign trail isn’t the very first time you’ve left the island of Manhattan since moving to New York a couple of years ago. Also, it helps if you’ve established your domicile in the state and paid state income taxes. Also, it helps if you’re not spouting nonsense and have an actual platform on which to run apart from, ‘I’m not that Northern woman from the sticks.’ Also, he probably learned that all of his anti-abortion talk from long ago to reassure his southern constituency doesn’t play quite as well in New York, where even a lot of Republicans are pro-choice.”

Or something.

Harold Ford Skulks Back to Wall Street

1 Mar

Former Congressman from Tennessee and current multimillionaire Wall Streeter who flits around New York State Harold Ford will not be running against Kirsten Gillibrand for the US Senate.

Duh. I mean, the guy couldn’t have possibly been serious.

The Gillibrand Seat

11 Feb

Before some witty Republican reminds us all that it’s really the “people’s seat”, I pre-emptively reply, “no shit, Sherlock”.

Can any Democrat around here name for me something – anything – that would render Kirsten Gillibrand unworthy of re-election?  I know that a lot of exquisitely wealthy Caroline Kennedy types may be butthurt over the way in which Gillibrand’s ascension took place, but she’s a solidly progressive Democrat who may not be as media savvy (read: camera whorish) as Chuck Schumer, but comes from an upstate background and arguably has a better understanding of – and experience with – upstate issues.

Maybe that’s why Manhattan hates her.

The whole replace Gillibrand meme I simply don’t understand, and I’ve yet to hear a solid reason for it.

Official photo of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (...

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Which brings us to former Tennessee congressman Harold Ford, who has now made his second foray up to Buffalo.  Today, he had lunch with such Buffalo luminaries as Mayor Byron Brown and Common Council Members Joe Golombek, Bonnie Russell, and Demone Smith.  As the operatives and media types shuffled about a very crowded Chef’s, something inexplicable was going on.

What’s up with the courtship of Harold?  Why did Brown and Collins deny having met Gillibrand?  What’s Brown’s problem with Gillibrand?  What does Harold Ford have to offer New York?  Upstate?  WNY? Buffalo? What does he offer that Gillibrand doesn’t provide?  Would he somehow do something – anything – differently from Gillibrand?  If so, what?

And at the literal end of the day – what possible good can come to Harold Ford by meeting with Steve Pigeon?  Why would he even raise the appearance of alignment with Espada’s counsel, the guy who essentially decimated any reformist bona fides that Responsible New York may have ever had?

I’m not understanding this dance, and I suspect very strongly that there is some connection between courting Harold Ford and helping Andrew Cuomo.

Got a theory? Let me know.

Collins & Brown never met Gillibrand?

1 Feb

Why would Chris Collins and Byron Brown suddenly come out on the same day, in the same article, and claim – incorrectly – that they had never met (with, in their office with) Kirsten Gillibrand? Why would they do so just a week or so after Harold Ford made his little visit parachuting the hell in and out of Buffalo on a Sunday?



It's a Ford

13 Jan

Courtesy Marquil at EmpireWire