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About that Facebook Lawsuit

13 Oct

Paul Ceglia might be playing games with the lawyers and judge as far as discovery is concerned, but I’m hearing from multiple sources that he has effectively sold shares in his lawsuit to various people who were willing to “invest” in his litigation and “own” a piece of his supposedly anticipated judgment or settlement recovery.

It also helps a reputed grifter fund a very costly hail Mary of a litigation.

Apparently, that’s not illegal, or a violation of a lawyer’s ethical rules. I think it’s unfortunate when the direction of a lawsuit is directed by someone who is neither a party nor his attorney. It may also explain why this apparent disaster of a case is still kicking.


Commenting in 2011

18 Jul

Margaret Sullivan is right; the Buffalo News comment section has become more civilized. ¬†Making people own their commentary is a good idea, and we’ve been having a lot of discussions lately about the way in which we allow comments, and whether they add much value anymore. Furthermore, much of the commentary takes place on Twitter or Facebook, post-sharing on those platforms. It was on Twitter, for instance, that someone validated my point that noise from the skyway is a non-issue at the Inner Harbor. ¬†Going forward, the commenting system is going to have to change to reflect contemporary realities and capabilities, rather than further relying on decade-old technology with Gravatars.