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Openly Supporting A Latter-Day Himmler

28 May

Ratko Mladic was a butcher in the tradition of Pol Pot and Himmler. The random rape and murder of women and children. The separation of civilians for random extermination based solely on their ethnicity or religion.  If you haven’t read about the Srebrenica massacre and how closely it follows what happened on a much bigger scale to Jews during the Holocaust, or “enemies of the state” under the Khmer Rouge, you should. It is a particularly dark event dreamed up by exquisitely ruthless and vicious people in support of a Nationalist-Socialist regime.

But Ratko Mladic has his fans in Fox News viewers.

So, there’s that.

As to the name Mladic used while in hiding, Serbia’s Blic suggests this:

Here is how it is believed that Mladic has made a game of letters:

  • 1. Mladic used the false name of Milorad Komadic
  • 2, If the first four letters are crossed out we get Rad Komadic
  • 3. When the shift is made between letters O and M we get Radko Madic
  • what is very similar to Mladic’s real name.

That was probably acceptable to him because in this way he kept a part of his real identity, his ego that he is so well known for.