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Liberal Elites and Governor 2010

14 Apr

Shock! Horror! Jim Heaney exposes the WNYMedia.net liberal media elite.

For exposing Paladino’s proclivity for racist, misogynist humor with a side of horsefucking, candidates clumsily accuse us of being partisan hacks – part of a media elite. They throw around speculation about who gave us the information, as if that was even remotely relevant at this point.

But we never wrote that Paladino was a racist. Did we? No. We posted what we correctly described as racist emails. We left it up to the reader to extrapolate from that whether Carl is racist or not.

Do you think we’re sitting here with secret information about Andrew Cuomo’s imminent gubernatorial run, ready and willing to post nothing but happy-time posts about him and his prospective candidacy? We’re not. And an informal poll of the three of us who generally run the site reveals that none of us are particularly enthusiastic about any of the gubernatorial choices that have been revealed so far, and that includes Roger Stone’s ex-madam candidate.

I’m not enthusiastic about Andrew Cuomo running for governor because I don’t see him as being as strong an advocate for fundamental and structural change that the state needs so desperately. I don’t know enough about Steve Levy to have an opinion about it. Rick Lazio has made a unicameral legislature part of his campaign platform, so quite frankly I’m leaning towards supporting him at this point – but only as the lesser of three (or four) evils.

Because promising across-the-board tax cuts or spending cuts, plus firing x% of state workers isn’t a solution. It’s happy-talk that wouldn’t even approach bridging a $9 billion budget gap. I can get behind Carl when he proposes reducing the Medicaid program to what California offers, but when he rails against a welfare system that hasn’t existed in over a decade, that’s simply ridiculous.

I can get much more behind this. And Lazio hasn’t been in office for a decade. I don’t see him as beholden to entrenched interests who control Albany.

It’s hard to be a credible politician who will buck the status quo and make unpopular decisions. Of the people running for governor, who can do both?

Is it too late to draft Tom Suozzi?

PolitiFAIL Final Four, Byron Brown vs. Dale Volker

31 Mar

Byron Brown’s failure stems from his promise.

In 2005, so many people had so much hope that this young, energetic, bright son of Montserratian immigrants could yank this city out of years and years of status quo cronyism.  He would implement new technology to help track city work and ensure that it was done more efficiently, saving money.  He would employ the best and brightest.  A new mayor for a new Buffalo.

Astonishingly, unnecessarily, his first term was marred by mediocrity, pettiness, and inaction.  Yes, good things have happened in town, but many of them thanks to the state or federal government.  Everyone wants to like the Mayor, and everyone really roots for him to succeed – to rise above the political power plays he engages in with his enemies, real and perceived.

Time after time, he and his cronies disappoint us.  Time after time, the political games distract us from real problems, harming our ability to find real solutions to them.

Yet after a first term of mediocrity, he wasn’t just re-elected, he was re-elected overwhelmingly.  In landslides.  A rout or two, in fact.

Byron Brown has the political capital to be a real agent for positive change in this city.  He has the unique ability to appeal to all city residents and bring them all together for the greater good.

The moment he decides to do that, we’ll let you know.

And then there’s Dale.  An Archie Bunker type who was heard this week on the radio bitching and moaning about the “downstate people”.

Dale, here’s a clue:  we’re not stupid.  We know that when you berate and blame “downstate people”, you’re talking about New York City Jews and minorities.  You might as well just man up and admit it; just call it what it is.

And this divisive, ignorant little toad, he of massive ego and sense of entitlement, continues to get re-elected thanks more to sharp elbows than merit.  Unlike Byron Brown, no one expects – or gets – great things from Dale Volker.  He is not a transformative figure.  He is not a guy who appeals to anybody except the beneficiaries of his member item largesse, and angry, threatened octogenarians.

So, with Dale we expect devastating mediocrity, and get exactly that.  For 40 bloody years.  Volker costs the taxpayers over a million dollars per year to do absolutely nothing.  Seriously, name one thing Dale Volker does that can’t be done some other way by some other government actor.  You can’t.  I can’t.   At least the Mayor goes out there and promotes Buffalo.

Dale Volker goes out there and promotes the antediluvian status quo.  There isn’t a new idea about anything rattling around in that empty head, nor has there been in two generations.

So, which is more insidious – great promise wasted, or 40 years’ worth of a D-minus?


Pedro Espada Under Investigation. Some More.

2 Nov

The hiring of Pedro Espada’s son as assistant to the regional manager the state senat’s deputy director for intergovernmental relations – a $120,000 job – has prompted an ethics investigation because of anti-nepotism rules.

Remember that Espada and Monserrate are strongly supported by Tom Golisano’s Responsible New York, proving that it clearly isn’t.