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3 Jan

1. I alternated between WBEN 930-AM, the Buffalo news station, and a Torontonian station, 680 News (CFTR) Friday morning. WBEN did the list of closings, traffic & weather, news, and featured several interviews with people who work outside, commenting on what it’s like to work outside (breaking – it’s cold when it’s cold, and hot when it’s hot). 680 went through its repetitive pattern of news, weather, traffic, sports, business news, and commuter issues. There was no talk of school or business closings. Just typical big-city news. It was a fascinating comparison. 

2. Cold feet? The warmest socks I ever owned were marketed in the US as “Swiss Army socks”. They aren’t anymore, but you can buy them online from the Swiss manufacturer, Rohner. The original is CHF 28 (about $32), and shipping is a flat $10.60 for orders under $160. I am still looking for an American retailer who carries them, but they’re worth every penny, IMHO. 

3. Even with very low temperatures, somewhere in Buffalo there will be a guy walking around today in shorts and boots. 

4. I coined a new word yesterday wholly by accident – “sloppery”. It is a portmanteau of “sloppy” and “slippery” and described the super-fine powder causing people with crap tires to slide around the roads Thursday and Friday. 

5. Speaking of which, get yourself some snow tires

6. My predictions for 2014 are contained in this article for the print edition of Artvoice

7. Trina Tardone and Emily Trimper, come on down! You’re the next contestants on, How Creepily Did Dennis Gabryszak Sexually Harass You?! (That makes 6 accusers. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire; but where there’s a blazing inferno, shit’s going down.)

7. Nickel City Chef 2014 tickets go on sale today. They may already be sold out. 


Cleansing Breath

15 Jun

Some of you have noticed that I’ve been rather testy of late in my occasional forays into the comments section of this site. You’d be right. It seems as if there’s some sort of perfect storm of dumb that has generally befallen that particular section, with seemingly smart people arguing silly things in silly ways that are oftentimes far beside the point of the original post.

Today’s Iran post is a gleaming example of how a comment thread can be constructive and informative. With the glaring exception of the fundamentalist zealot attention whores that pass for the local libertarians. Seriously, they’re the People’s Front of Judea without the humorous subtext.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to change anything or ban anyone else, but you have to understand that this site cannot possibly be everything you want it to be or everything you even expect it to be. It’s not everything I want it to be, either, but I’ve long ago come to terms with that fact.

If I don’t post something that you think is important, instead of accusatory comments about how callous I am, how about you send me an email, and I’ll let you do a guest post about it? Maybe I don’t care. Maybe I missed it. But I’m willing to let people do guest posts about stuff they think is important.

I also want to plug the new WNYMedia.net blog written by a Buffalo Repat named Brian Castner. He’s a Republican but he’s pretty moderate and not at all wingnutty, which makes him quite a rarity. He started his blog because he felt there were oftentimes things that he wanted to comment on that neither Chris nor I wrote about.

In the news today, State Senator Hiram Monserrate (D-Central Booking) decided he was still going to vote with the Espada gang, but he was going to return to the Democratic conference. So, there’s technically a 31-31 split in the State Senate. Inexplicably, the Democrats did not tell Monserrate to go to hell, nor slash his face with a broken wine glass requiring 25 stitches. In other words, to answer dumb questions like this asked by people who haven’t paid much attention, I wish for Monserrate to continue to conference with the Republican “coalition”.

Now, we have a 31-31 split, a State Senate debating in State Supreme Court instead of Senate Chambers, no quorum, and no people’s business being done. I live and pay taxes in New York. FML.

And, by way of comic relief, here’s how I imagine a meeting of Free NY would go:


I Can Haz Friday Post? Kthxbai

4 Apr

Jeff Jarvis ponders a Wal*Mart that adopts Google’s simple “Don’t Be Evil” credo.

Bill Clinton has been whining about Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama. Get over it, Bill.

Mugabe suggests he’ll quit if he and his top aides aren’t prosecuted. Since he’s lost the election for President, and ZANU-PF have lost their parliamentary majority, seems to me he’s in no position to make demands. The MDC could, of course, call a general strike, but given the shambolic economy, no one would know the difference.

Sokwanele has a post up about the “beginnings” of a Mugabe crackdown, including the arrest of two American journalists for practicing journalism “without a license”.

What a difference a year makes.

In Moscow, they have Porsche Cayenne and Maybachs as taxi cabs.

Joe Golombek suggests that city council elections be nonpartisan.

Germany’s rail system may indeed be the envy of the world, but unfortunately our passenger rail system – particularly upstate – is all but nonexistent. High speed rail to Toronto & Montreal, and to upstate cities and Boston and New York would be great indeed. My idea the other day would be like this:

A low-cost carrier such as EasyJet or RyanAir buys a couple of Airbus A380s and runs low-fare runs from Europe to North America. One of their destinations would be Toronto-Niagara (Niagara Falls International) – the runway accommodates the gargantuan A380. They would go on to build a high-speed rail link to that airport from the arkets it intends to serve. Given the high taxes and cost for flights from Toronto-Pearson, it would be huge for Ontarians and Western New Yorkers.

Wanna buy in to a Vespa / scooter dealership in Buffalo? Get $50k and call this guy.

And if you’re just bored, try the Failblog and the latest LOLcats.