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Horace the Horse’s Competition

20 Aug

Curtis Sliwa: Performance Artist

27 May

Radio talk show host and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa made an unscheduled appearance at the Democratic state convention in Rye Brook today. ┬áDressed in regal garb complete with crown, Sliwa, referring to himself as “King Cuomo II” issued a press release entitled, “A second Cuomo, second thoughts: I fell for Mario — and I won’t be fooled again”.

Sliwa was escorted from the premises. ┬áVideo to follow, but here is some I shot for WNYMedia.net’s Ustream channel:


Deep Thought

26 Feb

Some people think it’s clever to hold a “tea party” to protest the stimulus package. But the original Boston Tea Party was all about taxation without representation.

Last I checked, Congress = “representation”.

The whole thing is fundamentally idiotic.