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Deep Thought: Lists

11 Feb

Forbes’ addition of Buffalo to a list of “most miserable cities” is as pointless, useless, and irrelevant as any other list Buffalo ever got added to. Especially the lists that people mindlessly stuff the ballot box for.

Buffalonians know why it’s nice to live here. The outside world thinks – and will for the foreseeable future continue to think – of Buffalo as a rusty, Gertrude Steinian nowhere. I picked up a kids’ board book about New York at B&N the other day, and Buffalo was depicted as a rusty factory icon, and had no entry. Niagara Falls was the only significant entry for WNY.

The weather here is not significantly different from the weather in any other northern city – Stockholm, St Petersburg, Toronto, Minneapolis, Montreal, Winnipeg, Oslo, Helsinki. We whine about it and get made fun of about our weather, but instead of embracing the one thing we’re known for, we say we’re sunnier than Orlando. Screw that. We’re also snowier than Orlando. There are ways to market that and ways to capitalize on that, but instead we go on and on about things like “sense of place”, to middling effect.

Stupid Story of the Day

6 Feb

If apparently mentally ill women want to implant 6 embryos in their wombs, and they can find a doctor willing to do it, who are we to really give a crap?

Implant 50 of ’em, and let her have centuplets. As long as they’re not all wards of the state, it doesn’t affect me in the least.

Stupid Story of the Day

5 Feb

There is a “controversy” over naming the Buffalo Zoo’s baby giraffe “Malia” in honor of one of the First Daughters. Evidently, it is “offensive” to name a zoo animal in honor of a living person. That must be why a local law firm bought the naming rights to some lions.

One of Malia’s fellow giraffes at the Buffalo Zoo is named “Clint” after Eastwood, and another is named “Goldie” after Hawn.

And no, this is not akin to Ty naming dolls after the First Daughters for profit. In case you were wondering.

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