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2 Feb

Yesterday morning, the story broke that a very mean meanie of a man-child who plays catch for a living deigned to say something critical of our fair burgh. As usually happens in these situations (e.g., hockey players who quite correctly criticize how dead our downtown is after business hours), our local media and commentariat freak the hell out, defending to the death the mistaken notion that Buffalo is a world-class city.

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Seeing that Channel 2 and 4 were turning this into the top story, I started the #BradyonBuffalo meme.

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The purpose of it – and most people got it – was not to mock Brady, but to mock our community sensitivity and over-reaction to what a Tom Brady thinks of Buffalo. Here’s a multi-millionaire superstar about to play in his fifth Super Bowl. He’s won three of them already. He lives in a world-class city – a Boston that just thirty years ago was a parochially-minded, predominately Catholic, faded and crumbling city with a shrinking tax base and a massive inferiority complex. Today, Boston is a world-class city, and Buffalo isn’t. It’s a simple fact that we should just accept.

Take, for instance, how Channel 4 reported on Wednesday’s meme:

Brady’s comments started a flurry of conversation on Twitter, with Buffalo Twitter users using the hashtag #BradyonBuffalo to mock Brady’s comments.

No, we used it to mock Buffalonians’ oversensitivity to outsiders’ criticism of our region. We used it to poke fun at the predictable top-story treatment this would get in all local media, complete with angry reactions from tourism officials and political figures.

You know what? With three exceptions – the Mansion at Delaware, the Hampton Inn on Chippewa, and the Embassy Suites at the Avant, Buffalo hotels are pretty crappy. I mean, have you set foot in the last Adams Mark on Earth yet? Leave it to a concrete eyesore in Buffalo to cling to a dead chain’s trademark. Tim Graham in the Buffalo News is, so far, the only local mainstream media type to get it exactly right, pointing out the small number of local hotels that can accommodate a football team (hint: the Mansion isn’t one of them).

Here are some of my favorites. Stop being such a whiny crybaby, Buffalo. Suck it up.

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Last Night on CBS

8 Feb

The Superbowl was surprisingly exciting last night, although most of the ads were sort of lame and formulaic. Look elsewhere for analysis of the game. Although the very existence of a sports commentating and analysis industry proves that I’m wrong, as far as I know, it was just a football game. Yay Saints.

As for the ads, oh, look – a sexually suggestive Go Daddy Ad. The Google ad was touching, yes – but it actually showed someone using Google as a person might actually use Google, and it’s a product we’re as familiar with as we are with Coke. Speaking of Coke, I didn’t get why a sleepwalking guy camping out in the Serengeti might need caffeine in the middle of the night, and the Simpsons haven’t been really watercooler-funny in a decade. The Doritos ads were clever, as was the Snickers ad with Betty White and Abe Vigoda. Audi had a cute ad for the A3 TDI poking fun at environmental “green police” while an eponymous song parody of Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police” was playing.

But right afterwards, CBS premiered a show called “Undercover Boss”. I watched as the COO of Waste Management sorted recycling in Syracuse, cleaned portable toilets in Florida, picked up trash on a landfill, shadowed an overworked office manager in Fairport, and rode along collecting trash in Rochester. He was impressed by the dedication of his front-line employees, who didn’t know the boss of bosses was riding along with them. He also got to see his “productivity” initiatives put into action, and the reality didn’t match the theory.

And in the end, when he revealed himself, he pledged changes so, for instance, the female garbage truck driver doesn’t have to pee in a coffee can so as to stay on her route and meet her productivity target, and the woman in Syracuse wouldn’t get docked two minutes’ pay for every minute she was late clocking back in after lunch.

But in a world where big businesses like Waste Management pay more attention to the bottom line and the investor class than in their own employees, it was fascinating to watch – made even more so by the fact that almost all the jobs highlighted are filthy blue-collar jobs that are back-breaking and unglamorous. It was dramatic when this executive saw that his company relies on its customers and front-line employees more than it relies on middle management or some day trader. It highlighted the dignity inherent even in the least desirable work.

What a concept. I loved the show.

Super Bowl XLIII

2 Feb

I generally neither care nor comment about football, especially if it doesn’t involve the Buffalo Bills. Last night’s Super Bowl, however, even got me excited. My only problem was that I wasn’t really rooting for any team.

The ads? None really stand out for me. The Star Trek movie looks good, as does whatever movie they’re selling with the 3D glasses. There was nothing there though that seemed to me to be somewhat iconic.

So, the game trumped the ads for me, and that could very well be a first. Here are a couple I liked:




Jason Statham + Cars = Win