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Sandwiches vs. Lollipops

5 Feb

Remember how one local website published all those lurid emails that Assemblyman Sam Hoyt sent to his paramour?

Remember how some guy named Syaed Ali is talking to all and sundry about his mistreatment at the hands of the Buffalo Police and Attorney General’s office because Byron Brown accused him of sending out some nasty emails last summer?

Ever wonder what kind of stuff those emails had in them?

We never published them because they were so blatantly defamatory, even if they were so obviously false. In fact, they were so outlandish that no one in his right mind would think that the allegations contained therein were remotely true.

But now that Mr. Ali is all over teh internets, we figured it’s high time people saw the context. Why is Byron Brown so pissed off? Because of emails like these.

We redacted the names so that we can’t be sued for publishing defamatory material, even though it’s ridiculously false. My personal favorite is the supposed IM between two allegedly gay paramours, one of whom is supposed to be a top city hall official. The absolute best exchange? (Caution – funny but X-rated language ahead)… Continue reading

A Word of Advice for Syaed Ali

29 Jan

Not that I’ve met or spoken with the guy, but maybe he ought to listen to his lawyer and keep his mouth shut for even just a little minute. Seriously.