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Carl Haz a Sad

6 Dec

I aspire to someday find my name on the side of a decrepit, crumbling eyesore and embodiment of a bitter millionaire’s land speculation.

When the Paladinists aren’t recommending burning periodicals with which they disagree, their leader is busy sending out this sort of thing.

Also, this:

Without directly addressing the little put-upon millionaire’s temper tantrum (if the piece was so off the mark, why mention it, Carl?) wouldn’t it be great if a group of, say, #OccupyBuffalo protesters took a bunch of Artvoices every week and hawked them outside the perimeter of the Ellicott Square Building?

Our Government is a Panoply of Historical Figures!

24 Nov

From the teabag crowd who endorsed local candidates in the last election:

You are a government of the government, by the government, for the government. You have perverted all ideals put forth by your creators.

You are now a combination of Robin Hood, Dracula, Adolph Hitler, Attila the Hun, Marie Antoinette, and Karl Marx.

Gosh, all because the working poor and middle class should have an easier time getting health insurance, and current policyholders are to be treated more fairly.

Give thanks on Thursday that you’re not completely deluded.