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Two Campaigns, Contrasted (Where’s the Tape, Jane?)

18 May

There was a candidates’ forum held in Batavia yesterday where Kathy Hochul, Jane Corwin, and a representative from Jack Davis’ campaign answered questions about issues important to the disabled.  This wasn’t a debate, and everyone had the questions beforehand.

What was important was what happened afterwards.

As Republican million-heiress Jane Corwin rushed to her car to avoid questions from reporters about Michael Mallia, the second cameraperson, alleged to be Emily Hunter, and why the full tapes from both cameras hadn’t been released, Kathy Hochul calmly stopped to answer questions from reporters, having absolutely nothing to hide or run from.

Here’s what the Batavian’s Howard Owens wrote:

Nobody from the Erie County GOP or Jane Corwin’s camp has denied that there was a second camera operator and that she was there on behalf of the GOP.

When other reporters pressed Nick Langworthy, ECGOP chairman, on the second tape — under the assumption that it would tell the full story of what really happened during the incident — Langworthy said there was no tape because  the battery was dead.

However, the WGRZ footage shows the GOP operative is operating a camera, something no reasonable person would do if the battery was dead (Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true).

Since there must obviously be a second tape, the logical question is, where is it and why hasn’t it been released?  The most logical person to ask about it is the CEO of the Corwin Campaign, which is Jane Corwin.

Certainly, Corwin, with all of her busienss experience, understands that the buck stops with the CEO.  She’s the one who needs to explain the conduct of the people she’s chosen to surround herself with, which is something she hasn’t done yet.

The result of my attempt to ask the question of Corwin can be seen in the video posted above.

Meanwhile, after Kathy Hochul (picture below) finished speaking, rather than rushing to get into her car, she stayed for another good twenty minutes and answered every question every reporter could think to ask.

Where’s the tape, Jane?


Meanwhile, Hochul calmly answering questions from all comers:

Which candidate do you think has a better-run campaign?  Which campaign has been operating rather seriously?