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Glenn Beck Institute For Fear and Paranoia

20 Nov

Recently, Glenn Beck created a three part series giving George Soros the Jud Süß treatment. Spending hours of broadcast time to paint Soros as “The Puppet Master” of an evil cabal of liberals who intend to overthrow America. Yes, seriously.


Connecting Soros with shadowy networks, painting him as the architect of non-violent revolutions resulting in the overthrow of national leaders, the king of a mass media empire who intends to destroy America from the inside.

In six years of writing on this website, which includes over three thousand articles, I have never used any sort of reference to Nazism. I find such allusions to be overused and overwrought. Today, that streak ends.  Mr. Beck and his boss Roger Ailes seem to have an affinity for throwing around Nazi allegations and the time Beck spent this week creating a piece of work on Soros was eerily reminiscent of an old Nazi propaganda piece which painted Jews in much the same way.  Here are some choice quotes:

  • Soros seeks a world free of nationalities. It is a global replacement for our republic, for all the work our Founders did, that’s old news. We must progress past it. We must have a new world order. It is a replacement for the republic.
  • Remember, he believes America is a repressive regime. He is turning lives and countries upside down and inside out, and he loves it.  He has to feed the addiction. So, he decides to go after the biggest market yet, America.
  • The puppet master is putting on a show. We’ve been an unwitting audience.  Now, the curtains are being lifted. We’re exposing the extent of his reach.
  • If you thought $5 or $4 a gallon gas is painful, wait until Soros devalues your dollar even more. Forget driving. How about eating?
  • He will gain profit and power — and you will lose both. He’s playing god, which is fine by him because he’s an atheist.
  • So, not only does he want to bring America to her knees, financially, he wants to reap obscene profits off us as well.

Beck’s constant purposeful stupidity and his twisting of historical fact to suit his own narrative reminds me of an old proverb, “The wise understand by themselves; fools follow the reports of others”. The masses who consume this nonsense from Beck trust that this former morning zoo radio host is coming from a place of sincerity and honesty. And, damn, he knows how to sell it.   Chalkboards, puppet shows, visual graphics, accusations, shadowy associations, talk of the new world order…he’s just asking questions, don’t you know!?!?


He sells like a traveling faith healer/huckster in tent revival sessions for the American spirit. The fact that his audience laps it up is inherently troubling for our republic. Has a man of such willful ignorance who routinely engages in purposeful manipulation of fact ever had as big a soapbox as Beck does?

How does a reasonable person deal with a nutjob like Beck who has a broadcast platform that reaches millions?  Well, if you’re Keith Olbermann, you scold Mr. Beck.


Effective?  Not really.

If you’re Jon Stewart, you absolutely destroy Beck with a stomach punch parody of Beck’s propaganda piece and turn the tables on him.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Effective?  Absolutely.

I don’t fear Glenn Beck, but I do fear the millions of brainless automatons who consume his chalkboard scribblings, study his alternative version of American History at the Glenn Beck Institute and then go vote.  Jon Stewart may be an effective counter to Beck, but sanity still needs to be restored.

Take Back America Tour

8 Nov

Taking Back America With Uncommon Vim and Vigor

In 1999, Nicole Sullivan of MadTV made this brilliant sketch which presaged the Tea Party Movement by ten years.


I believe Sarah Palin saw this on a late night re-run and due to her exquisite lack of irony, thought this was serious. And SarahPAC and the Mama Grizzlies were born.

The Election Season is Dead! Long Live the Election Season!

4 Nov

The fever wave gripped the nation far tighter than New York. As we head to a Thompson-Grisanti recount and a potentially split New York Senate, Schumer, Gillibrand, Higgins, Slaughter and Cuomo all cruised to their successes. Democrats nationally faired far worse.

Chris Smith recently asked where the GOP, in full embrace with the Tea Party, was ultimately headed. He projected a possible southern, regional party of dissention first. One hesitates to read too much into a single election, but the results on Tuesday were broad and deep. In Pennsylvania, where President Obama won by 10 points in 2008, Republicans gained the Governor’s mansion, a US Senate seat, four US House reps, and took over both chambers of the state legislature. That is Pennsylvania, not Texas, North Carolina or Oklahoma. Obama’s home state of Illinois went red, and brought Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin with it. When over 60 House and 7 (8 maybe) Senate seats are gained, few regions are spared. Republicans also gained big in state legislatures, so much post-census re-districting will be gerrymandered in their favor.

“How could this happen?” ask the Democratic faithful. The answer is easy, and based upon soon-to-be Speaker Boehner’s first public statements, he understands. First, accurately interpret the message of the electorate. President Obama was elected to bring competent government, after the debacles in Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, and Katrina. Change was a Change to good government. Second, deliver on the platform you were elected on, even if it is slightly different than the one you ran on. Obama spent his political capital on healthcare, but a $2.8 Trillion budget deficit over two years does not look like progress, it looks like incompetence. Enter Tuesday Night.

So what now? Three thoughts:

Hope that Boehner and Obama learn to enjoy a martini together. It was my prediction that the worst possible scenario was a Republican House, but a Democratic Senate and White House. Each side could blame the other, shun governance, and wait it out to 2012. Now that we are there, then the best we can hope for is that Boehner and Obama develop a Reagan/O’Neill relationship, and the Senate is ignored. If Harry Reid, despite the odds, stays Majority Leader, then he should be marginalized. If Schumer challenges and becomes Majority Leader, then he would happily join the two-some, and there is a chance bills leave conference committee and make it to the President’s desk.

Don’t fear the money. Meg Whitman spent $150 million and lost the governorship of California. Linda McMahon spent $50 million in Connecticut and lost. Tim Keane, DNC chairman, roamed the cable new airwaves (oxymoron?) Tuesday night complaining that $64 million was spent by unknown groups on attack ads against Democratic Senate candidates. $64 million. Avant cost more than $64 million. $64 million is a down payment on Canalside. $64 million is a pittance by any national standard. And in any case, money may be speech, but it clearly is not votes.  

Will the Tea Party amoeba “learn” from its overreach. At what point did a fight against deficits require a litmus test of one’s Birther credentials, or a call for Second Amendment Remedies? The most egregious Tea Party recruits, and the Sarah Palin picks – O’Donnell, Angle, Miller in Alaska – all lost. A small second tier of fringe candidates – Rand Paul – won. The big Tea Party successes were in the House, where some more extreme candidates made the cut. This should not be overplayed, however, as it is not a unique Tea Party phenomenon. A couple off candidates make it every cycle (Grayson from Florida, anyone).

Several exit polls indicate the number one voter concern is deficits. If the Republicans grab this Tea Party issue (while somehow managing to restrain themselves from the Muslim sleeper agent talk), and embrace it with the President’s Debt Commission, then we have a rare chance to address long term entitlement spending. Of the 428 non-incumbents running this year for seats in the House, the number one background of candidates (109) was “small business owner.” As the White House is long on academics, and short on practitioners, the Republicans could do well to harness some of the new budget acumen that the freshman are eager to display. And this new Chris Collins-esque national image makeover is already beginning. Haley Barbour, astute Republican governor of Mississippi, said yesterday that Republicans are the party of small-business, but there is no party of Wall Street or Big Business. Wall Street always goes with the winner. Ask Cuomo.

Two years ago I predicted the Republicans would Clinton-fy, eschew Palin, and tack to the center. I was wrong, but maybe not entirely. It was a predictable outcome that Republicans would go more anti-Centrist McCain after the 2008 loss, but a two year flirtation with Palin is not yet played out. If the worst of the Palin-promoted fringe candidates are left in the rearview mirror, and fiscal conservatism alone is what rules the day, then Obama, Boehner, and America’s budgets will be the beneficiaries.

Election 2010: Revenge Of The Grannies

3 Nov

The Tea Party Base

Josh Holland at Alternet has some interesting exit poll data and demographics from the historic 2010 election:

Last night, older, whiter Americans told the rest of us to get the Hell off of their lawn, and today we have the biggest GOP margin in the House in a generation.

According to the exit polls, voters aged 18-29 made up 18 percent of the electorate in 2008, sweeping Obama and the Dems into power. They made up a larger share of the electorate than those over 65 — older folks cast 16 percent of the votes. Last night turned those numbers on their head, with the kids making up just 11 percent of the vote and a whopping 23 percent being 65 years or older.

Young voters, staying home to nurse their ironic PBRs, simply returned to form — they made up 12 percent of the vote in the last mid-term election in 2006.

The electorate was also, unsurprisingly, whiter this year than it was during the last go-around. In 2008, the electorate was 74 percent white, 13 percent black and 9 percent Latino. Last night, the numbers were 78 percent, 10 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

The economy was the most important issue facing the country, according to 62 percent of those polled. More people blamed Wall Street (35 percent) and George W Bush (30 percent) than Obama (23 percent). The Dems actually earned a narrow victory (50-48) among those who had a member of their household who lost a job in the past two years. But, tellingly, the GOP won by 14 points (56-42) among those who saw Wall Street as the culprit.

I don’t like to write knee-jerk reactionary posts after historic events, I’m synthesizing exit poll data from districts around the country and looking at turnout numbers and demographics before I write any semblance of an analysis of election night 2010.  Feel free to post or link to any data you find interesting in this article.  I’d like to crowdsource some analysis…

Sanity Restored

1 Nov

I watched a good deal of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on Saturday, and was struck by the sheer size of the crowd – it rivaled, if not eclipsed – recent teabagging fiestas that have been held on the mall to protest … what, exactly?

A poll recently revealed

that by a two-to-one margin, likely voters in the Nov. 2 midterm elections think taxes have gone up, the economy has shrunk, and the billions lent to banks as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program won’t be recovered.

The reality is…

The Obama administration has cut taxes — largely for the middle class — by $240 billion since taking office on Jan. 20, 2009. A program aimed at families earning less than $150,000 that was contained in the stimulus package lowered the burden for 95 percent of working Americans by $116 billion, or about $400 per year for individuals and $800 for married couples. Other measures include breaks for college education, moderate- income families and the unemployed and incentives to promote renewable energy.

The meme that Obama is nothing but a tax-raiser is as false as the notion that he’s a soshulist moozlim sleeper agent.

Almost all of the TARP bailout money has been repaid.  The government will take a hit on AIG and the automotive bailouts, and the mortgage bailouts, but had those all been allowed to fail, it would have been an epic economic catastrophe along the lines of a great depression, or worse.

So, we can – and should – debate how we go forward to further grow and strengthen the economy, and how to help lower the unemployment rate.  But the rhetoric – much of it false and manufactured – needs to be tamped down.  Saturday’s event may have been a bit plodding, but it’s hard to play to a crowd of 250,000-ish people.  But it was a great reminder that many, many more of us are just normal people who think normal things about politics than are followers of cable news network pseudo-evangelists of hatred and falsehoods.


Christine O’Donnell and the Constitution

20 Oct

This video is simply astonishing, and is emblematic of the fundamental ignorance of the Palinist “Mama Grizzly” right-wing.



David DiPietro Emails Carl Paladino #SD59

15 Oct

About a week ago, the following email chain was  begun by a Grand Island-based tea party activist named Mike Madigan (it was sent to me and a variety of other local media and business types):

To which Tea Party State Senate candidate David DiPietro (SD-59) replied – to all…

Whoa-whoa-whoa. “Please remove me from your distribution list.” Now? Why now?

David DiPietro is Carl Paladino’s friend, right? Paladino is credited as having convinced DiPietro to run for the Volker seat again. Why, they even share lawnsigns – that DiPietro paid for – throughout the 59th State Senate district.

That alliance – and friendship – is likely strained now in light of Paladino’s 11th-hour endorsement of Jim Domagalski in the Republican primary for SD-59. It was a very public rift, publicly embarrassing DiPietro, and revealed more about Paladino’s opportunistic character than any “abortion clinic landlord” story or “gay club landlord” story ever could.

So, now at long last David DiPietro doesn’t want to know from Carl Paladino’s emails, and he wants this entire recipient list to know it.

Yet David DiPietro wasn’t always so displeased to be on Carl Paladino’s email distribution list. In fact, on at least two occasions, he contributed to it.

Nestled amidst Carl Paladino’s many salacious, racist, and equestrian emails disclosed to WNYMedia.net were two that were forwarded to Carl by his erstwhile friend, tea party candidate for SD-59, David DiPietro.

DiPietro’s political rhetoric is informed by a hodgepodge of anarcho-capitalist libertarian, anti-immigrant, right-wing conservogabber philosophies.  He hates Barack Obama almost as much as he hates Jim Domagalski and Pat Gallivan.

So much so, in fact, that DiPietro forwarded an email accusing President Obama of being a Muslim. DiPietro sent the email, entitled “Heeza Muzzlim…that’s why” to a small handful of people, including Carl Paladino. Carl, in turn, sent the email to an unknown set of emails hidden behind a bcc. The email itself:

As with most emails such as these, people who don’t know how to use email or the internet tend to forget to check Snopes (or Factcheck.org) before forwarding hateful, untrue, utter nonsense to their friends.  Snopes has an entry for the above-shown email, and describes it as FALSE.

Obama didn’t go to Saudi Arabia during that trip. He didn’t go to any of the small handful of countries in the entire world that are governed by Sharia Law, which differs from culture to culture. Even if he had, there is no prohibition in Sharia law against wives accompanying their husbands on trips, and Sharia law wouldn’t apply to a visiting dignitary like Obama, anyway. Oh, also – Obama isn’t Muslim.

It’s amazing that dumb Obama-muslim-secret-sleeper-agent nonsense is circulated at all, and even more so when it’s being shared approvingly between public political figures.

The second email forwarded by DiPietro to Paladino, which the gubernatorial candidate later forwarded to his email list, contained a powerpoint presentation that is more or less NSFW.

The Powerpoint is stupid and juvenile. It features jokes about the relative attractiveness of French women vs. American women, it jokes about the female form vs. the male form, it jokes about French promiscuity and Moroccan bestiality, and it makes an asinine joke about women shopping and men masturbating, featuring images of kids. I have modified the slideshow to redact female breasts and male genitalia.


I wrote to DiPietro on Wednesday, and sent the following email:

Please note that your response may be used in a WNYMedia.net post. If you have no response, I may note that, as well.

Regarding the emails discussed below, the questions I have are as follows:

1. Why did you wait until _now_ to ask Carl Paladino to remove you from his email list? Why did you feel compelled to hit “reply to all”?
2. Do you think that President Barack Obama is a Muslim?
3. Do you think that the “Brilliant” powerpoint presentation, showing mild female nudity, makes a joke about bestiality, and shows a woman’s bare breasts, capped off with pictures of toddlers is in good taste? Does it comport with the ideals of the tea party movement?
4. Regarding your request that Carl remove you from his email list dated 10/12/10, you were only too happy to be the sender and recipient of pornographic and propagandistic nonsense in 2008 and 2009 (I only highlight the materials you forward to Carl below – you received many more). Why didn’t you opt out before?
5. On your campaign site, you state that the Park51 community center is “destructive to the moral fiber of the United States”. What about pictures of naked kids and perpetuating lies about the President ?

Of the many emails that were disclosed to WNYMedia.net from Carl Paladino’s sordid emailing history, two of them were emails that you had forwarded to Carl. One contained a pornographic powerpoint presentation entitled “Brilliant”, the last frame of which shows a boy, maybe 1 year old, holding a remote control in one hand, and his penis in the other. The header appears as follows… (omitted)…

…The other, entitled “Heeza Muzzlim, that’s why”, which you forwarded to Paladino on 12/12/09, contains the following text: (see above)

DiPietro has not responded to that email.

All About Being Deficit Hawks

7 Oct
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

Communist adored by dependent African American subculture

I just adore this thread at the local teabaggers’ Google Group.  It starts out with Tea Party group “leader” Allen Coniglio noting how communard Obama is, and wonders why black people still support him.

E-mail TemplateThis is so insane. Blacks are backing obama for no other reason than that he is black. Isn’t that racism? How could anyone with any consciousness look at what that guy is doing to this country and still support him? It is shameful and virtually treasonous to give your vote and support to a guy whose only desire is to turn the US into a communist nation, ironically, just at the time that China and Cuba are abandoning communism because they have realized that it doesn’t work.


They may be abandoning communism, but they’re still deep into the whole “totalitarian dictatorship” thing.  I wonder if capitalism is more important to them than democracy.

Later down the thread, “David” responds with this gem:

At the risk of being labeled racist (anyone who comments on an article  such as this is at risk of being labeled a racist), I believe that it is NOT just his skin color that causes A/A’s to continue to back  Obama.  I believe it is because, in our frequently wrongheaded  attempts to compensate for the years when we had slavery, we have  created a subculture of government dependency within the A/A  community.  Starting with the “Great Society,”  A/A’s have been given preference in hiring, allowed to file baseless discrimination charges  against employers, making it less and less likely that they will find employment, herded into population centers in the inner city, and put on government-funding IV’s.  Now we have a crime-ridden inner cities teeming with single-parent, low educated and/or unskilled people, who  resent the fact that their personal dignity has been sacrificed on the altar of “equality.”  I say, give A/A’s their dignity back.  Cut off the government teat.  Show them the respect that they deserve as human beings. They actually are as smart as people of different skin color, and can make it on their own if the crutches are removed.

I’ll let that speak for itself.

Binghamton Teabagger Comments that Win

6 Oct

Teabaggers sometimes get a bit touchy when they get called teabaggers, because the term itself is a double-entendre.  But for the 70% of Americans who don’t identify with Bush dead-endism and the same old Republican ideas that Republicans have been pushing since time immemorial, it’s a noun that just fits.

Also, they’re jam-packed and oozing with nothing but pure class:

Naturally, “Tom L” was too busy dipping his profane, homophobic teabag to use his full name. I wonder why?

Alan Bedenko wrote:
@DanB: I’m always intrigued by people who start out comments on this blog by being assholes. & I confess to not knowing very much about Robert Duffy.


No, but I have heard them call themselves teabaggers.  Hell, they coined it.



Anyway, Tom L is using a Binghamton-area IP, which is funny because there’s a state senator from Binghamton named Tom Libous who has appeared at tea party gatherings with Carl Paladino.

DiPietro Back on the November Ballot

27 Sep

Judge Drury rules that David DiPietro qualifies for the November general election on the Tea Party line in SD-59.