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Tedisco & the Whole Albany Hack Thing

29 Apr

While national Republicans who don’t pay a lick of attention to state politics had the straight-faced hilarity to refer to former Assembly Minority Leader and hack extraordinaire Jim Tedisco as a true conservative and sitting statesman, people in the actual district saw right through who he was and what he was.

And Albany hasn’t had a “true conservative” ever. It’s not that kind of place.

Roatti at the Albany Project argues that, for whatever else it was, Tedisco’s loss was also a repudiation of Albany itself. Specifically, three reasons are given, not least of which was Tedisco’s sense of entitlement.

It was also Tedisco’s inability to take a clear stand on the issues. This was never better demonstrated than by Tedisco’s waffling fiasco on the Stimulus Bill. Not being one of the 3 men in the room all those years meant Tedisco never really had to think or make decisions about policy. Sure, he had a lot of general stances that were required to make him acceptable to the Republican primary electorate, all that matters when districts are gerrymandered to the point of making the general election theoretically uncompetitive. But keeping up-to-date on current events and the ramifications of policies just isn’t required in Albany if your name isn’t Sheldon Silver, David Paterson, or Malcolm Smith. In that light, Tedisco’s Stimulus PR failure makes a lot more sense.

And finally, it was Tedisco’s lack of real connection to the voters in his district. Aside from his obvious situation of not living in the district, he ran a terrible campaign and couldn’t find a salient issue to run on. I attribute this to plain old political atrophy. Being in Albany so long since his first election in 1983 in his gerrymandered Assembly district and all the benefits of being an Albany incumbent had guaranteed him re-election over the last 26 years. Essentially all he really had to do to keep his seat was not get caught with a “live boy or a dead girl,” as they say. He just didn’t understand that he needed to earn the House seat because he never had to earn any of his Assembly elections since 1983.

If the national Republican party is going to remain willfully ignorant of the ins and outs of Albany politics, then bully for my side. When you boil things right down, though, there’s nothing about Albany that’s normal or desireable from either a procedural or substantive standpoint. To say we’re all ill-served is an understatement. Three men in a room is no way to govern a state. Three men from the 5 boroughs in a room is no way to govern anything north of Dutchess and west of Orange counties.

Now imagine the national Republicans putting up Dale Volker to run against Brian Higgins, and imagine them saying he’s a true conservative and a sitting statesman. Yeah, it’s that silly. #rebuild #tcot #sgp #andallthatotherbullshityouguysthinkwillhelpyouwin.

Deep NY-20 Thought

23 Apr

Had Jim Tedisco come out in favor of the stimulus, he very well might have won.

HT Balloon Juice, which also notes that Tedisco’s challenges of absentee ballots were a bit overreaching:

We can now add another illustrious name to the list of absentee voters whose ballots in the NY-20 special election have been challenged by the campaign of GOP candidate Jim Tedisco: Sam Seder, the liberal talk-radio host with Air America!

Sam posted a message on Twitter yesterday: “NY20th race Tedisco challenged my absentee ballot. 4 days before the election I was jury foreman for a trial in NY20th. Challenge Fail.”

Scott Murphy Won NY-20

22 Apr

(HT to the Politicker for the pic)

It’s not official yet, but you can take it to the bank. Jim Tedisco, Republican Assembly hack extraordinaire, will lose by about 300 votes, give or take. 1,500 challenged ballots remain – most of them challenged by Tedisco. First-time candidate, businessman, Democrat Scott Murphy will follow in Kirstin Gillibrand’s footsteps.

It’s quite amazing. In fact, it’s an exact replica of the situation that we in Erie County had in 2007 in the Collins vs. Keane race. Except Murphy is Collins and Tedisco is Keane.

The significance of this is that the national Republicans had built that race up as a litmus test. The silent majority was horrified by Obama’s stimulus package and disgusted by the way his administration had begun. Hell, Obama failed before he stepped into the White House! USA 7/4/1776 – 1/20/09! Hussein Osama!

Here’s what House Minority Leader John Boehner said at CPAC a few months ago:

We need to compete everywhere. And when I say compete everywhere, New York 20 is probably the best example. This is where Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the Senate. It’s an open race. Jim Tedisco is the minority leader in the New York assembly. He is our candidate.

This election is on March 31st, and it is a giant opportunity for us to let America know that America is on our side. And so, if you’re looking for ways to get plugged in, go get plugged in.

Notice that – it wasn’t an opportunity for a pickup. It was an opportunity for the Republicans to go, “whew, you still like us. You really like us!”

Well, NY-20 has a 70,000 Republican enrollment advantage, and on that one issue – the stimulus, Tedisco blew it like a champ. For weeks, he disingenuously refused to say whether he would have voted for it (even though every Republican congressman voted “no”). When finally he said he would have voted no, too, the way in which he did it was turned into a fabulous commercial by the Murphy folks:

Election day was a nailbiter. The recount has continued in the meantime, with Tedisco angling to minimize the number of eligible ballots. Including, comically, Gillibrand’s own ballot. This from a guy who doesn’t even live in the district and couldn’t vote for himself.

I am not one to overstate the significance of this win, although I’m pleased that it happened. But if, as Boehner and Gingrich (and others) suggested, this was a litmus test, it didn’t go so well for them.

Tedisco’s Transition

8 Apr

Courtesy Marquil at EmpireWire.com

Roger Stone in NY-20? This can only end well.

7 Apr

This is New York. This isn’t Florida, and it isn’t Minnesota. That means we use tried and true voting technology, and we have very specific procedures laid out for close races. The process of counting every vote has begun.

As it continues, let’s don’t forget that the wingers are all a-flutter over ACORN, invoking it not only as shorthand for “blacks”, but making believe that ACORN can somehow influence the recounts or outcome of the Tedisco-Murphy race in NY-20. It can’t, and it hasn’t. ACORN is just a way for wingers to inflame passions.

But anyone who recalls the Brooks Brothers riots that took place in Florida during the 2000 recount may also remember that it was in part organized by one Roger Stone – dirty trickster extraordinaire. Well, Stone has been spotted in NY-20, along with (possibly) Orchard Park’s own Michael Caputo.

When it comes to manipulating the system, stealing elections, and screwing with vote counts, Roger Stone is a far bigger threat than ACORN or anything else the left can muster.

NY-20: Murphy, for now, in a Nailbiter

1 Apr

The absentee ballots will matter in this race, but last night was not unlike watching a horse race at Aqueduct. Tedisco was leading by about 1,000 votes or so as the tally started coming in, but the gap narrowed as the last few precincts reported. Finally, at the last minute, Murphy eked out a miniscule lead. In the end, Murphy won but by less than 100 votes. Above are most of my Twitter updates from last night.

And I’d like to give a shout-out to #TCDOT today, who have produced this graphic. Because clearly, if a Democrat wins an election, it had to be ACORN-related voter fraud. Yeah. Up in the Adirondacks and along the Hudson Valley. Dishonest & ignorant assholes have a home in both parties, for sure. But this is award-winning.

Murphy came back from a double-digit deficit and zero name recognition to make it close with an established Albany hack who has been in office for a generation with little to show for it as far as results. Murphy was the successful businessman/fresh face/non-politician, yet the Republicans savaged him as if they were all a bunch of Jim Keane surrogates. I never understood the blind support for Tedisco, who deserves to go to Congress as much as Shelly Silver deserves to go to Congress. It was a fascinating race from that standpoint, and remains fascinating as the closeness of the race succumbs to the absentee count.

Libertarian Candidate

30 Mar

Courtesy Marquil @ EmpireWire.com

Tedisco’s Experience

30 Mar

Courtesy Marquil @ EmpireWire.com

NY-20: Murphy in the Lead

27 Mar

The fact that Democrat Scott Murphy now enjoys a slim 4-point lead over Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco underscores one very important fact: the Republican Party doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing – not statewide, not nationwide. It isn’t so much a political party as it is a loose confederation of malcontents. The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder called the GOP a PINO – party in name only.

This NY-20 race was a test – could the Republicans find a winning message? Could they pull their shit together enough to eke out a win in a district where they enjoy a very large enrollment advantage?

Apparently not.

When you have a special election, it enables the very best and brightest campaign workers in a party to come and help out. After all, there’s not much else to do. Jim Tedisco, who enjoyed a 12-point lead when Gillibrand got sent to the Senate, has suffered negative momentum ever since. Murphy has run a competent campaign built on his credentials as a successful upstate businessman. Sound familiar? It’s what the GOP runs in Erie County.

Tedisco, on the other hand, is an Albany hack extraordinaire. He’s hardly a real Republican, and he’s part of the same Albany machine that everyone mocks and hates. But Tedisco for weeks refused to say how he’d have voted on the Obama stimulus package. Murphy made hay of this:

When Tedisco finally took a stand, the result was this:

and this:

That “that’s an Albany politician for you” line? I’ll bet it gets repeated throughout the state in years to come.

How desperate and pathetic has the losing Tedisco campaign become?

How about trotting out the 9/11 hijackers for a full minute to make a point about the death penalty? Consider the sheer stupidity of talking about the death penalty for suicide bombers.

Or how do push-poll robo-calls strike you? Tedisco is clearly poised to lose and clearly out of ideas. This 9/11 crap and the push polling stuff is a last-minute hail Mary, and it will never work.

As goes Tedisco, so may go Michael Steele.

Another Limbaugh Critique/Apology

21 Mar

This time, NY-20 Republican candidate (and Assemblyman) Jim Tedisco is the culprit/apologist.

After telling the Oneonta Daily Star

Rush Limbaugh is meaningless to me…the only constituency I’m worried about are the residents of the 20th Congressional District.

…Tedisco felt compelled to explain away his dangerous-for-Republicans smacktalking directed at the paunchy, pugnacious, pill-popping pinhead of Palm Beach.