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So Many McCarthys, So Much Communism

8 Sep

The knee-jerk Obama-hating right-wing, having now had an opportunity to read Obama’s speech to school kids have by necessity had to revert to two arguments:

1. It’s not about the speech.  It’s about indoctrination.

2. In the speech, Obama talks about himself a lot.

Obama’s not asking the kids to join him in prayer or anything, so I take with a grain of salt the size of Jupiter any concern-trolling by the right on the issue of indoctrination.

As for the speech, we have an African-American President with a funny name who overcame loads of adversity and even prejudice to get where he is today.  He can’t stand there and say, “I was a legacy at Harvard, something you’ll never be, so I could be a mediocre student yet aspire to greatness”.  He can’t say, “I was born into great wealth and privilege, so I can’t really relate to your average, petit problems”.

What’s happening here is that the silly right is engaging in what is, it believes, the same thing the left did with Bush.  Of course, they hated the knee-jerk Bush hating left and everything it did when Bush was actually President, but now that we have President Commie B. Muslim, turnabout is fair play.

Hunter at Daily Kos writes:

It is now official; those looking for the latest GOP conspiracy theory, the latest mighty mental meltdown of the base, eagerly barked out by even the supposed leaders and purported respectable figures of the party, stroked and teased by conservative wings of the press that seem to have no pressing substance to deal with, anymore, compared to these small trinkets of insanity — those looking for that latest race-tinged, conspiracy-riddled drama need look no farther.

The contemporary Republican Party.  Opposed to goal-setting, hard work, and overcoming adversity.  Cheers.