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Collins’ Three Rs – Resist , Retain, Raise

16 Nov

The View from Poloncarz HQ

Bob McCarthy talks to local Republicans who seem as disgruntled as they are un-named, and lists off a series of concerns they have about the Erie County Republican Committee’s direction now that it lost the Corwin and Collins races.

One could easily quip that the Republicans have a problem running neighbors from Cobblestone Lane in Spaulding Lake to represent people with whom they are fundamentally, societally, monetarily out-of-touch, but that’s “class warfare”. Frankly, I don’t really care why the Republicans lost those races – and they were won by down-to-Earth, reasonable centrist Democrats like Kathy Hochul and Mark Poloncarz, and their platforms, messaging, GOTV, and ideas.

McCarthy uncritically transcribed this “concern” held by local unnamed Republican sources:

* How did a county executive who fulfilled all his promises with minimal effects on taxes and no scandals manage to lose?”

The first step to getting better is admitting you have a problem.

First of all, to say Collins didn’t have scandals is to ignore the time when he referred to the Jewish Assembly Speaker as the “anti-Christ”, and the time when Collins jokingly demanded a “lap dance” in order to save a seat at the State of the State address for a well-connected female executive at a local construction company. It ignores the fact that, to some people, informing them days before Christmas that they’d be losing their state-funded daycare services and that they’d have to quit their jobs to watch their kids, is quite scandalous indeed.

Secondly, Collins did not “fulfill all his promises“. Collins raised taxes, deepened regional cleaves, and ran on “Three Rs – Reforming Erie County government, Rebuilding the local economy, and ultimately, Reducing taxes.”

He did not reform county government – in fact, he resisted and blocked reforms almost routinely (another “r”); he did not rebuild the local economy, but ensured that stimulus funds were hoarded to artificially improve his balance sheet; and he did not reduce – but raised – taxes.

That’s breaking your promises, and that’s failure under any measure. It’s no wonder he lost.