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The Run No One Wants

26 Mar

Looks like it’s tough recruiting Republicans to run for NY-26. Between that, Judge Tills, and Governor Spitzer it sure has been a very strange month here in New York.

First, Tom Reynolds announces he’s out.

George Maziarz? No, thanks. State Senate majority by a hair. And Grandkids.

Jim Hayes? No, thanks. Assembly.

Don Postles? Uh, Channel 4 is quite nice, thxbai.

Maybe Mike Cole or Jeff Bono would run.

Or maybe not.

Maziarz to NF Reporter: I'm Not Running

24 Mar

The Niagara Falls Reporter breaks the news that State Senator George Maziarz will not be running for the seat now occupied by scandal magnet Tom Reynolds.

After a weekend mulling what he called a “historic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” state Sen. George Maziarz told the Niagara Falls Reporter on Monday that he will not seek the Republican nomination for the seat representing New York’s 26th Congressional District. Reynolds held the seat for almost 10 years before announcing on March 20 that he will not seek a sixth term.

By choosing to stay put, the six-term Republican state senator made it more likely that a prominent Democrat, Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, will join a field that already includes three announced or highly probable candidates from her party alone.

Maziarz, who stood a few feet from Reynolds during last week’s news conference, said his decision had nothing to do with leaving his post in the Republican-controlled state Senate, or with the prospect of serving as a freshman member of what figures to be a shrinking GOP minority in Washington, D.C.

Instead, Maziarz said it was a family choice, made after long discussion with his wife, Beverly.

“Beverly and I were up all night Saturday and into Sunday talking about it,” Maziarz said. “Her heart’s not in it, and if her heart’s not in it, mine’s not in it, either.”

While Reynolds acknowledged the shifting political climate in announcing he would leave the House at the end of the year, Maziarz said another comment by the congressman had a greater impact on his own choice.

“When Tom, at his press conference, said he hardly knew his grandchildren, that brought home how difficult that lifestyle is,” Maziarz said.


NY-26 Update

24 Mar

1: The rural counties of the 26th district – Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming – are hitherto referred to as “GLOW”.

2: The Democratic committees of those counties have endorsed Jon Powers.

3: Jack Davis, who has yet to formally announce his candidacy, has tried to cajole the GLOW committees into changing their minds and endorsing his candidacy.

4: In so doing, Davis has affirmatively insulted Jon Powers (pretty face with no real job) and disregarded Alice Kryzan by omission.

5: The GLOW chairs issued this statement last night:

This is a press release from the 4 Democratic chairs of Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming Counties regarding the NY 26th Congressional race. Jack Davis seems to feel the rural counties can be cajoled into rescinding their endorsements of Jon Powers, and the chairs wanted to make it clear that there are no intentions to do so.

6: Now that Tom Reynolds is out, there has been talk of Kathy Hochul possibly running for the seat on the Democratic side. I like Hochul, but wonder why she’d run for an open seat, but was never mentioned until that moment?

7: It’s sort of nice to have a congressional race locally that’s going to get a lot of attention paid to it nationwide. Keeps things interesting, and it’s a way for the region to get national news that doesn’t involve snow, wings, or rust.

This Never Gets Old

22 Mar

Tom Reynolds To Quit

20 Mar

It’s being reported here and there, near and far, that Tom Reynolds’ presser today at 12 noon is to announce that he will not be seeking re-election this year, after all.

Speculation abounds as to whom, exactly, the Republicans might get to run for that seat.

One thing’s for sure, Reynolds may have survived the Foley scandal thanks to a well-timed storm and the amazing celerity with which FEMA came to the rescue, but it’s very doubtful he could have explained away the incredible mismanagement of NRCC money that took place under his “watch”.

(For future reference, chasing underage interns on AIM = not so bad. Screwing with Republicans’ money is a firing offense.)

Bye, Tom. Hope K street treats you well. That’s one more expat, I guess.

NY-26: Powers, Davis

14 Mar

The Niagara County Democratic Committee has endorsed Jon Powers in his race to defeat Tom Reynolds in New York’s 26th Congressional District. Powers said, “I am thrilled to have the support of Niagara County Democrats. Niagara County is the key county for any Democrat running in this district and their support is a huge boost to my campaign.”

Powers now holds the endorsement of five of the seven counties in his district. “We can market him very well,” said Niagara County Democratic Chairman Dan Rivera, “Labor has really taken a liking to this guy and we want to try something new to solve this problem and the problem is Tom Reynolds.”

In response, Bob McCarthy spoke with Jack Davis. Here’s how that went:

[Davis] said he will ask all of the counties that have endorsed Powers to reconsider.

“These are people who fall for a pretty face and a war record,” Davis said. “Four or five of those counties have new chairmen and don’t know what they’re talking about.”

He called Powers a “good salesman” but said he brings to the table extensive business experience, a stand against most free trade agreements and illegal immigration, as well as $2 million of his own money pledged to the campaign.

“All these people just want the job,” he said. “I don’t need a job. I already have a job.”

Well, he’s added “illegal immigration” to his one-issue platform. Unfortunately for Jack, “illegal immigration” isn’t really a massive concern in Western New York. We’re losing people; not gaining people who shouldn’t be here.

Davis’ $2 million didn’t buy him the election in 2004, and it couldn’t get him over the top in 2006, either. I have a prediction . He’s going to keep his job in 2008. For him to denigrate Powers by calling him a “pretty face with a war record” is, well, reprehensible.

Davis, Kryzan, and Powers go before the ECDC on Saturday.