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Trico: Ask Matt Enstice

20 Mar

Colorful Trico

If the battle over preservation of Trico Plant #1 was a war, we’ve passed the point where Princip shoots Archduke Ferdinand, and now the great alliances are making grave threats

As usual with these sorts of things, an earnest argument is already being subsumed by a fog of lies, half-truths, and puffery. 

What is to be done with Trico? What are the BNMC’s plans for the site? Are they really going to start demolition next month? Is it a structure that BNMC can preserve? Should preserve? Wants to preserve? 

In a few weeks’ time, I will conduct an audio or video podcast interview with BNMC’s Matthew Enstice where he will answer questions selected from the thread below, and from Twitter (use the hashtag #AskMatt), or shoot me an email at this address.  The topic is BNMC’s growth & plans for the Trico building. Have at it.