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Daily Commentary and Links

29 Apr
  • loves when contractors are late to give estimates for huge projects. Not getting off on the right foot to be 35 min late #
  • when I see a guy driving a hummer, I’m filled with the desire to pull him over and punch him in the dick. #
  • dems will soon have a senate supermajority which they’ll use to continually disappoint progressives. #
  • Essentially, the Dems traded Zell Miller and future considerations for Arlen Specter and a 5th round pick. I think the Dems win that one #
  • Laughing at: Watch Fox News Get Progressively More Unhinged “YouTube – 100 Days of “Fair & Balanced”” ( http://tinyurl.com/cg4mhk ) #
  • what’s your cutoff time for lawn mowing or chainsawing? Guy next door is a 9PM cutoff, which annoys the shit out of me. #
  • I’m about to blow it out with posts on the Obama presser. Unfollow if u don’t care. #100 days #
  • measured tone on the swine flu. He has been tested like Job in the first #100 days #
  • can’t wait for the slew of mediocre questions from the tepid WH press corps that will fail to break any new ground. #100days. #
  • Would be so much better if outlets sent subject matter experts to these events rathe than high level generalists like Chuck Todd #100days #
  • Planning for pandemic without panic. The right tone tho righties will still says he’s fearmongering.. #100days #
  • wash your hands, Hannity is gonna use that against him somehow. #100days #
  • good question from the Detroit News. Hopefully he keeps calling on reporters who can ask solid questions. #
  • I like the idea of a monthly presser. Keeps people involved in politics and government. #100days #
  • Jake Tapper put his big boy pants on tonight! Xcellent question on torture. Gets Obama to give a great answer. #
  • “enhanced interrogation techniques” means asking questions in funny hats. what we did was torture. Language is important. #
  • Chuck Todd wants to move to Pakistan. Hopefully, he’ll take the rest of the WH press corps with him #
  • He didn’t say torture worked, what he said is that using whether we get info from torture is not a justification for doing it. #100days #
  • I’d like to thank Chip Reid for reading the RNC talking points and reformulating them as a question. #100days #
  • shorter Obama: I was surprised by what a fucking disaster Bush left me with. #
  • If I had one question to ask tonight:: “Are you a socialist muslim sleeper agent here to steal our guns?” I’d make a mint as a right wing f #
  • WaPo asking a question on state secrets. too bad @glenngreenwald didn’t get to ask it properly. #
  • The WSJ guy is a dick. Snarky, condescending questions have no place in the WH. #
  • I’ll bet “Lie To Me” was waaaaay better than staying informed about our country #foxasshats #