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Outrageous Agendas and Statusquoisms

7 Mar

Clearly, the federal court has an agenda to maintain the status quo and prevent the county administration from protecting the taxpayers of Erie County.

The judge status-quoedly ruled that a Justice Department inspection of the county jails is reasonable and not overly burdensome. The Justice Department would like to conduct the inspection because it has a clear “anti-taxpayer agenda” – which is pronounced “suicide rate that is 5 times higher than the national average.”

Outrageous how Chris Collins and Tim Howard can’t just do (or not do) whatever they want, however they want, with impunity. Also, Tim Howard notes that the three recent suicides all had a heroin addiction. Setting aside whether he had the right to disclose that health information the way he did, wouldn’t that have maybe clued his department in to the need to keep a close eye on suicides two and/or three?