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The Rise Of The Rest

20 Aug


Fareed Zakaria coined the term “The Rise Of The Rest“, a term he uses frequently to not point out America’s decline or failing, but rather the rise of everyone else.  It originated from the title of Alice Amsden’s landmark book.

This is not going to be some paean to globalism or a blind tribute the ramblings and observations of Friedman and his flat worlders.  It’s a reminder that the world is changing all around us and that we need to make some fundamental shifts in the way we interact with the rising countries.  We no longer lead by sheer force of will or might, we must lead by example.  That means we need to make somne hard choices about how we consume and produce as well as addressing the established priorities for the country.

On some level, the anger, melodrama, and political balkanization we are experiencing in this country is a reflection of our slow collective realization that the world is no longer our own oyster.

All of this might seem exceptionally obvious to some, but the video is essentially an extended infographic that provides some food for thought over the weekend.


O Hai

14 Jun

Yes, you WOULD like to see cockpit video of the Blue Angels


Rocket Sled

25 Apr

A rocket sled meets a Ford Aspire.

The rocket sled wins.


Friday Videos

30 Jan

I started this blog back when Joel Giambra was cool and I used to post a weekly review of my favorite viral videos of the week.  Well, I haven’t done that since Joel Giambra became unemployed and lonely, so I thought I would start it up again.

Here’s a backlog edition of videos I think are cool.

Billy Mays on Quaaludes:

Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage

Arrested Development Chicken Dance

Time Lapse Of A Baby Playing With Toys

THIS is how you do social media advertising

A “Rap” Up of All Five Seasons Of The Wire – The Greatest Show In TV History

Someday, you’ll read the news…on a COMPUTER!

All Access Pass with Nelson Starr

10 Jan


The Bistro Europa / Oliver’s episode is now online. UPDATE: EMBED FIXED

To help celebrate the launch, Nelson will be making a special musical appearance this Sunday, January 11, 7 PM at Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St., in Allentown). Other very special musical acts will be featured, including Floozie, the Allen St. Jazz Band with Rose Bond, and Anne Phillipone.

It’s also been rumored everywhere that Anthony Bourdain is in town now, dined at Ulrich’s on Saturday, and will be at Nelson’s gig tomorrow. I have no idea whether any of that is true, however.

Remember When Dale Volker Argued With Donn Esmonde?

6 Oct

Yeah, so do I. This video is jam-packed with win – from the Black Rock Toll closure ceremony October 2006:



11 Jun

Apparently, the video is a 70s era promotional piece for AFSCME, but the voiceover guy recorded this “alternative” version of the script for fun. CAUTION: NSFW LANGUAGE.


Everyday Normal Guy

5 Dec

Best Rap Song Ever

Buffalo Public Schools – Phase II Reconstruction Completed

23 Nov


For those of you that don’t regularly visit the frontpage of WNYMedia.net, I’d like to point you in the direction of a cool post from Marc Odien. We were hired to complete a video piece highlighting the completion of the Phase II School Reconstruction Project and the project is quite exciting.

The video was presented at the grand opening Ceremony for the Phase II at Performing Arts High School the other night. A total of $327 Million went into renovating 14 Buffalo Public Schools and All High Stadium in Phase II. While there are issues with the surrounding neighborhoods, blighted properties, and other significant issues; this video takes a look at a significant investment into the education infrastructure in the City of Buffalo. Hopefully, work will continue to redress other issues, but this project is great news for the students and teachers.

Video is after the jump…