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Videos Of The Week

5 Mar

Just a compilation of what informed o entertained me this week on the Internet Tubes…

Best Unedited Fight Scene, EVER


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At the End of Yonge

29 Dec

BlogTO posted 2009’s top ten Torontocentric viral videos.  My favorite is this stop-motion that traces the route shown below:



SuperAwesomeFunTime Monday

9 Nov

It was a long weekend of healthcare debates, Afghanistan discussion, and lots of action in local politics.  I could talk about all of that today, but I don’t want to.  It’s Monday, it’s gonna be a beautiful 70 degree November day and I want some superhappyawesomefuntime discussion.  Post cool videos, links or articles if you got ’em.

Here’s a few recent videos that put a hop in my step every time I see ’em.

This Guy > Billy Fucillo > Riverfront Auto People


If you need car financing, you might want to visit the most racist car financier in the country


After you buy a car from the Cuban guy, get yourself insured over at Fonk Auto Insurance.  SHAPOOPI



This guy knows what the people want.  SASSAFACTION!


Where The Dirty Hipsters Are


Finally…Pomplamoose always puts a hop in my step.  Check out their YouTube channel.


Aud Demo Time-Lapse

3 May

HT Indabuff

Life is for Sharing

2 May

I love London and Londoners.


First Liverpool Street, now Trafalgar Square

30 Apr


T-Mobile continues its viral “Life is for Sharing” dance & sing-a-long campaign (in the UK), with a flash mob event held today in Trafalgar Square.


And yes, I do sometimes wish I could just hop on the Tube and go to Trafalgar Square at any given moment.

Ode To Joy

16 Dec

It’s the Festivus season and I wish to share with you my joyous feelings about the upcoming airing of the grievances and feats of strength.