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Karma is a Bitch for Volkeristas

27 Oct

Recall, if you will, the fact that Volker Chief of Staff Harry Wahl told a DiPietro supporter the following some time ago:

“I was at a fundraising event one night [May 31st] with my wife Laura and a man who I didn’t know approached me and said ‘I don’t know if you’ve heard but Dave DiPietro is running against [Dale] Volker for State Senate'”, explains Gunner. “I said yeah, I heard something about that.” Gunner said Wahl then told him “If you help DiPietro you will become my enemy. And if your wife supports him you will become my enemy.”

Gunner went on to detail more of the conversation. “He told my wife, ‘If you are friends with Theresa DiPietro you should start saving her moving boxes, because when I am done with her husband, she will be divorced. He will lose his house and his business.’ Then he told us he had the resources available to make it happen.”

Initially he thought it was a joke, but soon found out it was not.

Who was the man that approached him? Gunner said it was Harry Wahl. Wahl is husband of Town of Aurora councilmember Kelly Wahl and an Aurora resident. He is also the Chief of Staff / Director of District Operations for State Senator Dale Volker according to his page on LinkedIn. Wahl was also part of an investigation that led to the guilty plea for intentionally failing to report expenditures of the committee called the “Friends of Terry Yarnall”.

Isn’t that charming? Volker is so proud of the record of FAIL in his three decades in the State Senate, that he and his hacks have resorted to outright threatening those who might oppose him.

Well, karma’s a bitch for overpaid Volker goon Harry Wahl, because evidently his wife recently filed for divorce in Erie County Supreme Court. I guess he ought to, you know, “start saving [his] moving boxes.”

Normally, I wouldn’t give a crap if some two-bit hack’s wife dumped him, but given the intimidation and scare tactics that this Republican pissant engaged in with respect to the DiPietro campaign, it is relevant, and it serves him right.